Enlightenment Master Class, Part 14

Enlightenment Master Class, Part 14

Encore: The Power of Light and the Path of Grace


Ever wondered why, given the so-called Law of Gravity, that all life forms grow up and not down?

Could it be that there is a greater law at work overriding the laws of the matter universe and cancelling out their effects? Is there a magnetic, cosmic gravity that constantly seeks to pull us upward, ever higher?

Of course, there most certainly is. It is Light!

As we work daily to focus our spiritual energies, transmute our karma, balance our threefold flames and make our service to life a perpetual labor of love, we draw to ourselves ever more of God’s light, loveliness and grace.

This attraction is powerful and magnetic, creating a force field within and around us that becomes irresistible.

By forging a path of grace, we are capable of building and sustaining a momentum of light so great that no force in the universe can stop it.

This light is our strength, our refuge and our soul’s passport to immortality. This is what we are here to become, and it transcends all human laws and limitations.

Learn more about the ascended masters and how to build up and maintain momentum and a cosmic gravity of light and love, tune in to our Encore September 19 show this Tuesday, at 11:00 AM Pacific for Enlightenment Master Class, Part 14 – The Power of Light and the Path of Grace on The Open Door.

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Timeless Wisdom for Becoming World Teachers

Corona Class Lessons by Jesus and KuthumiIf you enjoy our Master Class online radio series, get connected to the Corona Class Lessons. This Enlightenment Master Class series of online radio shows and the Corona Class Lessons help you take your soul to a whole new level of awareness and appreciation of your Christic potential with the world teachers, Jesus and Kuthumi. Timeless wisdom on finding the unchanging Reality through the everchanging relative perspectives. An ascended perspective on discipleship, your opportunity for immortality, the nature of being and more…48 lessons in all.

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