Online Radio – Armageddon – The Battle Has Begun

Online Radio – Armageddon – The Battle Has Begun

There is a war raging, often silent and unseen, on the outcome of which hangs the fate of worlds. We know this war as Armageddon. The Book of Revelation describes Armageddon as the final battle of light and darkness. It informs us that the beasts and armies of darkness are at large in the land, always seeking to drive a wedge between us and the Source of our light.

If you need proof of this, simply look at the state of the world. The chaos, war, terrorism, pain and ignorance prevalent today should give us all the evidence we need that we are not waiting for Armageddon. It is here! This is certainly cause for concern, but not despair.

Saint Germain, Nostradamus,
Prophecy and the Four Horsemen

Much has been written foretelling the end of the world. Many great saints, sages and seers have predicted the end times. But prophecy is not intended to be final or irrevocable. Rather, it is a warning. It tells us what might be IF we don’t turn things around.

The ascended masters tell us that from the beginning we were winning. This is the truth we must hold on to. It is the Reality that we are taught will manifest. Light will prevail!

But it will take the concerted efforts of lightbearers everywhere to finally bring the curtain down on darkness and bring in a golden age of enlightenment and God consciousness. So, we must be united in our determination to say to the forces of evil: thus far and no farther!

Are you ready for battle?

It’s time to buckle up and get busy!

There is no more potent tool in the war against evil than the Violet Flame, and no more powerful method of delivery than the Science of the Spoken Word. Your decrees are missiles that deliver a payload of Light precisely where I is needed most. And it is needed now!

Bottom line: All prophecy can be mitigated through the power of the Violet Flame. And all world conditions that seem so chaotic, dire and hopeless can be transformed. See it! Believe it! Do it!

Stay Tuned for the Return of
The Worldwide Violet Flame Vigil!

In 2012, we began a worldwide Violet Flame vigil focusing on elections and other important world events that quickly attracted over 1500 participants in 76 countries!

Now, we are planning to bring our remarkable global community of Lightbearers and Violet Flame decree warriors together once again to focus the laser beam of the Violet Flame into all nooks and crannies of this planet where evil and darkness think they can hide.

If you want to be part of this movement, stay tuned. We’ll be announcing the next start date soon and how you can participate. This time, we’ve even prepared a Violet Flame booklet that will become our manual for confronting and defeating darkness wherever it is found. The booklet is free, and when you sign up for the Violet Flame vigil, you can download your copy free!

We’re all eager to stand shoulder to shoulder on the ramparts, face the forces of Armageddon and prevail. If you’re not already doing it, you can start that Violet Flame momentum right now. Then, when we announce the start of the next Violet Flame vigil, you’ll be ready to go!

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