A Cosmic Interchange

A Cosmic Interchange

Excerpt from the dictation Rise into Your Godhood by Krishna published in the 2003 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 46 No. 6.

I place my Electronic Presence now over each and every one of you. I show you this Presence in miniature form so that you may see that this ‘statue' may become smaller and smaller until it abides in the secret chamber of your heart—though it is not a statue; it is the reality of myself. Think of the Presence of Krishna in your heart as you would think of the Presence of Jesus in your heart. I come to that secret chamber, beloved. For I know that the healing and the wholeness of yourself and the entire world will come about if you understand well that you have recourse unto me.

And in addition to that recourse, beloved, you also have my mantras. Let the children know all of these mantras by heart. They will sustain them when they go out into the world and face its challenges one day. Just as you teach your children to say the Hail Mary and to sing to the Divine Mother of Jesus, so let them know these mantras, beloved. Thousands have received protection in all ages, for they have entered into the heart of Krishna and I have entered into their hearts.

This, then, is the ceremony I would perform in this hour. It is a cosmic interchange.

I ask you to see yourself connected to me through the pattern of a figure eight. I hold one side, you hold the other. And the sacred fires of God and the Word in the Beginning are passing over this figure eight. And as they pass through your heart, they transmute grief and sorrow and give you the song of everlasting life, the song celestial.

So know, beloved, that there is no break in the continuing stream of that sacred fire. That figure eight is the sign of infinity. It is the sign that you are infinite in the purest sense of your Godhood and in the soul that becomes the bride of Jesus Christ. This infinity, beloved, as you pray with it and through it by giving your bhajans, will bring you back to your immortality. That immortality, beloved, has been lost long ago, yet you have found it again. And God has given you a threefold flame, yet some have even lost it again.

Therefore I say, take time to meditate in silent prayer. Take time to meditate in the full power and majesty of the spoken Word, as your messenger has taught you. Know, then, that by the Word all things were framed. And by the Word you shall live. And by the Word one day there shall also come expansive dissolution as light replaces darkness and all things are made new.

I am ever Krishna and Krishna's consciousness in you. Meditate on me and I will open again and again the flowing light over this sign of infinity. I remind you that you are infinite in God and finite in the earth. Respect, then, the laws of matter and the laws of Spirit, and triumph.

I am with you always. And if you will but hum a section of a mantra, there shall be no separation between us.

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