Advent – Christmas Angels

Advent – Christmas Angels

Advent Season

During Advent, the joy of the Christmas angels is felt tangibly as so many across the globe honor one sent to demonstrate the path of the Son of God.

During Advent, we have the opportunity to prepare ourselves and our families for the true spiritual magic of the birth of the Christ in our hearts.

It's the darkest season of the year (in the northern hemisphere) and we are reminded that the journey Homeward is an interior one.  We renew our fervor for transmutation by the power of the violet flame that all the records of former self of this and previous embodiments will dissolve, cause, effect, record and memory.

Each week as we journey through Advent, we take up the prayers for clearance of our four lower bodies: etheric, mental, emotional and physical. We know that God’s love is sufficient to resolve every unresolved problem—a spiritual problem, a problem in the psyche or in the psychology, a problem of the mind or the heart or the desires.

As we celebrate the birth of Jesus the Christ and meditate on the Bethlehem star that was his great Causal Body in the heavens, we also celebrate the the birth of the one Christ in each soul of light. We meditate on our own star, our causal body, the great Dharmakaya and seek to let it shine through us.

In his ascended master dictation, “The Christmas Rose – I Call You to the Heart of God,” Jesus said,

“Therefore know that each and every day as you return to that point of the One by the celebration of the Divine Mother within your temple, you see new vistas, new horizons, the entire circumference of your being. You gain a vision of a past, present and the entire circumference of your being. You gain a vision of a past, present and future that are not a time line but spherical being unfolding—unfolding even as the Christmas Rose.

And so, my beloved, by expanded awareness of your Christhood this day, which is the meaning of winter solstice, may you thereby gain an expanded awareness of earth's evolutions, the levels of consciousness and how you may direct light rays directly to the hearts of many whose hearts have already been kindled by myself, by Lord Gautama, Lord Maitreya, Lord Sanat Kumara, Lord Krishna.

Yes, beloved, step-by-step here in physical embodiment you nourish, you water our garden and you increase the Light-manifestation in yourself for the supreme purpose of having that wherewithal to extend to others.

Celebrate, then, that God called me but celebrate also that he called you and that your star can rise…I am Jesus, your brother, your friend, your teacher, avatar of the age, desiring so to strengthen you that you might be unto the many what I have been unto you. Keep on keeping on, beloved, for your track is direct to the star of great, great hope.”

—Beloved Jesus Christ, published in the Pearls of Wisdom®, vol 34 no 67, December 29, 1991

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