Ascended Master Confucius

Ascended Master Confucius

Building Family and Community

The birthday of Confucius is celebrated September 28.

Confucius (c. 551 – 479 BC) has always been concerned with harmony and divine order within the family and within society as a whole. He was born in 551 BC in China during a time of great turmoil and upheaval. His father, an elderly soldier, died when he was three.

Confucius dedicated his life to teaching others how to bring order into their lives, their families and the empire. His vision has been described as a “social order in communion and collaboration with a cosmic order.”

Confucius—The Champion of Families

The Ascended Master Confucius has a profound understanding of family as the vital unit for building community and a new society in the Aquarian age.

He is the hierarch of the Royal Teton Retreat, which is congruent with the Grand Teton mountain in the Teton Range near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This is the key retreat of illumination of the Great White Brotherhood in North America.

In this retreat, Confucius shows us how to take etheric patterns and use them in tangible ways to improve our everyday lives. These patterns are like blueprints and they contain the keys to our self-reliance in God, to the ideals of the sacred family and to God-government.

We tie into the etheric patterns and precipitate into the etheric ideals into the physical through creations of beauty, harmony and order. This is why the flame of precipitation—Chinese green in color and tinged with gold—is enshrined at Confucius' Royal Teton Retreat.

Confucius' presence and the presence of his Causal Body in the United States has inspired the practical side of our culture. Let us see Confucius, then, as the architect of community building and the champion of families.

Confucius wants us to regard him as our loving and supportive grandfather. And, like a grandfather, he also desires to pass on his dreams to us that we might fulfill them in his name. He longs to build a society on a foundation of love, wisdom and the will of God in the individual and in the family.

Confucius' Formula for Family and Community

Confucius gave us this basic formula for family and community building twenty-five hundred years ago.  It is taken from the first chapter of the Great Learning, one of the four principal books of Confucian teaching.

Here is the formula in Confucius' words. It is a formula for enlightenment, for family and for the victory of each one of us.  So as you go about your daily lives, please hold this thoughtform in your hearts:

The ancients who wanted to manifest enlightened virtue in their empire first healed and brought order to their states.

Wanting to heal and bring order to their states, they first established equanimity in their families and made them whole.

Wanting to establish equanimity in their families and make them whole, they first cultivated themselves.

Wanting to cultivate themselves, they first got themselves in line and in tune with their hearts.

Wanting to be in line and in tune with their hearts, they first became honest with themselves and purified their motives.

Wanting to be honest with themselves and purify their motives, they first assimilated wisdom and put it into practice.

They assimilated wisdom and put it into practice by investigating and reflecting upon all phenomena and culling out what was true.

The Etheric Pattern of the Soul's Immortality

In the very beginning, when our souls were completely bonded to the Universal Christ, we were clothed in the original etheric pattern in which we were made. This was the etheric pattern of the soul's immortality and freedom.  There are etheric patterns for our souls, our families and for our communities, and they exist in nature all around us.

We can call to Confucius and other ascended masters to reveal and reinforce these patterns so that they may be our empowerment and guiding force.

Confucius' Vision

Confucius has said that many souls from ancient China have reembodied here in the United States. In 1976, he called them “the quiet Buddhic souls, the diligent ones” who have a spiritual mission to lay the foundation of the family in America and beyond.

He points out that they understand the importance of “the code of ethics, the gentleness, the sweetness and the desire for learning as the means to God-awareness.”

Furthermore, Confucius said, “They have come that their wisdom would be fired with freedom and that they might assist America” as she enters the twenty-first century. Their aim is to turn around a “false materialism” and to manifest instead “an etherealization, a spirituality,” and the mastery “of self, of society and of the energies of time and space.”

Perhaps you are one of these souls who has come from ancient China. So let us call to Confucius for his mantle and guidance, and let us pray that we may commune with him at his Royal Teton Retreat as we discover the true meaning of family.

Excerpted from the Pearls of Wisdom® Vol 41 No 32, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, August 9, 1998.

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