Online Radio: America at a Crossroads

Online Radio: America at a Crossroads

Has America reached the point of no return?

Witnessing the persistent erosion of moral values, decency and common sense throughout our culture, it would be easy to conclude that we are on a collision course with the failure of our society. And that may be one possible outcome. But it’s not the only one!

The Ascended Masters have a proven formula
for reversing the tide of decline

America at the crossroads needs the ascended masters and angels
It begins with an understanding and out-picturing of the Universal Christhood that we all share. This manifestation is made Real by the scientific use of sacred energies such as the violet flame. And it is sustained through the practice of decrees, powerful vocal prayers that harness and focus these high frequency sacred energies for good.

We get what we focus on!

We must be ever mindful of where we place our attention. Whatever we focus on, that is what we get. So, keep the faith, be positive…and act with the best and highest of intentions. Remember: Worry is praying for what we don't want.
Staying positive in the face of the current state of affairs in our country – and in the world – may not be easy, but consider the alternative….and then choose the teachings of the ascended masters to define your path to freedom!

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