A Daily Ritual to the Sun

A Daily Ritual to the Sun

This excerpt of a sun meditation by Elizabeth Clare Prophet on your I AM Presence and Helios is published in Make Heart-to-Heart Contact with Helios and Vesta in the 1998 Pearl of Wisdom®, Vol. 41 No. 49

On New Year’s Eve 1994, Gautama Buddha reminded us how important it is to make a daily ritual of facing the Sun of our I AM Presence and the sun of Helios and Vesta.

“Recognize,” said Gautama, “that all sons and daughters of God…have the possibility of meditating upon the Great Central Sun through the Sun of their I AM Presence and the sun of Helios and Vesta. This meditation can produce in you a feeling of intense heat or a glow over the third-eye chakra and surrounding the head as a halo.

“With concentrated visualization daily, you can establish such a strong tie to the Great Central Sun as to make you almost oblivious to the darkness of the earth. You must always put this darkness behind you, and when you invoke your tube of light, visualize the rays of the Great Central Sun streaming down upon you within and without.”

We are going to practice this meditation.

I AM Presence chartFirst of all, center in your heart. In your mind’s eye face the Sun of your I AM Presence above you—your own personal energy source. See the brilliant, intense white light of your I AM Presence, surrounded by the magnificent, pulsating spheres of your Causal Body.

Receive the light of the sun behind the sun in all of its glory, all of its tempered manifestation on behalf of those who dwell on this planetary home. See the circling, many-colored spheres of your Causal Body around the scintillating white light of your I AM Presence.

In the name of Almighty God, we call for the spheres of the five secret rays and the seven colored rays. We call for this action of the sacred fire to pulsate within us for our purification. In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Divine Mother, we accept this done this hour in full power, Amen.

Now extend that visualization to Helios and Vesta, our Father-Mother God in the spiritual sun behind our physical sun. See and feel the rays of intense energy from this life-giving source pouring down upon you and making contact with your heart.

Place two fingers of your right hand on your heart. Hold those fingers there and feel the energy regenerating your heart. Let your heart be a receptacle for the action of the sacred fire. Let it be a receptacle for Divine Love. Let it be a receptacle for forgiveness, for all things that must come into balance, for all that we may know or not know about ourselves and our brothers and our sisters and the millions upon the planet who need these light rays from Helios and Vesta.

Now extend that visualization to the Great Central Sun, the supreme energy source in the center of the cosmos. And as you invoke your tube of light, visualize the rays of that Central Sun streaming down upon you, contacting the deepest levels of your being.

Let us give the “Violet Fire and Tube of Light Decree.”

Violet Fire and Tube of Light Decree
by the Ascended Master Saint Germain

O my constant, loving I AM Presence, thou Light of
God above me whose radiance forms a circle of fire before
me to light my way:
I AM faithfully calling to thee to place a great pillar
of Light from my own Mighty I AM God Presence all
around me right now today! Keep it intact through every
passing moment, manifesting as a shimmering shower of
God’s beautiful Light through which nothing human can ever pass.
Into this beautiful electric circle of divinely charged
energy direct a swift upsurge of the violet fire of Freedom’s
forgiving, transmuting flame!

Cause the ever expanding energy of this flame pro jected
downward into the forcefield of my human ener gies to completely
change every negative condition into the positive
polarity of my own Great God Self! Let the magic of its
mercy so purify my world with Light that all whom I contact
shall always be blessed with the fragrance of violets from
God’s own heart in memory of the blessed dawning day
when all discord—cause, effect, record, and memory—is
forever changed into the Victory of Light and the peace of
the ascended Jesus Christ.

I AM now constantly accepting the full power and
manifestation of this fiat of Light and calling it into instantaneous
action by my own God-given free will and the power
to accelerate without limit this sacred release of assistance
from God’s own heart until all men are ascended and God-free
in the Light that never, never, never fails!

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