Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 60 No. 34 - Beloved Saint Germain - September 8, 2017

Be Free in This Day and Age!
For Freedom Is the God-Intent of the Age

Part 2

Do you know that there is a blueprint of your being clearly existing in the ethers above you?

This precious blueprint of your being is held within the arms of your Holy Christ Self. And your Holy Christ Self— constantly, continuously, day and night—offers meditation and mediation for you to the heart of God, your own individualized mighty I AM Presence, that you may become infused with the God-magnificence of that holy blueprint.

This is the blueprint of the original First Cause, flown out from the heart of God and intended to be the bird of paradise for each man, the mighty eagle of life that mounts up on strong wings, the holy dove that descends with the effulgence of the white light of the Holy Spirit into the chalice of each man’s heart.

Life, then, is indeed (as you have been told again and again in this class), a grand event. Proceeding in an orderly fashion from the heart of God, life seeks to attract to itself more life.

Thus God said in the Beginning, “It is not good for man to be alone. I will make him an helpmeet for him.”1 Mankind must understand that this reference can be taken in many ways. Many have chosen to consider that this refers solely to the idea of a physical marriage. I call to your attention tonight, precious ones of the light, that the intent of the divine way, as God planned it, was more along the lines of the individual becoming wedded to and identified with his mighty Divine Self.

Thus in the cosmic priesthood of the Order of Melchizedek,2 where continuity of existence is the forte of the great God flame within man, it is understood and revered by those hearts initiated into the Melchizedekian priesthood that the continuity of life is by divine intent. And thus it is accepted as it is given.

When individuals understand the meaning of the squaring of the circle, they will recognize that the foundation of the temple of individuality is within the framework of the cosmic circle (or the cosmic whole) and that the squaring of the circle does propound* into the world of individual achievement the opportunities which life brings to man’s doorstep, as the Goddess of Justice has often commented to me.

You, precious ones of the light, are treasures in the mind of God. And as treasures in the mind of God, you came forth in the Beginning as immortal, soulful† beings, enamored with the creativity of God and the desire to express it. Through misdirection and misadventure, mankind have departed from the original blueprint of Almighty God. And while they have dramatically brought about a world shaped to their own ends, the destiny and plan of the Infinite One has been canceled again and again in a holocaust of destructive activity.

Mankind today, lured by the glamour of the ego and the intensified action of mortal greed, are constantly being pulled down, like mariners who were lured upon the rocks [to their destruction] by the Sirens of old. Then, as Samson was shorn of his hair by Delilah,3 so men are stripped of the vital spiritual energies of life which are intended to infuse their beings! Thus the brothers of the shadow, like Delilah, seek to lure mankind to the delights of the senses so that they become enamored with and victims of their own outer-world glamour, thus desiring to perpetuate self and person above and beyond the divine intent of cosmic unity.

Do you know, precious ones, that there abide in the realm of devachan in the heaven-world4 any number of individuals who have sought all their lives to glamorize their name and fame in one embodiment? And they are taken up by and caught up in the idea that they can achieve immortality in the eyes of men by having monuments erected to their own name and person.

I tell you that the ascended masters have not so done. They have sought no continuing monument unto themselves. But they have only the desire to raise a monument to the Spirit of life so that they might spread abroad compassionate, good works to mankind—to heal a sick child, to raise the feeble and the aged to a state of more beauty and understanding, to console the hearts of men when they are bereaved, to point the way as wayshowers of light, and to bring to bear the power of the Spirit as cosmic pressure upon the scientific minds in order to solve the mysteries of disease and intensify the love of man for man.

Humanity is our concern. And the Brothers of the light have no desire to spread abroad teachings that bring about destruction and produce a bearing in men’s countenance that smacks of greed and human viciousness.

I call now tonight to all of you and to your Holy Christ Self, to your great winged God Self and to the sandals of light that God has placed upon your feet so that you might understand clearly, now and for all time, that as men sow, so shall they reap.5 The Law is not fooled, O gracious ones, nor do we think it ever can be. For we are certain that the quickening power of the Law will ultimately enfold mankind with the power that clearly reveals the truth in the axiom, “Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceedingly small.”6

You, then, as individual monads, at times feel a terrible sense of gnawing separation from one another, and in the lonesomeness of human consciousness you do not understand that the Self is, in reality, the great door—the door to God, the door which I AM. “I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life”7 is always the Self.

And if God did not break the body of himself into the crumbs of divine intent, the crumbs of individuality, the Sacred Eucharist could not be realized by the many sons whom he seeks to bring to captivity—the captivity of the holy will of God and the gentility of cosmic grace. For thereby love is spread abroad in the countenances of men because it is the shining star-like substance that breaks forth into mighty beams from their hearts. It is that wonderful feeling of pure love which is experienced on rare occasions by mortal men but which is not always understood. For when it is taken apart, it is destroyed. And therefore, whereas you cannot analyze it, you must understand that you can enjoy it.

Enjoy, then, the wonderful feeling of pure love when it comes to you, for this is the substance of heaven. It is the wonderful presence of God, which each angel manifests within himself as a flaming part of the great cosmic Central Sun. This in man becomes the great central, pivotal point around which true life revolves as the Reality which I AM.

The Reality which each individual is must be cognized by that individual. For if I or any of the other ascended masters were to cognize Reality for you individually, it would not work. For we have already cognized Reality for ourselves individually, and we have accepted all that God has intended us to accept. This has changed and transmuted within our worlds all that we were into that which we are. This is also the ultimate destiny of each individual.

You see, precious ones, when men seize the affairs of the moment the way the Father intends them to, it will produce the pure refinement of the alchemical gold within the domain of the individual’s world. And what a wondrous change it will work is beyond human comprehension!

You have heard of the violet-flame cape. You have heard of the white ermine. Let me unravel for you now the meaning of the colors used in royal robes. When the kings of old were clothed in purple raiment, it was the infinite power of the violet flame that they sought to convey to themselves through the mystical knowledge and power of the wise men in their kingdom. They surrounded themselves with the violet-flame cape, which transmuted on the instant all the negative energy that was sent as hostile arrows from their subjects into the domain of the kingship.

The white ermine was significant of the purity of consciousness which the king, as the representative of Almighty God, sought to embody as manifest purity of principle. The white ermine was also more than that. It was the white-fire substance which brought to the consciousness of the king (if he were illumined) the understanding of the need to fill himself and to charge himself with the Divine Presence.

Continued in Part 3, published in Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 60 no. 35.

*propound: to put forward as a plan or course of action (obsolete)
soulful: full of soul or feeling; of a highly emotional, spiritual, or aesthetic nature; expressing or evoking deep emotion

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Saint Germain was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Mark L. Prophet on Saturday, October 29, 1966, during Saint Germain’s Class of Malta, held in San Francisco, California. [N.B. Bracketed words have been added for clarity in the written word.] Parts 1 and 3 of this Pearl of Wisdom are published in this volume, nos. 33 and 35.

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