Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 61 No. 4 - Beloved Lanello - January 22, 2018

The Crown of Twelve Stars of the World Mother

With the turning of the wheel of the Law, another cycle of opportunity is born—born within your heart, born within my heart, and born within the heart of the World Mother. Thank God for opportunity. Thank God for some among mankind who perceive opportunity.

It is my great joy to be with my family today to celebrate the incoming of the New Year, to welcome friends new and old into the cloven tongues of the fire of our love.

I come. As I stand upon the hillsides of the world purveying the world scene and I see how many are bowed down with karma, how many are not able to rise up to see the light, to even know the joy of the Christ Mass, we would lift the burden. We implore the light of the crown of the Divine Mother. We call for cosmic beings who ensoul the light of that crown to amplify her service, the way of her love. We call for legions of cosmic angels to support that mission, and we reinforce the lightbearers who have pledged at inner levels to support that mission.

There is not a teacher nor an avatar who has walked the earth who has not required the support of an inner circle of devotees who would identify with the fiery core of the flame of that one’s mission. And so the staff of The Summit Lighthouse is composed of those who have taken at inner levels Aaron’s rod, a rod of power, and that rod is blossoming as the rose, as the vine of service climbing higher and higher. And so it is Aaron’s rod that we would multiply, not as the multiplication of the black magicians, of the serpents of the carnal mind, but as the multiplication of the rod of Christ-power within you. To uphold the mission of the spoken Word is to uphold the vessel of that Word.

And so I come with gratitude, gratitude, gratitude for the many souls and saints and ascended ones who have supported the mission of the Christ in every age and who have supported our personal mission in anchoring the true concepts of God-government, of the religion of God, the abundance of God, and the way of the culture of the path of the Mother. Now I stand hovering over this forcefield, anchoring my rod of power as a connecting link between the Mother of the Flame and my own heart in order to add to the momentum, even as I increase the cup of her consciousness. Understand, precious hearts, that to increase the cup of the flame of the Mother is to increase light, but it is also to coalesce darkness. Mounting light is a mounting victory, and the mounting victory is the victory over world turmoil and world effluvia.

We can no longer hold back the increase of light, for the planet must have that light. And the repository of that light is our messenger in form. We have withheld the increase, for we know how the light antagonizes the effluvia and the carnal mind of those who perceive it. We know how those who carry a greater light, as all the Christed ones have done, are despised and rejected of men. These form the Lamb consciousness slain from the foundation of the world.1 And so, as you anticipate the joy of angels and the joy of increased service and dictations from cosmic beings that will be delivered because of the increase of the cup, so you can anticipate the increase of the testing of your mettle as to whether or not you can endure the intensity of the flame.

Fear not, I say. For the flame is a joy and a bubbling and an energy that will make you whole. Resist not, then, the flame. But flow with the flame and you will find your identity preserved and your light, glowing light, expanding in proportion. And therefore, as we increase the quantity and the quotient of the one, all of the sons and daughters of God have an increased opportunity to serve, to live, to love to serve, and to increase that light which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.2

And so it is time. And so we bestow, by order of the Karmic Board, another cycle of opportunity for the Mother of the Flame to wear the crown of twelve stars and to focus the flame of life for the evolutions of a planet. We desire to keep that crown anchored in the planes of Mater. And in this year a number of ascended lady masters have volunteered to sponsor the reinforcement of the light and specifically the protection of the light and the protection of all who serve in the group mandala of the flame of the Divine Mother.

And therefore Saint Germain, the Knight Commander, has once again made possible in his miraculous way, as the way of alchemy, the precipitation of the diamond-shining light of cosmic consciousness as the twelve stars—the twelve diamond points of God’s will that are anchored physically to further enhance the action of cosmic consciousness and the protection of our forcefield.

To you we pledge our honor. To you we pledge our flame. And so it comes once again that you are included in the hallowed circle of the diamond light of the Mother, that you are included in the hallowed circle of the diamond protection of her heart.

As you learn to flow with the waters of the living truth of the Mother, you will find your consciousness blending with an ascending spiral that is mounting, widening, ever widening until one day that flame of the Mother anchored within each one will be the victory of the entire planetary body and its evolutions. And you will contain within your heart, my beloved, the entire sphere of this world of worlds.

Lo, I AM here. Lo, I walk beside you. Lo, I have not forsaken that Sean, that Erin, that Moira, that Tatiana, and my dear, dear friends.3 I have multiplied my body and my consciousness over and over again, for I have desired not to leave you. And in tarrying with you, then, I find that I must reproduce myself. And so the Electronic Presence goes before me. It is my consciousness of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes to feed the five thousand and the five million billion souls.

I stand with the Maha Chohan as the flame of cosmic comfort to mankind. I stand gazing from the hillsides of the world looking for the signs of his appearing and the signs of danger also.

Whenever you call and for whatever purpose, I AM come. I AM come as the Father flame and I carry that flame for all of life, especially for those who have been deprived of that energy of Spirit. And I am grateful to welcome to the octaves of light souls who have newly made their transition whose joy is in the joy of the Lord. And so I am preparing you, I am securing you in the victory of the flame.

Trust, then, the gentle admonishments of the Mother. For you never know when it is my voice, my nudging, my energy that is the fiery discipline, the suggestion, the counsel. And do you know, hierarchy does not permit that the messenger should acknowledge which ascended master is speaking [through her] each time the Word is given to a chela? For you see, there is a certain testing and there is a certain requirement that those who come in contact with hierarchy should first give the honor that is due to the Word incarnate itself, which is within themselves and within our own representative. You never know, then, when angels are peeping through the smile and the twinkle and the joy [of the messenger].

So, then, come to our hearth, come to our home, come to that place of the buddhic light. We would help you to learn to atone for the sins of mankind. We would teach you the way of the Christ and the joyous way of chelaship. We are so joyous as disciples of Morya that we would make you also chelas in his name. For to know him is to love him, to know him is to serve him, and to know him is to sing with the fires of the will of God and to say, “I will follow that master unto the ends of the earth and throughout eternity. I will serve the flaming will within that face, within that heart.”

So may I take you into our retreat at etheric levels and prepare you for the introductions to the Chief of the Darjeeling Council and to the members of the Darjeeling Council. For there has been arranged in Darjeeling a reception that will take place in celebration of the birthday of George Washington. In preparation for that celebration we invite chelas to come to our retreat so that you might be received formally in the reception and so that you might be taken into the inner retreat to be given a special flame, a special calling and service for and on behalf of your own beloved Ascended Master Godfre.

Will you remember to make the call that you might be prepared? And will you come to Darjeeling February 22 for the annual address of Godfre, which will be delivered simultaneously through the messenger? Will you come, remembering that you come in honor of the Christ, of Morya? And will you come in commemoration of the coming of the three kings bearing gold and frankincense and myrrh?

So we look forward to that celebration and to include chelas and would-be chelas. So I have the honor to walk with you and to present to you my own guru, my father, my friend, my teacher.

I remain with you and with the Mother for a victorious 1975. I place my focus at the peak of Mount Shasta, and I place that electrode for the drawing in of all who are tied to my heart for the victory of the age. And that mandala is set and it is secure. So, now, let us see what the eager ones can accomplish for the conference of Freedom 1975 in the heart of Shasta.4

God bless you and a happy, happy New Year.

The Many Stars in the Crown of the World Mother

Excerpts from dictations by Lanello and the Queen of Light

Lanello, January 27, 1974

You see, precious hearts, there are many reasons for placing that crown [of twelve stars] upon one who is embodied in form. But first of all, let us make clear that what one soul has become, every soul can become. Heaven waits to bestow the crown of rejoicing of the feminine ray upon each one. There is nothing exclusive about hierarchy. Hierarchy is for the evolution of all. Opportunity is equal for all. The disciplines are equal for all. The attainment can be won. . . .

But you must understand the inner keys, the inner meaning. You must understand that the many stars in the crown of the World Mother represent facets of mandalas, of wheels within wheels, interconnecting forcefields. And every facet that shines is a facet of someone’s solar awareness. It is a seed reserved for a soul of light that shall be drawn into the spiral of the World Mother for whom the World Mother is keeping the flame. And as the Cosmic Virgin, as Omega herself has held the balance for sons and daughters of God and children of the light upon Terra, so it is time that the immaculate conception be actualized in the planes of Mater.

Thus you understand that graces and gifts bestowed upon those who can contain them, who can keep them within the chalice of consciousness, are a healing balm and an unguent for the entire race, that all mankind might be lifted to the new level of attainment in hierarchy that is made possible by the action of the one and then of the many.

Queen of Light, December 31, 1969

Beloved ones, mankind think still in terms of a Father God. They do not think of God as a Mother. And so, even as they are far in consciousness from the tenderness of the Mother’s love, so do they misunderstand the Holy Spirit as a manifestation of that love. Therefore, last New Year’s the hierarchy shared with the student body and with mankind the ritual that has been going on for centuries—the carrying of the crown of twelve stars by one of the ascended representatives of the World Mother for a twelve-month period on behalf of mankind. . . .

Each of the stars in that crown represents one of the hierarchies, one of the solar fires. It is a galaxy in itself of moving, whirling energy that is focused on behalf of all mankind. It is the victory of the feminine ray. And therefore, the balance of the twelve stars descending into the world of form was intended to focus in all womankind the balance required to bring forth the Christ Child and to represent the hierarchy in those portions of divinity that in some areas had been woefully neglected.

I speak to you, then, of the grace of the Christ that comes with the Mother flame. We have noted in the world of form that regardless of the trend or the tearing down of the Christ and all the woe that mankind have brought upon themselves this past year as a result of the infiltration of the astral hordes into the physical consciousness of men—regardless of that fact, there has grown and waxed strong in the hearts of the women of the world a renewed tenderness, a return to the Mother flame.

This I have witnessed with my angels of light. And with great rejoicing we have gone forth to amplify the tenderness in the hearts of the youth of the world and in the mothers. As you so well know, the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Lanello was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Tuesday, December 31, 1974, during the New Year’s class, New Beginnings in the Flame of the Holy Spirit, held at the Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California.[N.B. Bracketed words have been added for clarity in the written word.]

1. Rev. 13:8

2. John 1:9.

3. Sean, Erin, Moira, and Tatiana. These are the names of Mark and Elizabeth Prophet’s children. Mark is now the ascended master Lanello, also known as the Ever-Present Guru. He ascended February 26, 1973.

4. The July class, Shasta 1975—A Conference for Spiritual Freedom, was held at Mount Shasta, California. Dictations and lectures of this landmark class are published in the book The Great White Brotherhood in the Culture, History and Religion of America.

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