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1-1-2014 Gautama Buddha – Reinforcement to All Who Would Be the Buddha

1-15-2014 Ishvara – The Meditation of Ishvara

2-1-2014 Lanello – Intensifying the Light Fires of the Heart ePearl, Part 1

2-15-2014 Lanello – Intensifying the Light Fires of the Heart ePearl, Part 2

3-1-2014 Mother Mary with Archangel Gabriel – Bound by a Love That Transcends the Ages

3-15-2014 Igor – A Simple Devotion to God

4-1-2014 Jesus the Christ – My Flame of Peace Shall Be for Judgment This Day

4-15-2014 The Maha Chohan – The Sacred Science of the Mother

5-1-2014 Gautama Buddha – Initiations in the Buddhic Light

5-15-2014 Lord Shiva – An Endless Stream of Consciousness

6-1-2014 Vesta – Setting the Cycles for Your God-Mastery

6-15-2014 K-17 – Your Initiation to Defeat the Adversary

7-1-2014 Goddess of Liberty – The Torch That Is Passed

7-15-2014 Out of the Love of Saint Francis and Clare – The Defense of the Holy Church

8-1-2014 Nada – The Golden Age of the Family

8-15-2014 El Morya – The Coiled Spring of the Will of God

9-1-2014 Pallas Athena – The Great Fountain of Truth That Is within You

9-15-2014 Mother Mary – Discerning the Difference between Good and Evil

10-1-2014 Elizabeth Clare Prophet – Terrorism—The War of Absolute Good and Absolute Evil

10-15-2014 Serapis Bey – Discipline Is the Highest Compassion

11-1-2014 Nada – The Practice of Cosmic Law in the Feminine Ray

11-15-2014 Jesus the Christ – I Come to Prepare the Way…

12-1-2014 Lanello – The Flame of the Christ Mass, Part 1

12-15-2014 Lanello – The Flame of the Christ Mass, Part 2

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