Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 56 No. 3 - Beloved Hilarion - February 1, 2013

Make Your Life a Living Example of Truth

Cut Free the Children of God on Terra

Salutations on the road to Damascus.1 I come in the robe of Paul. I come in the spirit of the apostle.2 I come in the flame of truth.

I come to convey to you the impetus and the light of our Lord, the Christed One, and of the Lord of the World, the Buddha. I come to rescue the apostles and the disciples and the other seventy who have gone forth two by two to deliver the truth unto the age.3

There are legions of the Faithful and True4 who have come with me, angels of truth, angels of Pallas Athena. They have come with their mighty swords of truth to cut free the children of the light, to cut free the chelas of the ascended masters. And they are going forth from this place on the impetus of your invocations and your joy—joy in the keeping of the flame to search out those chelas on the Path who have strayed from the Path, who ought to be in this service and in this class, and those around the world who are now caught by the descent of world karma and the darkness and the weight of the record of rebellion and selfishness that first caused the sinking of Lemuria and Atlantis.5

We send forth our rescue teams, and they are accompanied by legions of Astrea and of Archangel Michael. We claim the children of God for truth! And we claim the chelas of the ascended masters as apostles of the Word for Christ and for Buddha. For we require witnesses in this age to be the mouthpiece of the Brotherhood.

Souls of flame, souls filled with the wonder of the newness of the cup of hierarchy, be infused with the light of truth! Be sealed in the helmet and the armour of righteousness.6 Be sealed in the tube of light and in the word of truth!

Deliver the Word of Truth

We send you forth to carry that word. We impel you to come in to the white-fire core to receive that training from the hand of the Mother whereby you will be equipped with the necessary action of the Law to deliver the word of truth.

And so our angels are on the highways and the byways and on the road to Damascus rebuking the Sauls who have persecuted those who have followed the teachings of the ascended masters. Let them suddenly be filled with the light of the All-Seeing Eye! Let those who are least expected to come into the teachings of the ascended masters now be free from the bane of error, from agnosticism and atheism, from the questioning and the doubt and the fear and the compromises of the Law!

I send forth the ray of truth! I send forth the ray of crystal fire! I contact those who are aflame with faith in their souls and yet whose outer consciousness has been blanketed in the darkness of the fallen ones. I send forth the ray of precipitation! Let them be cut free, I say, by the action of the Maha Chohan! And let the hearts of Keepers of the Flame the world around release the momentum of truth necessary to cut free the children of God on Terra!

We will not stand for the diminishing of our ranks! We will not stand for that action of the fallen ones tearing away the children from the body of God and from the flame of the Mother. And therefore we seal and we saturate. We heal and we invigorate! We bring forth the light of truth from out the central sun of each one’s heart flame.

Let the response now be felt, and let them be drawn into their original vows. And let those who have newly come to the altar to receive the Communion of the Lord also be imbued with cosmic diligence and purity and the vibration of the sealing action of the heart, the head and the hand.

Yes, I am Hilarion.7 I am the chohan of the fifth ray. And I desire that you should know this day that chelas attending Summit University during the quarter over which I presided8 had great difficulty in keeping that flame of truth for a planet and a people, and they were tested and they bore the cross for the ray of truth for all mankind. In their body temples they bore that cross. And they experienced firsthand the opposition to true science, to true techniques of healing, to the light of the fourteen stations of the Divine Mother and to the image of Mary. They felt firsthand what it means to take a stand for truth in the face of all error of the human consciousness.

What Is Truth?

Beloved ones, truth is opposed in the field of medicine. Truth is opposed in the field of law. Truth is opposed in government and in the banking houses of the world. These places, where the flow of the abundance of the Divine Mother ought to be, are filled with the ravening wolves of the consciousness of the fallen ones. If any throne has been taken over on Terra, it is the throne of truth!

I say, then, begin in your own heart, and begin to pull out the threads of error in your life. Challenge the lie at every hand! Challenge your own word when it is not exact in the flame of truth and in the flame of comfort, which truth brings. Seek to make your life a living example of truth, and watch how the Holy Spirit, as the Maha Chohan, will come to your side and fill your temple not only with the flame of truth but with the flame of the Holy Ghost.

Understand, then, that truth is the matrix of the City Foursquare. It is the squaring of the circle of infinity. It is the precipitation of the white-fire core. It is the handmaid of the LORD God of hosts. It is the personification of the Mother ray. It is the culture of the Mother and the science of the Mother. It is your discipline in the Law.

The way of truth and the flame of truth is your protection in the hour of the judgment. It is the protection of Jesus the Christ filled with truth, filled with the knowledge of the truth, standing before the tribunal of the world and hearing the question, “What is truth?”9

The Pilates of today speak the question again. They have no conception of eternal truth. They have no understanding of the Absolute, of First Cause, of that which ignites the flame within the heart. In their science they may understand the sequences of causes in Matter, but they have not been able to probe the First Cause and the cause behind the secondary causes, the causes of Spirit.

Returning the Flame of Living Truth to the Temples of the World

And so, precious ones, pursue the flame of truth. As Keepers of the Flame, I call you into the heart of the Mother. I call you to go out and to be those lively stones in the temple of truth. I call you to build the New Jerusalem and the temple of the Holy City—a temple not made with hands,10 a temple that is the structure of the body of God upon earth, that is built line upon line of the consciousness of Keepers of the Flame wedded to the flame of the Mother. This is the temple not made with hands that can never be destroyed with hands.

It is the flame of living truth which you will return to the temples of the world, to the cathedrals, to the churches and to the synagogues. And whereas Alpha and Omega have withdrawn the flame in many instances from the places of worship because of their desecration—with inharmony, with the fallen ones, with the wolves in sheep’s clothing—there is coming that day when the Keepers of the Flame will enter the houses of the Lord and they will turn over the tables of the money changers. And they will walk to the altar and they will proclaim the name of Jesus the Christ, of Gautama the Buddha and the oneness of the religions of East and West. They will release the light of the Divine Mother and they will minister unto the children of God. And they will be acclaimed and they will be received, and the teachings of the ascended masters will become the teachings of the temples of a new age.

Let the True Church Be Built from Within

Therefore I say, garner the light in the white-fire core of the Church Universal and Triumphant as the mystical body of God upon earth. Let it be a holy order, as the underground Church, as the underground movement. And let the fire of that movement cover the land, at subconscious levels, on the inner planes. And let the movement grow and wax strong from within the white-fire core. Let it be built solidly upon the foundation of decrees and invocations. For only the Word of God and the fiat of the Logos within you can build the true Church, the Church of the age of Aquarius, of Jesus and Gautama.

So let it be built from within, quietly. Let it be built with strength, with utter humility and dependence upon the hosts of the LORD. And then in the hour of the calling of the Holy Spirit, as the cycles turn and opportunity comes, the members of the body of God upon earth will stand forth as disciples—disciplined, holding the sword of truth, ready for any eventuality, ready to proclaim the Word and to withstand all opposition to that word.

Understand, then, that this is the period of the within. This is the period for self-discipline and study and training and application and preparation. This is like the thirty-year period which Jesus passed through in preparation for a three-year ministry which changed the face of the world and the consciousness of mankind.

Understand, then, that the cycles may be shortened and they may be lengthened, according to the karmic cycles of Keepers of the Flame and of a planetary body and of the free will of the people. And so much depends upon your application and your transfer of the Law and the teaching to [those responsible for] the decisions that are being made in the government of this nation and in the state governments and in the legislative bodies.

Understand, then, that the crucible of opportunity will remain only as long as freedom is preserved upon Terra. Therefore, you play a dual role—keeping the flame of the true Church and keeping the flame of the true kingdom. It is the kingdom of God which must come into manifestation on earth as in heaven. And therefore, let the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ.11

Let the governments of the nations be infiltrated with the lightbearers. Let them be sustained by the prayers of the Keepers of the Flame. Let Keepers of the Flame become public servants in defense of truth. Let them keep the vigil in the home quietly, and then let them go forth to serve where there is the greatest need for the keeping of the flame in the state, in the nation and at international levels.

The Tactics of the Fallen Ones

I am Hilarion. I serve with the masters who are on the governing board of the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity. I release the word of truth. I am very near to your hearts, for I am at the point of the precipitation of the God flame. Each time that you endeavor to bring forth, in the name of truth, a work for the sake of God and man, I am there offering counsel, practical counsel, in the knowledge of the laws of heaven and earth, and caution and an understanding of how to deal in the marts of commerce and in this world, and how to dodge those who have the mark of the beast, and how to get along with the mammon of the unrighteous generation.

Yes, I have been on earth in the very recent centuries, and I know the ways of the world, and I know the tactics of the fallen ones, and I know how they seek to bind the children of the light by illegal tactics, by financial cornering on the supply of the world. I know how they attempt to corner the disciples of light and how, through misunderstanding, through their holy innocence, the children of God have been momentarily captured by these fallen ones, have had their supply taken from them in dishonest dealings.

Yes, I know the way of the crucifixion. I know the way of overcoming. And I know that the day is coming when the children of the light will stand free of the machinations of the fallen ones, free of the cornering of the dark ones and their attempt to tear down the teaching by blackmail, by every form of contrivance and accusation. And even when our servants are wholly innocent of any malintent whatsoever, then they fabricate a lie out of the whole cloth of the error of the human consciousness. They manipulate the masses to move against those who carry the light, and they use the media and the control of the press for the degradation of our holy orders.

Let us not be confounded. Let us not be dismayed. Let us not at all shirk our responsibility in the hour of the trial. Let us see through all of this that is the brainwashing and the attempt to discredit the teachings of the ascended masters. Let us see above and beyond those cycles of darkness in the hour of the judgment of the Mother and her children. Let us see beyond the hour of the crucifixion to the hour of the resurrection. And let us look with hope, with faith and with charity to the seven archangels and their divine complements to deliver mankind and the children of God and the Mother in this age into the hands of living truth.

Call to Me!

I am the champion of the flame that you keep, and I am keeping that flame within your heart as the flame of living truth. And this I say to you: Whenever you are in a position where you are being misunderstood, maligned, whenever your name or the light which you carry is being compromised, when evil is spoken about you and when darkness seems to surround you, remember, call to me! For I am an apostle of the Lord Christ and the Lord Buddha, and I stand with all disciples of the Word to release that truth which will tear the veil from evil, which will expose the lie of the fallen ones, which will expose the truth of your mission.

Now I say, try me. For I will come and I will be with you in the way that blinding light, that dazzling truth, that will blind those who are saturated with error and that will open the eyes of those who love the truth.

In the name of the living God, I seal you in the mandala of the City Foursquare. I seal you in the cosmic cube. And I say, the door is open! Carry the flame of truth! And march, soldiers of Christ, soldiers of Buddha. March!

March to give the teaching. March to defend the teaching. March with the sword of truth. March to the place appointed and the hour appointed of your victory in the ascension in the light!

The door is open. I AM the open door which no man can shut. I AM the open door of truth.

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Hilarion was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Monday, Sunday, October 12, 1975, at the Harvest Class, Until the New Day, held in San Francisco, California. [N.B. Bracketed words have been added by the editor for clarity in the written word.]

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8. Summit University is a modern-day mystery school founded in 1971 under the direction of the messengers Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Summit University currently holds summer retreats at the Royal Teton Ranch in Montana and seminars throughout the year in locations around the world as well as online study events. Seminars and retreats are sponsored by one or more of the ascended masters. Hilarion presided over Summit University winter quarter 1975. For a schedule of upcoming retreats or seminars and registration information, go to or call 1-800-245-5445 or 406-848-9500.

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