Online Radio: Chakras – 7 Rays, 7 Days

Online Radio: Chakras – 7 Rays, 7 Days

Chakras – They can help tell us what to expect…
And when.

This week, we examine our seven major chakras, our spiritual energy centers, and how we interact with the energies flowing through them every day. What do these energies signify? How is each day distinctly related to the actions of each of our chakras? And how do we use this knowledge in a practical way to advance on our spiritual path?

We all must be tested

The ascended masters tell us that tests come to us each day. It is our job to do our best to pass these tests. Wouldn’t it be helpful to know what tests are coming? One way to predict what these tests will be is to use the cosmic clock. Hand-in-hand with the use of this awesome tool is an awareness of which particular chakra might be activated as each day begins.

7 Rays. 7 Days.

In the world of our energy centers, every day is a new day, each bringing with it special tests and experiences.

Monday, for instance, is governed by the pink ray of love…the heart chakra. You can expect that one of your tests on Monday will be a test of your ability and willingness to love.

Tuesday is blue, corresponding to the throat chakra. A great deal of power can come through this chakra, and it is common on Tuesday to experience tests and challenges relating to truth.

Each chakra corresponds to a different energy center in the body, each with its own distinct color and focus.

For more about what promise and potential each day holds and which chakra deserves your special attention today — and every day — tune to The OPEN DOOR.

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