Lanello’s Ascension Day Address 1976

Lanello’s Ascension Day Address 1976

Ascended Master Lanello dictated this Pearl of Wisdom to his twin flame, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, in 1976.

Lanello's Ascension Day Address

How the gentle winds of the Spirit blow the fragrance of our love! And how the fragrance of violets transports the soul to higher octaves, to higher planes of awareness, where a hand reaches out. It is the hand of a friend clasping the hand of a friend. We span the octaves! We come. We are here—close at hand, close as the heartbeat of the bird of life.

I AM Lanello, coursing through the cycles of overcoming victory, charting courses that one day you will follow. I come with an eye upon your soul, your soul's potential, and your victory. I come in the eye of God to see, to see the equation of life and death and truth and error here on Terra. And as the shifting sands of life move with the gentle wind, so the ratio of light and darkness is changing daily.

From the hour of my ascension to this hour, I see the progression of cycles. I see the victories of light. I see the removal from the planetary body of the threat of certain fallen ones. How could I leave my children, my children, in a land unsafe, in a world unsafe? I have enlisted the legions of K-17 and of Michael to defend the Woman and her seed and all of the sons and daughters of God moving toward the center of the flame. We have been, as you can imagine, extremely busy. And you also have been busy conceiving ways and means to outsmart the fallen ones and to draw the children into the teaching of the Buddha and the Mother.

We perceive, then, light expanding and yet areas where error remains unchecked—chiefly because it remains unexposed because the attention of Keepers of the Flame has not been concentrated on certain evils that lurk upon the planetary body. And therefore I encourage you with a new impetus of the rebirth in the ascension flame which we commemorate—that you and I, working together, will concentrate on areas of darkness both in time and space as you know it and in the astral plane, that you will project the purity of the all-seeing eye with me upon the errors and the terrors that terrify the little ones and the darkness that confounds the nations, that divides the people, that continues to allow Communism to spread over the earth unchecked.

Is it part of the plan of God—God the Great Dramatist, who allows evil to become militant to the nth before the breaking of the dawn of light—to test the faith and the hope and the charity of those who walk the path of initiation? How much greater the contrast, how much greater the victory, when that darkness is the darkest of the night before the dawn! And then you see how souls are fortified in the Spirit when they must grapple with the karma and the Luciferians and their plots, when they must grapple and come to grips with those forces.

If all were taken at once, the children could not sharpen their teeth and their minds and attain the initiations worthy of the sons and daughters of God. Is it then part of the plan to allow evil to spawn itself and expand itself to give opportunity for the thrust and the challenge of those undergoing the initiations which we have undergone?

I ask the question. I do not propose to answer it, for the great mysteries of God must be pondered in the heart and you must be willing to probe the depths of the mind of God even as you probe the depths of your own subconscious. You must be willing to have supreme faith that God knows and is able to direct the path of your initiation, to provide the backdrop necessary for that initiation, and to give souls of light the utmost opportunity to reach out for life when death surrounds them as the darkest pools of astral night.

Let us trust in the Lord and in his plan. Is it not always greater than our own plan? And to know the plan from the beginning is like knowing a fairy tale you have heard over and over again. Supposing that you might become so accustomed to the fairy tale that it has not the impact of the first presentation and the first telling? God does not reveal the total plan, although it is etched within your soul; and if you had the key to unlocking the fiery destiny, you would see the end from the beginning. To those who are the initiates, God gives daily glimpses of the future and the past that the present might be enriched with awarenesses that ordinary mortals do not have. And yet he waits. He waits for the opening of the curtain on the last act, when the hero and the heroine will consummate the victory of love for eternity.

With joy, then, look to each today and each tomorrow for the unveiling of a facet of the divine plan. But do not demand to see more than you ought to see; for in that seeing, you might conceive that God is a God of predestination and that you do not have to earn the light, the grace. And thereby you might find yourself lacking in that ultimate determination, that striving for perfection, that preparation for the last quarter mile of the race when all of your strength and your wind and your love and your heart must be put into the final thrust for the victory.

How Close to the Finish Line – the Ascension?

And how can you say that you are not running that last quarter mile to the finish line of your ascension? Is not this entire embodiment that thrust to enter in to the center? Can you imagine a halfhearted approach to that victory? A moment's slack and another crosses the line before you! You are all runners in the race, and I am running with you to new goals of attainment which will also lie before you after your ascension.

I run in the race for the salvation of souls on Terra, and I see that the fine points of the law and the clear seeing of the eye must penetrate those conditions that have up to this time defied exposure. Let the truth penetrate deep! And let the exposure be both of the carnal mind and of the false teachers and of the Christ and the Christed ones who come to show the way. Let not cynicism dominate the exposure of the vulnerability of the human self!

It is not good to idolize human beings. Those that were placed on the pedestals in recent decades are now being cast down from pedestals—because mankind have not elevated the Christ, but they have sought to endow with immortality human qualities! And these cannot last; these always have the flaws. You can point the finger at yourself, at anyone, and you can always find the human flaw. Thank God, for thereby you know that you have potential to be God! For God does not allow all of the imperfections of his children to remain inside so that they can strut about in their pride of outer perfection; but he allows the pockmarks and the battle scars and the unevenness of mind to manifest in body, and thereby you know the children of God.

But the Devil, the proud spirit who created the offspring, the wicked, and the seed of the wicked and their robot creation—these were created out of a mechanized perfection. And the mechanical perfection is on the surface, and the mechanical imperfections lie beneath that perfection which is only skin deep. By this, then, know that the dolls, the dolls of the Luciferians, present that standard of human idolatry whereby human beings worship one another for their attainments of perfection in the human level. God is not pleased, and therefore he allows the idols to be cast down—to be raised and to be cast down over and over again, until mankind learn the susceptibility and the vulnerability of the human self that they might place their trust in the Christ Self, in the real, in the flame, in the matrix, and in eternity.

It is not wise to elevate even those who have the perfections of God when these are elevated from the standpoint of the human. Mankind have made idols of political figures and religious leaders—even of the true avatars. In each and every case when they have elevated the human and failed to apprehend the Christ and failed to become the Christ, they have come no closer to the real even when their attention has been upon the sons and daughters of God.

It is idolatry and the consciousness of idolatry that we would cast down! Do not be disappointed in human failure. It is true to the nature of the human consciousness, yet you must control it by the flame in the heart. Do not allow yourselves to become atheists and cynics of life because the leaders have failed you. God has never failed you! Never! But God has been truthful. He has allowed the truth of life and death, of human error, to be revealed that you might not place your faith in this world or desire to sustain it as a status quo of limitation.

By allowing the imperfections to show, God has put you through the process of the weaning—weaning you from yourself and the love of yourself. And how easy it is to love yourself! Therefore, learn to loathe yourself and to love the Christ within! Learn to loathe the lesser self, with all of its pride and its conceit, considering that somehow it will win in this game of life. Only God wins in this game, but why does it take mankind so long to learn that God is the winner and those who would be on the winning team must become one with the Winner?

How hard, how hard they toil! They toil to perfect the human, when it cannot be perfected. Let it be thought of for what it is—as a gossamer veil, a substance, a passing identity, a forcefield for focusing the reality of the God flame. Let the human be the contrast for the great light of Divinity within you, and let that light so shine within you that the Lord God himself will give glory to that name which he has written within your heart and that all men will see the work of God and glorify God—not man, not the human, and not the lesser self.

Can you act so that God is glorified? Or must you act for the attention of the lesser self? See, then, how God has planned veils and veils of consciousness. And when you are ready to pierce the veil, you are ready to step through and to experience, in a very real presence, the ascended masters, the Great White Brotherhood, and the retreats.

Let us pray in this year of America's victory that the eagle of Sirius will project the all-seeing eye for creativity and genius from the heart of God to flower and to bring forth the culture of the Mother in America. Let it be done by the action of the all-seeing eye! Let it be done by the mastery of selfishness and self-love and that luciferian pride which now can be punctured by the sword of living flame which you are, which is the fiery core of your heart!

I come, then, knowing that you have been through the trials and the testings and the temptations of life. And I point out to you that God has tested you because he would make of you that living sacrifice whereby there is revealed that which has been concealed, the Christ Self of everyone. Let us see this exercise, this experiment in God-ordained mastery, as the path to the overcoming of selfishness and the blindness of selfishness and the idolatry of selfishness.

Let the devotees on the Path become lean as the fat of that self-centered existence is carved away! Let the devotees be seen as those who see God because they see through that human self, because they have not been willing to place upon the shelf that statue of the self, that photograph of the self, that adornment of the self—because they have been willing to place there instead the vision of Christhood, the vision of victory for all.

I ask you, then, for a gift this night—a gift to me on my ascension day—so that I may give a gift to you for your own natal day in the birth of the Christ Child. I ask for the gift within my hand of a little morsel of your selfishness or self-indulgence. Think of something that you can do without—something that has been precious to you but is no longer precious, for something more is given. It is the love we share, the cross we bear for Saint Germain, the path we walk with the masters, the path with God when we talk with him. Because we share all this and more, our greater love and all that God holds in store is able to allow us then to sacrifice a portion of that self for the greater good and the greater glory of life and the victory of life in the ascension of souls of God on Terra.

And I will take that morsel of selfishness and I will place it in the sacred fire; and you have heard of this ritual of the sacred fire. I will return to you a morsel of myself that you might keep me with you—Lanello as that morsel, as that precious stone, that souvenir of our love and our walk, that you might find growing within you, in place of selfishness, your own self-awareness that I AM in you the I AM which you are. And in that self-awareness you can walk unto the star of your divinity, you can walk into the retreat of God Tabor, you can walk into the retreat of the Royal Teton.

And you should make your plans this day to enter these retreats consciously, in full awareness—your hand in the hand of Saint Germain, in my own, and in the hand of the Mother of the Flame. For we hold many promises in store, many promises in store, and you will not forevermore strive with your human creation. But I prophesy this day that you will put it down, that you will say:

I have had enough! I am fed up to here with my human creation! I will put it in the flame! And I will have the experiences of a chela on the Path! And in this life I will know the master face to face. I will feel that fond embrace! I will enter his heart and soul and mind. I will be to him as John the Beloved was to Jesus the Christ.

Plan on it, I say! For only the plans which you formulate will come true.

And you can make the wish—the wish in the fountain, the fountain of the Mother's love—and your wish can be God desiring to be God within you, God within you burning, burning, melting the wax of that human counterfeit. Oh, they shall laugh! How they shall laugh—the sons and daughters of God—when by the fervent heat of the flame within intensified by the calls, those manikins, those robots, will melt, will melt as candle wax when the threefold flame burns bright on Terra in the hearts of the children of the One, the children of the sun.

And like those who sought to fly on the wings of their human creation, using the wax of their human creation, the sun of the I AM Presence will melt, will melt those wings and cause those fallen ones to fall back down to earth, until they learn that the only way to fly, fly high into the sky, is by the wings of attainment—the attainment of the Spirit, the attainment of the soul.

Earn your wings, O blessed hearts! And plan your wings and plan your attainment and plan your flight into the heights of God-awareness! And then you will soar, transcending planes, and you will find yourself on that ledge of rock high, high up where the eagles gather, and you will be in the company of the ascended ones. And you will walk and talk with them and learn the ways of life in eternity.

And you will come back again as I have come; you will come back again as I did. You will remain in embodiment with this awareness, until one day that flight, that ultimate flight, will come and you will know in your soul that this time you will not return to the body temple. This time you will leave the temple to be consumed in the fires of ascension's flame, in the sacred fire upon the altar—the altar of Mu, the Motherland of the ages. Plan on it, for I am planning with you!

Now let us make a mockery of that human creation! Let us mock that human consciousness! Let us not allow it to glower and to hover like the vultures waiting to eat the dead bodies of those who die not in Christ.

Let us see through that veil, that veil of substance! And in a glimpse now, in the twinkling of the eye of God, will you say with me as you look upon the entire coil of that human creation, “You have no power, your day is done!” [Audience says with Lanello, “You have no power, your day is done!”]

And will you utter the fiat that will resound in the mountain, the holy mountain of God, “You are not real, for I AM real!” [Audience says with Lanello, “You are not real, for I AM real!”]

I AM real! I AM Lanello in the flame! I AM Lanello within you! I AM the course that you will not run in vain! I AM the course of victory! And I AM victory throbbing as your heartbeat, coursing through your veins! I AM the victory, the overcoming! I AM the oneness of the light that overcomes that duality of the night! Be one and know love is the key to your ascension!

Thank you and good evening, good morning, good evening, and good morning every day of your life! For I will say it to you. And if you listen, you will hear me greeting you in the turning of the twelve cycles of the day and the night. I AM Lanello! I AM with you all the way Home!

This dictation by the Ascended Master Lanello through the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet was published as the Pearl of Wisdom®, vol. 19 no. 18, May 2, 1976.

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