Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 56 No. 12 - Beloved Portia - June 15, 2013

The Mighty I AM Presence Is the Balance of All Justice

Vengeance Is Not the Plan of God

Let the Eternal Star of Hope Arise in Your Heart

Most gracious and beloved Saint Germain, my holy consort and friend of freedom’s flame, I, Portia, salute thee. And I salute all members of the august fraternity of the Karmic Board, in wonder to behold the greatness of the God-design and plan for the planet earth—lowered into the atmosphere as a cosmic opportunity to which the earth must give birth by that travail necessary to the unfoldment of the plan, but hopefully with ease and with simplicity and grace.

Precious and beloved ones, so beautiful is the unfoldment of the eternal God-design of life, so wonderful are those octaves of light in which we dwell that we wait and we abide, hopefully, that each one of you will fix your attention upon those octaves now and glimpse that which shall be, which already is. I desire, in the name of cosmic justice, to fix this idea within your waiting hearts, for it is living hope in externalization.

Beloved ones, that for which you long is and is already in manifestation at inner levels. Even here upon your blessed planet, many wonders have been externalized and many blessings have been given, which you share with one another and with us. For when your hearts are glad, it gladdens the hearts of heaven. There is not a child upon this earth nor an adult nor a living soul who expresses the quality of gladness that this does not cause us to rejoice and the angels to rejoice.

This is a mighty quality of heaven. It is an expression from the heart of God, which we have externalized with gratitude to God. It is one of his own specific qualities. It is a manifestation of his very nature. It is his living heart.

Beloved ones, he desires, with the full intensity of his mighty Be-ness, to extend of himself into space, to hallow space with his own radiance. Never in the heart of God at any time did any lesser quality manifest.

Destruction Is Never a God-Quality

You have heard it said, “Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.”1 Beloved ones, this passage and phrase is so little understood upon earth, for mankind have so frequently painted a vengeful God waiting to express retributive action to mankind.

Beloved ones, I stand here this morning to tell you that this is not the desire and plan of God. This religious statement has been misunderstood and misinterpreted countless times. True it is, beloved ones, that the words were spoken, but the meaning is clear that it is not the prerogative or right of man to express a quality of vengeance which God himself would not express. It is not the prerogative of anyone, and even those of us of the Karmic Board have no desire to express the quality of vengeance nor to wreak havoc upon mankind, upon the planet, or even upon a so-called vicious lifestream.

How could a lifestream be vicious, beloved ones, seeing that lifestream is composed of two beautiful words—the word life and the word stream? A lifestream is the glory of God pouring forth like a cosmic river, and it descends through that beautiful silver cord upon the gentle head of every newborn infant child. And it manifests throughout the life span of all individuals.

How, then, could a lifestream be vicious? I tell you, beloved ones, it is in the human octave and misqualified state of consciousness that mankind express human viciousness. And let us confine it there and transmute it there and keep it there and lock it there until it no longer has any power even in the world of man!

Let us seize the opportunity of the moment, beloved ones of earth, and unite your energies with those that descended from above, with the gentle energies of heaven that descend as the precious drops of dew upon the earth. Let the beautiful quality of mercy be hallowed among men. It is the quality of the Christ. It is that which descended from on high that it might exalt that to which it descended.

O beloved ones, the heart of God is not harsh. The laws of karma are exact indeed, and the mills of the gods do indeed grind very slowly at times and exceedingly small.2 But, precious ones, it is not a design intended to inflict hurt or injury to the hearts of men. It is a chastening given to those whom the Lord loveth.3

I am so anxious and desirous that the students will understand this, that they will understand that the scriptures are made to exalt the souls of men into the qualities of God, and that they will not misinterpret the precious scriptural offerings. And yet, we know that there are those who have wrested* our words spoken in this day and age unto causes of destruction.4

There is never a destructive quality in God. It is impossible, beloved ones, because his very nature expresses such magnitude as is inconceivable to the human heart. Beloved ones, even those of us ascended recognize that we have never probed the depths of the infinite mercy and grace of God. How could this magnificent, loving mighty I AM Presence desire aught but the perfection of life? And therefore life is now expressing all the beauty and perfection of the cosmic spheres.

Accept the Hope of the Path

The eternal star of hope, the star of Bethlehem, beloved ones, must, then, arise in your heart. And you must behold its radiance as a hallowed light upon your path, dispersing and dispelling the shadows that loom ahead, pointing out the thorns and briars upon the human path that you may step aside and avoid them.

It is not the desire of God that any of his little ones should suffer either pain or anguish or despair. It is the desire of God that life be recognized as a cosmic opportunity.

In the name of heaven, precious ones of the light, if this moment you were all exalted into your ascension and stood beside me, do you not think that seeing far ahead into infinite realms of time and space and eternity, you would behold a path of ever-ascending light? Of course you would, beloved ones. You would behold the Path infinite, looming before you with ever-increasing crescendos of hope. Why not, precious ones, then, accept that hope today? Why not accept it at this moment? It is, you know. And it is the tangible reality of heaven.

Shut out, then, human discord. Shut out the habits of the years that are unwanted. Shut out your human fears. And establish within your hearts the Christ consciousness that recognizes opportunity as a moment born anew.

Precious ones of the light, the Karmic Board has been pointed out to be a very severe and august body. Well, I would like to tell you, for I hold in my hands the scales of cosmic justice, that this body has brought to this planet earth untold blessings, and they are not in disguise. They are tangible and real and precious, and mankind ought to fall upon their knees in gratitude for those blessings.

And yet, we do not ask that you adore us, for we are coservants with you in serving the great cosmic cause. But we advocate that you adore your own God Self, the mighty I AM Presence of life that is within you, and acknowledge that it is the balance for your lifestream of all justice above and below and that the great and mighty power of that mighty I AM Presence can be known by you, can be loved by you, can be cherished by you as a greater understanding than you have ever had before.

The Balance of Your Life Is in God

O precious ones, countless are the people in this country who, if they knew that I were here speaking to you this morning, would be here. Do you think the walls of this room, do you think the ground, the land of this city could contain the people that would make a pilgrimage here if they knew that I were, in truth, speaking to you this morning? Well, beloved ones, they do not know and therefore they are not here in physical consciousness.

Precious ones of this light, this unfailing light of God, I tell you, it is almost a shame how mankind take it so for granted when an ascended being speaks to mankind. If we were, beloved ones, human in nature, we would frequently turn our backs and go away and not speak for a thousand years until men learned to appreciate our words. But we are not human anymore in our character. We express the true justice and balance of the Christ. And we say to all, even to those precious students who do not always apprehend all that we say, we do forgive, for many know not yet what they do.5

Beloved ones, I say this to you not in a spirit of despair but in a spirit of hope that it will spur you on to take stock of yourselves, to probe the wonderings and meanderings of your mind, to recognize that it is necessary for you to have a polestar of consciousness and that the balance of that consciousness is never within any individual, but it is within the heart of your own God Presence. When you take stock of yourself and you recognize that the balance of your life is within the heart of your mighty I AM Presence, it will produce a change in your thinking, in your immediate attitude and in your entire demeanor. And you will find yourselves no longer thinking in terms of wandering and wondering, but you will know that the balance of your life is in God. You will recognize that here where you are is the place of the beginning where you may unfold, in perfect dignity, the life plan which God gives to all.

Follow the Path Victorious

Precious ones of the light, it is needful for men and women to establish a contact with God which cannot be easily broken. Human beings, in their ruminating within the halls of memory, far too frequently stir up the dust of old memories of human discord. If they would, rather, stir up within their beings a memory of those days of old when the great cosmic light shone in the fullness of glory within their worlds, when they descended with hope to the earth as a living soul without spot or blemish, they would recognize, then, that it is a cosmic responsibility for every man and every woman to follow the path victorious—the path of balance, the path of perfection, the way of the Christ, the way of the ones of light, the path of the initiates, the path of discipleship, the path of adeptship, the path that leads to the heart of God, not as to a nebulous nothingness, but to the greatness of spheres of such grandeur and hope as stir the hearts of the universe.

Beloved ones, if those of us who have passed through the halls of the centuries and have won our ascension in the light are stirred hourly and momentarily and thrilled anew with the wonder of God, what, then, think ye, ought to be your lot today when I tell you, in living words of light: because he lives in you, you live in him? And in this consciousness you shall expand your hope until the plan of the world, the thought of the world, the ideas of the world shall be changed. And the great power of God shall alter all that has been unjust, impure, unwanted, uncherished and unloved so that it may become lovable, just, pure, kind, Christlike, Godlike and blessed.

All this, my beloved, Saint Germain is. All this, America is. All this you are in the inner levels of divine reality.

The hour is now. Behold, the peace of Christ descends upon you from the great Karmic Board.

Thank you and good morning.

*wrest: “to deflect or change from a true or normal bearing, significance, or interpretation: distort” (Webster’s Third New International Dictionary)

Call for the Arresting of Spirals of Injustice by Portia

Beloved I AM Presence, beloved Lords of Karma, I desire this day, by the authority of the Christ within me, to register a complaint, to call to the attention of the hosts of heaven this injustice which I have witnessed and I have perceived.

(Here describe the injustice and name the persons, indicating the time and place of the event.)

And in the name of Almighty God, I withdraw all of God’s energy from that injustice and I command that that spiral of injustice be arrested now!

I ask the Lords of Karma to diligently consider the righting of all wrong, the balancing of God-justice in the lives of all individuals concerned; and I ask that my call be adjusted according to the will of God and that it be implemented according to that will.

Portia, September 3, 1972, Atlanta, Georgia, “Go Forth to Challenge and to Check the Cycles of Injustice!” published in Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 19 (1976), no. 23, p. 117.

This decree is printed in the decree book Prayers, Meditations and Dynamic Decrees for Personal and World Transformation , p. 18, no. 0.09.

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Portia was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Mark L. Prophet on Sunday, December 23, 1962, in Washington, D.C.

1. “Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.” Rom. 12:19; Heb. 10:30; Deut. 32:35.

2. “Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small;/ Though with patience he stands waiting, with exactness grinds he all.” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, “Retribution,” in Poetic Aphorisms, tranlated from Friedrich von Logau’s Sinngedichte (1654). The original is by an unknown Greek poet: “The mills of the gods grind late, but they grind fine.”

3. A chastening given to those whom the Lord loveth. Prov. 3:11, 12; 13:24; Heb. 12:5-8; Rev. 3:19.

4. II Pet. 3:16.

5. Luke 23:34.

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