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Only Mark Boxed Set – Volumes 16 through 30

Only Mark Box set Vol 16-3015 MP3 Audio CDs

Take a walk in Mark's footsteps…

The Only Mark album series contains the dictations delivered by the ascended masters to Mark L. Prophet between 1958 and 1973. When listened to in the order presented, these dictations mark the spiral of initiation that Mark Prophet charted on the path to his ascension.

Albums 16 – 30 include 475 dictations delivered by Mark from August 7, 1958, to July 1, 1966. Album 30 also includes a bonus track with Mark L. Prophet singing accompanied by a hand-held harp.

The ascended master Jesus Christ has explained why the Only Mark albums are important to our spiritual path:

As you play these dictations in your homes and in your automobiles, you will come to experience the writing of the law of God (as it was spoken in living fire to Mark) on your inward parts – on the mind, the soul, the heart, on every chakra of your being and every cell.

Jesus said that the ascended masters have asked for these dictations to be published so that we would have the opportunity to “enter the coil of the ascension flame” with Mark Prophet in every dictation. “In your listening to these dictations,” Jesus said, “you will be fashioned anew, reborn as a new creature by the power of the ascending scale of these dictations. They are the fundamentals. They are the building blocks.”

In the Footsteps of the Buddha – 2 Audio CDs

In the Footsteps of the Buddha - DG14001Elizabeth Clare Prophet recounted that the Buddha has said: “I am meditating upon the Mother, the Mother of Cosmos. And the smile upon my face is the smile of the Mother that is reflected upon my face as I gaze upon her.”
We are now at the dawn of a new age of the Holy Spirit—the time prophesied when that Spirit will be poured out “upon all flesh.”

CD 1: Your Self-Mastery in the Secret Chamber of the Heart
December 2, 1977 1 hr. 15 min.

The Buddha and the Mother as a concept, as a principle, as a polarity of being, is a very great instrument of your self-realization as the Buddha. The more you magnetize the feminine principle, the more you are able to magnetize the masculine. And so, if you would attract the Buddha, why not become what the Buddha is meditating upon?
—Elizabeth Clare Prophet

CD 2: The Psychology of Becoming the Buddha
August 5, 1977 22 min.
To transform from lower consciousness to higher consciousness we must go through a process, a ritual, which includes decrees, mantras, service, and the balancing of karma. This ritual takes us from point A to point B. It is an alchemical formula. The inner meaning of ritual is “right-you-all.” It is you correcting all manifestations of lesser consciousness. If we skip this process, we skip the fruit of the process, and we are deprived of the results.

DG14001 – 2 Audio CDs. 1 hr. 37 min.

Initiation and the One Initiator – Darshan DVD

Initiation and the One Initiator - DV14010Teachings from The Masters and the Path, by C. W. Leadbeater. Darshan No. 11 with the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet January 14, 1997

…Initiation and the One Initiator
The importance of initiation does not lie in the exaltation of an individual but in the fact that he has now become definitely one with the great Order, the Great White Brotherhood. The formula of Initiation has been unchanged throughout the ages, yet there is a certain elasticity about it.

…Initiation and the One Initiator
The Initiator’s charge explains the work of the Brotherhood in the world, and the responsibility which rests on each member individually. Each member has to share in the bearing of the great burden of the sorrows of the world.

…Initiation and the One Initiator
The blessing of the Brotherhood is ever upon the member; but it will descend upon him precisely in the measure in which he passes it on to others, for this is the eternal law.

DV14010 – 1 DVD: 2 hr. 4 min.

Outpouring Spirit into Matter – Darshan DVD

Outpouring Spirit into Matter - DV14011Teachings from The Masters and the Path, by C. W. Leadbeater. Darshan #12 with the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet January 22, 1997

…Outpouring Spirit into Matter
All manifestation is cyclic. This means that all forms of life that emanate from God in the Beginning can return to him in the Ending, bearing the fruits of all the experience gained through the great cycle of activity.

…Outpouring Spirit into Matter
All that lives is really one, and it is the duty of those who enter the Brotherhood to know that as a fact.

…Outpouring Spirit into Matter
There is no loss of the sense of individuality, even though there is an utter loss of the sense of separateness. That seems a paradox, while yet it is obviously true.

…Outpouring Spirit into Matter
We are all facets of a greater consciousness, and what we thought to be our qualities, our intellect, our energies have all the time been His qualities, His intellect, His energy.

DV14011 – 1 DVD: 2 hr. 25 min.

Spiritual Visualizations for World Change – Violet Flame Visualizations Vol. 2 DVD

Violet Flame Visualizations, Vol 2 - DV14012Violet Flame Animation with Dynamic Decrees

Experience the empowerment of spiritual visualization and dynamic decrees with Elizabeth Clare Prophet for personal transformation.

Violet Flame Visualizations:

  • Saint Germain with the Earth
  • The Earth in Violet Flame
  • South America with Violet Flame
  • Europe with Violet Flame
  • Africa with Violet Flame
  • Russia/China with Violet Flame
  • The Earth with Violet Rays
  • Saint Germain Over America
  • North and South America

Decrees on the DVD:

  • 70.11 I AM the Violet Flame
  • 70.12 Radiant Spiral Violet Flame
  • 5.00 Six Mighty Cosmic Light Calls
  • 0.07A I AM the Light of the Heart
  • 70.17 Violet, Purple, Pink
  • 70.01 Violet Fire, I Love Thee
  • 70.13 Violet Fire from the Heart of God
  • 5.02 More Violet Fire
  • 5.03 Decree for the Great Cosmic Light
  • 5.01 Decree for Freedom's Holy Light
  • 70.18 O Arcturus, Blessed Being Bright

These decrees are contained in a PDF file on the disc.

Peace in the Flame of Buddha – MP3

Peace in the Flame of Buddha - M14017In this landmark seminar, conducted in 1976 on the island of Maui, Hawaii, Elizabeth Clare Prophet introduces profound teachings on the Buddha and the path of Buddhahood, which all can choose to embrace.

This album includes seven lectures, five dictations and numerous guided meditations.

Meditating upon the dharma,
the teachings of the Buddha,
we are exalted to the plane of his mind.
Meditating on the teachings of the Christ,
we are exalted to the plane of his heart.
And in the heart of Jesus
and the mind of Buddha
we find our own true heart,
our own true mind.
—Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Experiencing the Flame of Buddha – June 11, 1976 (1 hr. 55 min.)
Peace in the Name of Buddha – June 12, 1976 (26 min.)
The Age of Mother – June 12, 1976 (1 hr. 58 min.)
Following the Call of the Soul – June 12, 1976 (1 hr. 3 min)
Hawaii’s Contribution to the Culture of the Aquarian Age – June 12, 1976 (1 hr. 36 min.)
Alchemy of the Abundant Life: Keys to the Path of Precipitation – June 13, 1976 (1 hr. 18 min.)
The Education of the Heart – June 13, 1976 (1 hr. 6 min.)

Sanat Kumara the Seven Holy Kumaras The Resurrection of the Seven Rays of the Mother on Mu June 12, 1976 (26 min.)
Peace and Aloha I Came Not to Send Peace, but a Sword June 12, 1976 (35 min.)
Jesus the Christ The Piscean Conqueror in the Age of Aquarius June 13, 1976 (28 min.)
Gautama Buddha Reinforcement to All Who Would Be the Buddha June 13, 1976 (29 min.)
Lord Confucius In the Golden Light of the Golden Age of China June 13, 1976 (22 min.)

M14017 – 1 Audio MP3. 11 hr. 37 min.

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