Enlightenment Master Class, Part 13

Enlightenment Master Class, Part 13

Full Speed Ahead

Once we’ve made up our minds to seize the opportunity offered to us by the great spiritual masters to join them in the ascended state, there’s nothing to be gained by looking back.

It must be full speed ahead!

We must point ourselves at the sun – and the Son behind the sun – hold on to our attainment, and keep on keeping on.

How do we do that?

By positioning ourselves every day as close to our Christ Selves and I AM Presence as possible. Thus, as our spiritual practice grows, as our momentum builds and as new opportunities come for our initiation and mastery, we gather more and more Light. We become like cosmic sponges soaking up the water of Life.

Then, should we need it for ourselves or for some greater cause outside of ourselves, we will have it in abundance.

Finally, this storehouse of Light, plus the momentum we’ve gained through applying the masters’ teachings will bring us into oneness with our Christhood and I AM Presence…and we will have made it.

We will be Home at last!

Classic Teachings to Become World Teachers

Corona Class Lessons by Jesus and KuthumiIf you enjoy our Master Class online radio series, get connected to the Corona Class Lessons. This Enlightenment Master Class series of online radio shows and the Corona Class Lessons help you take your soul to a whole new level of awareness and appreciation of your Christic potential with the world teachers, Jesus and Kuthumi. Timeless wisdom on finding the unchanging Reality through the everchanging relative perspectives. An ascended perspective on discipleship, your opportunity for immortality, the nature of being and more…48 lessons in all.

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