2 Great Reasons to Subscribe to the Broadcast

2 Great Reasons to Subscribe to the Broadcast

1. Replay Recent Conference and Retreat Events

Many of you already enjoy our audio replays of key retreat events, including dictations, lectures by the messengers and live presentations.

Here's something new: a full-day archive that includes all main program sessions for the day—in English—is ready for replay at your convenience.

For example, you can now relive an entire day of the most recent retreat from start to finish. Or, you can fast-forward in your media player to the fiery decree session of your choice.

Now, whatever your global time zone, you‘ll never miss another minute of these tremendous releases of light and communion of hearts.

The archives will be posted on the Broadcast On-Demand page as they become available. Subscribers may login to the www.TSL.org Member Area, click the Broadcast tab, then click On-Demand and scroll down to replay of your choice. These replays will remain posted for several weeks following each retreat or conference.

2. Start your day with 5 AM decrees…featuring a NEW matrix!

In the intimate aura of the early morning hours, our prayers can be especially amplified for the comforting of life and for the advancement of our own paths in the light.

As a broadcast subscriber, your daily 5 a.m. prayer energies are multiplied by the united power of kindred souls from all over the world.

Now we offer a new updated matrix for these broadcasts! Details are available at http://TSL.org/MembersInserts (unnumbered section).

This new matrix includes the Surrender Rosary (The Fourteenth Rosary: The Mystery of Surrender), Archangel Michael’s Rosary for Armageddon (intermediate pace) and a different hour of timely decrees for each day of the week.

And even if you’re not up at 5 AM, you can always play a 3-hour 5 AM session any time you wish. Simply look for the Broadcast On-Demand page under “Special.”

To receive the many benefits of a Broadcast subscription, Keepers of the Flame may subscribe by the month ($10 for an audio connection; $25 for a video connection). To subscribe, call 1-800-245-5445; internationals, call 406-848-9500.

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