Archangel Uriel Song

Archangel Uriel Song

by Dorothy Lee Fulton

Hail, legions of peace, from far-off worlds
Come now into the fore of the earth
Come now by the fiat of the mind of God
Come, hosts of the Lord, legions of peace.

Come now from starry heights
Into the cradle of the Mother
To the waiting Mother and her children.

Beloved Uriel, belov'd Aurora
O miracle of Love and Light!
Trailing clouds of pure delight
Of gold and purple majesty. (2x)

Beloved Uriel, belov'd Aurora
From the sixth octave from on high
Archangels of God's love, draw nigh
On shining wings of majesty. (2x)

O my beloved, thou art in my heart
Mother-of-pearl, O rainbow ray!
O my beloved, I AM in that joy
Golden-pink glow ray. (3x)

O there's a rustling of angels
A tremolo, a violin
A strain of harpers gently harping
Again and again.

Peace, peace, O gentle fire-breath of God. *(2x)

O vials of Light gently springing
Heavenly zephyrs on the hill
O mighty miracle of Light
O gentle peace of God's will.

Peace, peace, O gentle peace of God's will. *(2x)

The elementals now gath'ring
Singing with the breeze
Expressing God's love in the flowers
The birds and the trees.

Peace, peace, O gentle fire-breath of God.  Peace, peace, O gentle peace of God's will.

By thy flame, O Uriel
Archangel of Ministration
We take our vow
Before the living God, I AM THAT I AM.
To be warriors of peace
To bear the flame of freedom
To keep our vigil
Until the hour of our fulfillment is come!

In the name of the Father
And of the Mother
And of the Son
And of the Holy Spirit
Amen! Amen! Amen!

Archangel Uriel Song

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