Ascended Master Library For All Devices

Ascended Master Library For All Devices

Ascended Master Library (AML) is The Summit Lighthouse's online store for searching, purchasing and downloading any of over 1700 dictations, 800 lectures, songs, and decree services. As some of you have found out the hard way, the Silverlight platform that powers Ascended Master Library no longer works on the latest Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari browsers.

We do have a solution that works on Apple, Linux and PC computers while we rebuild for all browsers and mobile devices (optimistic due date: Autumn 2019).

NOTE for iPod, iPad, iPhones and Android devices: This solution works with an extra step of first downloading the AML mp3 files to your desktop and then moving them onto any mobile device.

1. Download and install SeaMonkey browser for PC, Apple or Linux. (Silverlight still works on Internet Explorer 11 for PCs, however we recommend SeaMonkey since it is a later, more secure release). Uncheck or say “No” to the question about importing your contacts.

SeaMonkey for PC, Apple and Linux

2. Download and install the Microsoft Silverlight plugin for PC or Mac:

Silverlight Plugin

3. Once the browswer and plugin are set up, go to and Login to your account.
If you need to open an account, go to our account registration page and create your account.

4. Build your MP3 download, audio CD or MP3 CD and complete your purchase.

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