A Twinkle of Mirth

A Twinkle of Mirth

To help with creating a New Year's resolution, we bring you El Morya's Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 1 No. 13 from November 7, 1958.

Let the Twinkle of Mirth Abound on Earth

The twinkle of mirth is needed on earth in many a situation in which mankind find themselves. A happy, confident approach to any situation, even what appears to be quite a serious one, is of tremendous assistance to all concerned in bringing about a divinely just and satisfactory resolution thereof.

To possess a good sense of humor is to be greatly blessed; but if you are not so naturally blessed, you can always call to any of us and we shall be oh, so grateful for that call which will enable us to give you the sense of humor that is so much a part of the consciousness of the ascended host.

Unaccountability is a word that does not apply to man’s use of God’s life. Everyone is always accountable to the cosmic law for the release of his energy (life) through his thought, feeling, spoken word and deed.

Law of Love vs. Law of Karma

Of course Divine Love is the master presence and authority of the entire universe, and its law supersedes all others. However, as applied to those who will not use that Law of Love, the karmic law by its very nature must return to its sender the energy sent forth qualified by human shadow, and always gathering more of its kind with accumulated energy of the same qualification. At times retribution for the misuses of God’s life follows like a swift arrow that action which set the cause in motion and produces the effect of returning karma.

The chalice of the heart is the generative point in man from which the gentle, Godlike feelings of Divine Love emanate; and these feelings qualify the thoughts, spoken words, and actions of each lifestream. You see, feelings account for the greatest percentage of man’s qualification of his daily allotment of energy–about 90 percent; whereas thought uses only about 10 percent. As the individual release his feelings from his heart and solar plexus, often as on swift wings, they travel around the world fulfilling the law of the circle, and they never fail to return to their source!

Therefore, watch the feelings you allow to pass through your lifestream. For they are even more important than your thoughts. It is easy to test this truth. For instance, if there is a difference between your thoughts and your feelings, most of the time your feelings will win out, because they represent the greater pressure of energy that is acting. Do you see?

So while standing watchful guard over your feelings, be sure to restrain the unhappy mood; and as quickly as you are aware of its presence, turn your attention to something pleasant in your surroundings or, better still, to one of us, and thus change that mood instantly from that which distresses you to that which gives you Light and its joyous expression.

So, to bring you divine illumination that emanates from above the stars and is sent from my heart to yours with a twinkle! again I say–

Let the twinkle of mirth
Abound on earth!

For joy is one of the virtues of Divine Love; and joy and mirth are vibrations that in your application of the Law assist you to attain much more quickly your daily as well as your ultimate victory. Such victory I AM expressing–all ways!

This post is from the Pearl Vol. 1 No. 13 by El Morya from November 7, 1958.

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