Angels and You, Part 6

Angels and You, Part 6

After the Fall – The Restored Angels

What happened to the rebel angels after they fell?

We know that they were cast out of heaven and banished to earth and elsewhere.

Ever since then, those who came to earth and embodied among us have been our nemeses. They have been coveting our light, thwarting our spiritual progress and doing everything in their power to derail us from our goal of reuniting with God through the ascension.

Did Fallen Angels Regret Their Decision?

But what about those who have had second thoughts? What about fallen angels who regret their decision and desire to return to their original estate? Is this possible? Have any actually done this?

The answer is yes…and yes. You see, many angels who fell were simply following their leaders. Great angels of high attainment like Lucifer, by the sheer power of their positions and personalities, were able to pull millions of angels along in their wake.

And it doesn’t matter whether they knew what they were doing clearly or not. They have free will. They had it then; they have it now. The question always down to choice. In the case of the fallen angels, it comes down to a second chance…or the second death.

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