Online Radio: Chakras, Crystals, Seven Rays

Online Radio: Chakras, Crystals, Seven Rays

Light, color, energy, power. There is an interrelationship among these that has spawned entire branches of science, informed research into the very heart of the Cosmos, and been recognized as central to many of the highest forms and practices of religion and spirituality.

No wonder we’re fascinated!

There's a Reason We Love Crystals and Gems
And Whey We Feel Their Kinship with Chakras…

Chakras. These pulsating, dynamic light-energy centers within us provide the power we need to perform daily tasks. Obviously, for maximum benefit, it is essential to keep our chakras in good working order. Prayers, decrees and meditation will do that. Yet, this merely scratches the surface of the true significance and importance of our chakras and our progress on the upward path. They are really spiritual gems that glow with the Inner Light of our innate divinity.

How about crystals? These marvelous focuses and facets of light have been used throughout human history to harness the highest and most powerful energies for healing, wholeness and attunement with God. So, if we intend to use them to aid our spiritual growth, we must ensure that they are properly aligned for the highest good.

And then, most important of all, there is the Flame of God. Encompassing the pure spectrum of God’s Presence, this Flame is focused through the Seven Rays which emanate from the white light of the Holy Spirit.

Taken together…chakras, crystals and the seven rays…we have a potent mix of focuses for enhancing health, wholeness and our eventual reunion with our Divine Source!

Join us for more!

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