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Church Universal and Triumphant logoMembership in Church Universal and Triumphant is a step beyond membership in the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity.

Since it takes time to properly consider the commitment of Church membership, one must be a Keeper of the Flame in good standing on the eighth lesson or beyond before being eligible to become a Communicant.

Communicants continue to fulfill the requirements of the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity.

The Living Church

Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha teach that each member is the living Church. The church, itself, is a living organic body of God-realized people.

A Communicant already contains within himself the true doctrine of Christ, visualized as a cosmic cube surrounding the threefold flame in the heart. The white cube is the magnet which draws one to to the place where that flame is enshrined.

Communicants are those who desire to affiliate with the Church in an outer way. Their motive is to attain more of the light of God in order to bless others with that light.

Benefits of Church Membership

The commitment of the individual is matched by commitment from the ascended masters.

When you become a Keeper of the Flame you have a tie through the office of the messengers to the ascended masters who sponsor that order.

When you become a Communicant, you have a figure-eight flow to the office of the Vicar of Christ, with greater assistance from the ascended masters.

Tithing – One of the Twelve Tenets of Faith

Tithing is the means whereby we give back to God that which already belongs to Him. This includes not only one-tenth of our monthly income, but also a tenth of our time and our talents in service to our fellow man.

The law of the tithe is the foundation of individual spiritual growth. It is the science whereby when we take one-tenth of what God has give in to us and give it back to him in his order on earth, in his Church on earth, he then takes that tenth, multiplies or squares it, and gives back to us 100 percent again.

Those who practice the law of the tithe find a tremendous flow of cosmic abundance, freedom, and blessings coming into their lives. When founding the Church, the ascended master Jesus Christ said that the sign of one's devotion is one's ability to trust the law of the tithe and to give that portion for the growth of the Church.

Cosmic Abundance

Learn more about the miracle of tithing, at our special Alchemy of Abundance website.

Features include Inspirational Concepts, Real-Life Stories, Practical Spiritual Tools and Formulas for Supply, Saint Germain's Keys to Precipitation, Treasure Mapping and Publications on Prosperity.

Retaining Church Membership

As a condition of membership, Communicants are required to tithe by giving one-tenth of their income to the Church.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet explained the definition of the member “in good standing” for the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity and Communicants of Church Universal and Triumphant:

A Keeper in good standing supports the Brotherhood, keeps a code of conduct that he understands is being true to his God, and provides his dues for the support of the publications. A Communicant has a stricter code of conduct and does tithe. That tithing is a very necessary part of being a Communicant. If one does not tithe, one cannot say that one is a Communicant, even if you may have your names so inscribed. (June 30, 1989, King Arthur's Court)

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