Angels and You, Part 4

Angels and You, Part 4

Archangels Uriel and Zadkiel
Angels of Fire and Flame


As our series has progressed, we have met the angels of power and protection, wisdom and beauty, love, strength, purity and healing.

Now we meet the angels of fire and flame: Uriel and Zadkiel. Gentle enough to soothe a baby. Fierce enough to conquer any threat to the Light within you! Meet the angels of fire and flame!

The name, Uriel, means “Fire of God.” And, though Uriel is truly a magnificent being of fire, judgment, thunder and fiery commitment to the Will of God, he is best known as a bringer of peace.

In fact, Uriel and his legions serve on the 6th Ray of God Peace, promoting brotherhood, understanding and divine justice.

His brother archangel, Zadkiel, which translates as the ‘Righteousness of God’ serves on the 7th Ray of God Freedom, the seat of the violet flame.

Zadkiel and his angels bring joy, mercy, happiness, inspiration and freedom.

When you call to Zadkiel, you are calling for the living flame of cosmic freedom.

And while Uriel and Zadkiel may be little known to your outer mind, your soul knows them well, for they have ever been the champions of your liberation from earth’s school room.

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