Ascension – A Journey Within

Ascension – A Journey Within

Breaking the Chain of Rebirth

You are meant to accomplish your own resurrection and ascension in this life. Your resurrection is your awakening to your identity as a Son of God. Your ascension is your final union with God. Each mystical experience is a preparation for that ultimate union, which can occur either before or after death when you have balanced a sufficient amount of your karma.

As you walk the homeward path, you can see yourself climbing a coil of white fire that represents the ascension. Each prayer, decree and mystical experience propels you higher on the coil. It expands the flame in your heart, a flame that is meant to grow until it consumes your entire form and you have become one with that flame.

Climbing this coil is not really going up or down or right or left. It is your soul’s acceleration into the nucleus of the permanent atom that is God. It allows you to enter a state of eternal time, where there is no yesterday or tomorrow but only now.

Jesus called this state “eternal life”—not in the sense that it goes on forever but that it is a state of existence in which time as we know it does not exist. This is a state outside of time and space. As Plotinus described it, “There all is one day; series has no place; no yesterday, no last year.”

Keep in mind, as you pray and meditate, that the God inside of you is more powerful than anything else in the world. The entire cosmos is imprinted on every atom of your being.

The experiences of the mystics confirm this. Some Merkabah mystics saw the journey through heavenly palaces as a journey through the chambers of the heart. They believed that all of the vastness of divinity was contained within. As the Jewish leader Hai Gaon (939–1038) wrote, the mystic “will gaze in the innermost recesses of his heart and it will seem as if he saw the seven halls [of the angels] with his own eyes.”

You can think of the universe as a set of wooden Russian matryoshka dolls, with each doll having a smaller one inside of it. The entire visible universe is the outermost doll, and nested inside it are galaxies, solar systems, stars, planets—right down to the smallest doll, which is you. But inside of you is an even smaller doll that somehow has the biggest doll inside of it. When you figure out this riddle, you will have discovered the key to your ascension!

The ascension is not an end—it is a beginning. When you transcend this narrow spectrum of human existence, you live forevermore, a Son of God, continually transcending planes of consciousness, exploring new dimensions, using free will, retaining your individuality and taking part in the grand evolutionary spiral of life throughout the cosmos.

The state that you enter when you achieve the ascension is the kingdom of God, eternal life—a timeless, spaceless state of eternal bliss. When you have found it, then you will know the unchanging unity that was the true prize Jesus promised. You will have entered a form of existence that offers ultimate freedom and ultimate possibility.

Excerpt from Reincarnation: The Missing Link in Christianity by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

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