Angels and You, Part 3

Angels and You, Part 3

The ‘Other’ Archangels: Jophiel, Chamuel, Gabriel, Raphael


Almost everyone knows Archangel Michael. God’s General. The Prince of the Heavenly Hosts. Vanquisher of Lucifer and his rebel angels.

But there are other great archangels who we may not know as well as Michael.

Jophiel, for example. He and his angels help us to contact and sustain our relationship with our Higher Selves.

Then there’s Chamuel, whose focus is helping us experience more love.

Gabriel, archangel of the Annunciation, has the principle role of helping us recapture the spirit of joy.
And Archangel Raphael, whose twin flame is Mother Mary, Queen of the Angels, focuses his legions’ efforts on helping us heal ourselves and others.

There are other great archangels, as well, and all of them play important roles in helping us make progress on the spiritual path.

Best of all, we can learn how to contact them and work with them to accelerate our progress on the road home to God.

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