Online Radio: Journey Into the Sunset

Online Radio: Journey Into the Sunset

Dealing with Death

Shiva - change, dealing with death Many, if not most of us, have known the pain of losing a loved one. Such parting, though difficult, is both an integral and an unavoidable scene in the human drama. Yet, no matter how certain it may be for mankind to suffer loss, it is still, in the raw reality of a loved one's permanent absence, a most singular experience.

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Our Pain Is Intensely Personal

We may feel another's pain, we may genuinely emphasize with their loss, we may have all the compassion in the world…yet to each of us, the depth of our own grief and pain is ultimately a very personal and private journey. But sorrow is only one facet of the experience of loss. The flip side is joy!

In the Giving of Ourselves,
We Gain Mastery Over Suffering

Some will curse God for the losses they suffer, but that anger is sorely misplaced. It is through the giving of ourselves and in the acceptance of painful life lessons and losses that we gain self-mastery. And in that moment, we are able to see the true depth of God's love.

By embracing Life with all its ups and downs, we can recognize the journey for what it is: the road home to God’s heart! And the difference between suffering and joy? Choice.

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