Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 61 No. 6 — The Beloved Maha Chohan — February 8, 2018

Will You Pay the Full Price?

The Holy Spirit Is Greater Than
All the Riches of This World

Part 2

You can hasten your initiations. You can be enfired. You can be stepped up by the energies of the Holy Spirit until you will say to me, “Maha Chohan, what is happening to me? Am I on a roller coaster or a merry-go-round? My world is spinning, spinning, spinning.”

And I will reply, “Oh yes, my son. But you are winning, winning, winning. For you are entering in to the stepping up of the energies of the Holy Spirit, which are preparing you for the ascension. Would you get off the merry-go-round?”

“Oh no, my Lord. I will not get off. I will go on spinning and winning as long as you direct my life.”

And so did Siddhartha pray as he saw the suffering of humanity, that he might accelerate his attainment and quickly come to the place of holding the point of enlightenment, the diamond point of God-realization. He did this knowing full well that the hastening of those cycles would be the hastening of fulfillment for every elemental, every leaf, every flower, every lotus light within the hearts of souls on Terra.

This is the Lord of the World, whom we adore in the flame of the Holy Spirit, in the adoration of the Mother. This is his name, Gautama Buddha. In anticipation of his coming,* all souls upon the planet are making ready, some knowing not why.

Some misdirect the energies of the preparation for the coming of the Lord. But at least they are making merry. At least they are happy. At least they understand the coming of the babe of the New Year. Would they but welcome the avatars as they welcome the babe of the New Year, there would be no problems for the Maha Chohan or the Divine Mother.

But, alas, sometimes mankind’s consciousness is warped, and therefore the consequences are always the postponement of spiritual graces and gifts. Do you know, precious hearts, that when you compromise the cosmic honor flame you separate yourself from the Maha Chohan, from the Holy Spirit?

As you examine the year and you examine self, will you call to me to release the fire that shatters the momentums of self-deceit? For I perceive that some among you yet have the tingeing of the aura with self-deception. Do you not know that this is but another ruse of the ego? And who is deceived? It is the outer consciousness that is deceived, while the day of the soul and the solar light is postponed.

Will you take care that your speech be accurate in truth, in fact, and in the immaculate concept? Will you take care that when speaking to one another you address not only the Christ but also the Holy Spirit? You have heard of the sin against the Holy Spirit and how it is forbidden to blaspheme the name of the Holy Spirit. Should such a sin be committed, it would mean that the soul would be in utter darkness until the sin should be no more.1

This is why the requirement for the getting of the Holy Spirit is self-discipline, is the reinforcement of the fires of being and of the fibers of being with the diamond of God’s heart, the diamond heart of the World Mother. It is the strengthening of those fibers so that when you receive the light of the Paraclete you will be able to retain that light, to guard it as a scepter.

This is well worth striving for, I assure you. For the gifts and graces of the Holy Spirit can be compared to nothing else. The flow of the Holy Spirit in you is most sacred, and therefore those who have that gift are chosen from among mankind—those who have honor, nobility, integrity toward one another, who keep the Law as well as the Spirit. For you see, the Law is the chalice of the Spirit and you cannot dispense with the Law, thinking that you have satisfied that law by pursuing the Spirit.

Contemplate, then, [what would happen] if a merchant came into your midst in this moment and started talking to you about his wares and telling you that he had something very special at a bargain price. Let us say, then, that this merchant came from the East wearing a turban, suddenly entering the room and saying, “My commodity is the commodity of the Holy Spirit. What will you give for this commodity? What price will you pay? Give me an offer, I pray.”

Think, then, for a moment, what you would offer the merchant with the turban. Would you offer him gold, silver? Cries ring forth from the audience: “Five hundred dollars!” “One thousand dollars!” “Ten thousand dollars!” The merchant says, “The offer is not good enough. I will take my wares elsewhere.” Another cries out, “One million!” And yet it is not enough.

The people do not understand. They say, “What do you want for this commodity?” And then the voice of a child rings clear: “I have ten pennies in my pocket. I will give you my all.”

“Sold to the child with the ten pennies who will give his all!”

Will you pay the full price? If you are willing to pay the full price, then the gift that is without price, that can neither be bought nor sold, can be yours.

Mankind think of bargaining for God. They think they can stand before the Almighty and bargain with him, saying, “I will give you so much, but do not ask for any more. This is all I am prepared to give.” It is better to give nothing and to wait for a better day when you can say, truly say within your heart, “This commodity is more than my life, more than all the world and all the riches of this world. I will give my all.”

When you can come to that point, I am the genie who will be before you, appearing with a lamp. I will come with a lamp of sacred fire. I will be there. And there will be a period of trial and testing, for the Law demands that you pay in full each day, that each day you pay in full again. The price must be paid daily.

This is another illusion of mankind. They think that with one sacrifice, one declaration of faith, one commitment at the altar, salvation “is in the bag.” I tell you, the bag is empty until the commitment is made every day of your life. For every day you have new energy from God and new energy that comes for transmutation. This, then, must be consecrated once again. Each day the voice of the child within you must say, “I will give my all. I will give my all. Here it is, Maha Chohan.” It may be a button, a penknife, a seashell, and even a frog in the pocket most precious to the child, most precious to the Lord who receives the purity of the little child.

So come. Come, then, with the precious box of your most precious objects. Present them to the Mother and say, “Here, Mother. Here are my treasures. Keep them for me. Hold them in your heart.” So the Mother will keep unto herself, within her very heart of hearts, those precious treasures that are meaningful in your life.

See, then, how you can begin the twenty-five-year reign of the Holy Spirit by giving a gift of love unto the Lord.2 Give it to God on high, give it to God here below, give it to the Lord in someone you know. See that you give where the need is greatest, and count not whether there is an answer, whether there is a thank you or not. For you are giving for the sake of giving, not for the sake of reward. You are giving because your heart is so full with the flow of fire that you would burst. And so that you don’t burst, you must give and give and give.

And do you know that if you will start the cycle with giving, you will find that for every gift you give, God will replace the energy, the momentum [of that which you have given]? Each time a gift is given, that which replaces that energy is multiplied in greater and greater increments. And one of these days you will feel like Santa himself, with a pack on your back so filled, and you will distribute the keys of the Law to mankind, nourishment for souls and bodies. You will see how through your hands, which have become the hands of the Mother, there will flow all that is needed here below—energies for balance, resources for life, energy to flow, to flow, to flow.

See, then, how you can bestow to the Holy Spirit the smile, the precious smile that the Holy Spirit waits to behold. Sometimes it is the smile of love, of gratitude, of joy on the face of man, woman and child that is the greatest gift received by an angel or a master—a smile of joy showing surcease from pain, acknowledging our intercession even when we remain behind the veil, unseen and unknown. When that smile comes, we behold the face of God.

Children of my heart, know that we are one. Know that I am always present in your midst. For where two or three are gathered together in the name of the I AM THAT I AM, there am I in the midst of them3 as the fire of the Holy Spirit, the most personal fire.

I bring good cheer. I bring the Law. I bring the promise of the Promised Land, and I bring a holy awe and a reverence that keeps you feeling holy, holy, holy, day and night, day and night, in all that you do. And therefore there is no task so humbling that you cannot humble yourself to perform that task so that you might be the spirit, the gladness, the joy of serving in the flame.

I am here. And I desire that you should know that I am here so that never, never, never again, in all of your life, will you ever sense a feeling of aloneness. I am truly with you as the Spirit of the age.

And do you know that sometimes I myself feel that I am alone, for you don’t speak to me, you don’t talk to me, and so I feel ignored? You would not want that to happen, now, would you? Talk to me, then. Hold my hand. I also have need of friends here below. For I have much to give and I require a consciousness, a heart where I can place myself and impart to other parts of life a smile, a tear of joy, a gift of love, a witness to the truth. Won’t you take me with you, then, in consciousness? You might as well, for I am coming anyway. [laughter]

And now my angels of comfort have formed a heart around you, a heart in tiers of pink and white fire enfolding you below and above, sealing you in petals of a million roses gathered as immortelles by angels. And so this is our “rose bowl,” [laughter] and we take you into our heart.4

In the center of each rose is a flame. And this is how we will impart to you this night the flame of comfort—by extending to you the rose. And as you take the rose to your heart, the flame in the center will leap into your heart and the rose itself will remain an immortelle in your etheric body, reminding you of the radiant bloom of the love of the Mother, of the Maha Chohan, of all of life everywhere.

So this forcefield of our heart will remain. And you can bask in the fragrance of the rose and know that you are unfolding in your soul to become roses of light to a cosmos. Think, then, on the simple blessings of life, the nearness of the angels, cosmic overtones of music soaring, moving. Think, then, upon the sweetness of love.

Won’t you be my valentine? Won’t you be my heart of hearts? Won’t you let me be your heart of love?

Oh, take the joy of my cup. Take the joy of my discipline. Walk the year with me and see, when you come to this place ere twelve months have passed, if you will not elect to pursue another year and then another, unto the last, with the Holy Spirit.

See, then, how an experience of life, of regeneration, of newness can truly be the new beginning that you have waited for, for thousands and thousands of years—the new beginning where you feel the joy of love with a constancy as constant as the rose.

I fear that in continuing my conversation with you I may wear out my welcome. But I would speak to you even more in the inner recesses of your heart. May I come into the chamber of your heart, then, and continue through the night to discourse with you in your soul of things to come, of joys and unions, of children to be born, of children to be taught, of souls peeping through, of your glorious destiny and your overcoming every hurdle?

I will keep you jumping if you will let me. [laughter] I have trained Arabian horses also, and I can train the soul—the soul that is the stallion, the soul that is ready for the race, ready to win the race. There is no point in entering the race unless you intend to win. I intend that you shall win. Do you intend to win? [“Yes!”]

So be it. So let it be the initiation of that ascension spiral. Let it be. Now let it be for a planet. Hope is born. Hope is born. Hope is born in the flame of life. And I am here to tend that flame, to tend that hope.

Keepers of the Flame, keep the flame of hope this year! I am joyous in your presence. I take my leave. I move. I expand. I include the world in my heart, and I AM the heart of the world. And like the Master, the Master Jesus, I, too, am with you always, even unto the end of the age.5

*Gautama Buddha gave his annual New Year’s Eve address the next evening, December 31, 1974.

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by the Maha Chohan was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Monday, December 30, 1974, during the New Year’s class, New Beginnings in the Flame of the Holy Spirit, held at the Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California. [N.B. Bracketed words have been added for clarity in the written word.]

1. The sin against the Holy Spirit. Matt. 12:31, 32; Mark 3:28, 29; Luke 12:10.

2. The twenty-five-year reign of the Holy Spirit. See Pearl no. 1, this volume, p. 8, n. 2.

3. Matt. 18:19, 20.

4. In his comment about the “rose bowl,” the Maha Chohan was indirectly speaking of the Rose Bowl football game, an annual college game traditionally held on January 1 at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, California. The game draws large crowds, and the festivities include the popular annual Rose Parade.

5. Matt. 28:20.

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