New Ascended Master Products – Easter

New Ascended Master Products – Easter

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New books, audios and DVDs from The Summit Lighthouse released at the Easter 2014 retreat.

Dictations and Lectures from Easter Retreat 2014

The Mystery of Jesus Christ DVD and MP3 albums

Understanding Your Own Real Self
With Jesus the Christ, Archangel Gabriel, Mother Mary and John the Beloved

The Mystery of Jesus Christ

Mark L. Prophet & Elizabeth Clare Prophet

3 DVDs & 1 MP3 total time: 13 hr. 4 min. DVG14001

DVD 1: Dictations: (1 hr. 48 min.)
John the Beloved Through the Heart of Christ March 31, 1983
Mother Mary Good Friday: The Betrayal and the Victory April 1, 1983
K-17 Unseen Dangers April 1, 1983

DVD 2: Dictations: (2 hr. 5 min.)
Archangel Gabriel An Integrated Personality in God March 30, 1983
Ray-O-Light The Defense of Christ Truth April 2, 1983
Jesus Christ Embrace the Guru March 30, 1997

DVD 3: Dictation: (1 hr. 53 min.)
Magda Transmute the Past and the Future March 30, 1997
Lectures by Elizabeth Clare Prophet: The Glorification April 2, 1983
The True Mystery of Good Friday (excerpt) April 1, 1983

MP3: All dictations and 4 lecture excerpts (7 hr. 28 min.)
Liner Notes

Fire from Heaven: The New Age of the Holy Spirit – by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Fire from Heaven - 7041Two thousand years ago a small group of men and women gathered in the city of Jerusalem, waiting to receive “power from on high.” The fire of the Holy Spirit descended, and their lives were transformed. The power of the Spirit in them healed the sick, raised the dead—and changed the course of history.

We are now at the dawn of a new age of the Holy Spirit—the time prophesied when that Spirit will be poured out “upon all flesh.” In twelve Spirit-filled releases, Elizabeth Clare Prophet explains how you can be ready to receive Fire from Heaven.

When you receive the fire of the Holy Spirit, it is an experience like no other. You will find, as I have, that the Holy Spirit is the power to change your life…. It is my profound prayer that the message in this book will lead you to your own daily walk with that most blessed Comforter. – from the Foreword, by Rev. E. Gene Vosseler

New Beginnings in the Flame of the Holy Spirit Audio Album

New Beginnings - M14001The initiation of the Holy Spirit, known as the trial by fire, is an initiation of integration.

When the fiery trial comes, as it eventually will to each and every one, we are only found ready if the atoms and molecules of our consciousness fit the blueprint of our inner reality. When the outer representation does not fit the inner mold, then the sacred fire must burn and consume and transmute.

A major purpose of the ascended masters’ teachings is to give the knowledge of invoking and communing with that fire ahead of time, before the fiery trial, so that when it comes we are already a living flame and can integrate with that fire.

This album includes four profound lectures by Elizabeth Clare Prophet:

  • The Path to the Holy Spirit
  • Mystery Schools of the Great White Brotherhood
  • The Test of the Eighth Ray
  • Healing in the New Age

And twelve inspiring and timeless dictations.

The Power of Sound DVD

Power of Sound Darshan by Elizabeth Clare ProphetTeachings from The Masters and the Path, by C. W. Leadbeater. Darshan #10 with the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet January 8, 1997

…The Power of Sound
Sound is an undulation in the air. The vibration which the sound sets in motion impinges upon the various bodies of man and tends to bring them into harmony with it.

…The Power of Sound
The oscillations extend a great deal further than the ear can follow. Corresponding waves are set up in higher and finer matter, setting etheric matter in motion.

…The Power of Sound
The etheric matter communicates its oscillations to the man who recites the mantra, and if he is directing his will towards any particular person, to that person the vibration will assuredly go.

Great White Brotherhood in the Culture, History and Religion of America

Great White Brotherhood by Elizabeth Clare ProphetThroughout the ages, there have been men and women in every race and religion that have mastered time and space, transcended the cycles of karma and rebirth, and returned to the Source of all life. By attaining the goal of life, the ascension, these souls have become Ascended Masters.

The Great White Brotherhood is the body of Ascended Masters guiding this system of worlds. Working with earnest seekers in every field of human endeavor, the Brotherhood is setting forth the progressive revelations of God for the Aquarian cycle and expanding the dimensions of consciousness in all who aspire to self-mastery.

Behind the culture, history, and religion of America lies the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood; for by the unseen hand and the very specific guidance of the Ascended Masters, America was born, her independence was declared, her constitution was written. America is the land created as a repository of freedom that millions of souls might realize their potential to become one with God. It is the place where freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom to assemble provide the foundation for the individual pursuit of cosmic consciousness.

Music as a Magnet DVD

Music as a MagnetLinda and Robert Worobec, based on the Teachings of Elizabeth Clare Prophet

• What is a syncopated beat?
• How can I tell good music from bad?
• Why should I even care?

This practical, down-to-earth DVD presents the foundational principles of the ascended masters’ teachings on music and its effects on matter, both negative and positive.

Professional musicians Linda and Robert Worobec present an informative workshop that includes a three-step “discernment toolbox” (rhythm, melody, harmony) to evaluate the quality of the music in your life. Now you will understand the profound effect music can have on your physical and spiritual well-being.

Train your ear by listening to the many segments of music included in this presentation—classical, rock, jazz, Celtic, Broadway, country, new age and more. Identify and understand the syncopated or back beat. You will “measure” the piece of music with your tools and then discern how that specific piece of music makes you feel.

As Elizabeth Clare Prophet has taught, music is a power that can be used to help or to harm. Gain a fresh perspective on this power that can change your world.

The Inner Working of Sound DVD

With Valerie and Scott McBride, based on the Teachings of the Ascended Maters through Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Does Sound Affect Matter?
See for Yourself!

Inner Working of SoundExplore the latest groundbreaking research that will change the way you think about the nature of thought, prayer and sound…and the depth of their influences in your life.

The power of sound to affect matter is the focus of this dynamic and informative workshop. Valerie and Scott McBride, longtime students of the teachings of the ascended masters, present intriguing and provocative information about the effects of sound in many areas of the physical universe.

Included are fascinating images from the experiments of Dr. Masaru Emoto showing the dramatic effects of words and thoughts on water.

This workshop will also present techniques for using the power of sound and positive thoughts to bring comfort and healing to your body and brain, which can be up to 75 percent water!

Plus you will hear beautiful musical excerpts designed to elevate, inspire and help you connect to your higher self.

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