Angels and You, Part 2

Angels and You, Part 2

Archangel Michael
Guide, Guardian, Friend


Archangel Michael by TiffanyYou’ve got a friend in me!

That could easily be Archangel Michael’s theme song. No one could have a better friend, fiercer protector or more dependable guide than Archangel Michael. It is he who seals and protects the Light that you invoke in your spiritual practice, as well as the sanctity of your soul as you travel your spiritual path.

Remember that it was Archangel Michael who led God’s obedient angels into the epic battle that expelled Lucifer and his rebel angels from heaven. He is God’s right hand general and Light’s greatest champion. And, without fail, he has been true to his charge to be the premier defender leading all sincere students and followers of God’s blueprint unerringly to the safety and surety of their ascension.

Archangel Michael brings freedom from fear and doubt, strengthens faith and perfects the soul. Ask and he will protect you from physical and spiritual dangers, and he provides inspiration for leaders at all levels of world service.

Join us as we find out more about Archangel Michael, why people pray to him for protection and how we can work with our guardian angels everyday!

I AM Your Guard - Archangel Michael

I AM Your Guard

How Archangel Michael Can Protect You

Now more than ever, we need Archangel Michael. This breakthrough book will introduce you to Archangel Michael and how you can call for his protection.

Revered in Jewish, Christian and Islamic traditions, Archangel Michael can protect you and your loved ones in times of trouble.

Ask for his help. I AM Your Guard shows you how.


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