Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 55 No. 12 - Beloved Nada - June 15, 2012

The Mandate of Love

I Direct the Ruby Ray into the Subculture of Death
Invading the Youth of the World

The legions of love have heard the word of Omri-Tas.1 Legions of love from out the Great Central Sun, legions of the ruby ray, have come.

They come from every line of the Cosmic Clock. They come to the point of the center. They come before the altar of invocation. The intensification of love is already felt in your hearts, as you have assembled in meditation upon the Mother and the light of the Trinity, so manifest in her sacred name.

Saints of the ruby ray within the inner retreats of the Great White Brotherhood have assembled now for the past fortnight in deliberation with me. For I AM Nada and I serve humanity with numberless numbers on the sixth ray. Our service is always the service of the Manchild within each heart, and we have arrived at that point of joyous service through the initiation of surrender and sacrifice and selflessness that reveals the magnificent reality of the Self within each heart.

The unveiling of the bride of the soul as the Lamb’s wife is the consummation of the path of the ruby ray. You will note that John the Beloved was the initiate, among Christ’s apostles, of the fullness of the cup of the ruby cross; and the Book of Revelation is the extraordinary meditation of his soul upon the Christ, Jesus, in the figure of a Man, a Lion, a Calf and a Flying Eagle.2

Therefore, legions of the love ray—angels of Chamuel and Charity, Elohim Heros and Amora, and all elemental life, angels of the Holy Spirit, and the covering cherubim—have gathered in this fortnight to deliberate with me, as I serve on the Karmic Board, as to how we might accelerate love in the heart of earth, in the heart of the people of God, that they might feel the all-consuming light that dissolves all barriers to the union of the One, and to the resolution of the many problems of life, into the one light sublime of the rising fount of ascension’s flame.

We have assembled in answer to the calls and prayers and pleas of millions—in response to those whose chants rise as the morning light dawns out of the East, to the prayers of the West, and to the crying of the souls of the little children. We have come in response to the call of Sanat Kumara and his renewed declaration to open the way of the ruby ray.3 We have come in support of Saint Germain.

For the Aquarian age is the age of God-love, and that love is realized through the gift of the violet flame. And when the violet flame has consumed all unlike itself, lo, it is Love who appears in the person of the saints and the witnesses and all of the hierarchies and hosts of the LORD.

Charity Is the Utmost Giving of the Self

Therefore we come with a mighty purpose and a divine plan. It is to win souls for God by a love that is the purity of compassion, the conveyance of the teaching, the deliverance of prophecy and judgment and chastening, and that is a living light of charity kindled in each heart.

Oh, that charity might abide! Charity is the utmost giving of the self. It is givingness whereby the self is renewed again and again. Charity is not something given out of a sense, a false sense, of duty or responsibility, as one would thrust a crust of bread to someone of a lower stature or lineage. Charity is much more. It is love in action that holds in store the beauty of life, the immense beauty of the calling of the soul.

Charity is a flame that elevates. Charity is the fullness of the presence of the ascended and unascended brotherhoods of the Himalayas, the Andes, of Lake Titicaca and of the hierarchies of the Royal Teton Retreat. Charity, my beloved, is a new sword and a sacred Word insofar as the path of initiation for earth is concerned.

The Light of Love Withheld or Released

The light of love in ages past has been withheld or it has been released. And when it has been released, it has created the manifestation of judgment (as in the episode of the tower of Babel4 and so many others that are recorded, that have been followed by the lessening of the powers of men who have misused the powers of God) and the separation of individuals and even cataclysm.

So great is the power of love, such a stimulus of light upon the temple of being, that it has been so tempered as to almost be of no avail. And the Adversary and the veils of maya have taken the light of love to create systems and promises and cults of idolatry, all in place of the living personhood of love within you.

We, then, enter an era of the return of the Ancient of Days and the clearing of the planetary body by all of the seven rays so that, by the Brotherhood of light and the cooperation of unascended chelas, there might increase love— a love perfected in the heart that will not be polluted by the human consciousness.

We come, then, to deliver the mandate of love. For, beloved ones, if you could but see the record of life for the last quarter of a million years upon earth, you would see that in each hour when the Lords of Karma and the cosmic councils have determined to release love as the solution to every problem, as the acceleration of life, those who were there who were the ones representing the hierarchy received that love not in purity and therefore misused and misqualified it. And the fiery heat, the all-consuming fire of the Holy Spirit, was withdrawn. And in the absence of that fiery baptism of the love of the Holy Spirit, the downward trends of civilization continued.

Accelerate in the Third Ray of the Holy Spirit

Thus came Gautama Buddha. Thus came Jesus Christ, Zarathustra, Krishna incarnate. Thus came the avatars. They came to teach the path of the seven rays. And the order of the chohans and the archangels and the Elohim has been to reinforce chelaship under the Gurus of East and West and the disciplines of power, wisdom, love, purity, science, service and transmutation—the sevenfold rays of the prism of the mind of God. This is the way, the truth and the life.5

The entire mission of Jesus Christ and other avatars of the Christ incarnate has been to lay the foundation for the soul’s balanced mastery of the Trinity and the Mother in the path of the seven rays. Now, we have preached that path for many a year. We have taught at Summit University and at this Mystery School. We have been with you. We have sent forth mighty dispensations that these seven rays might be anchored and not be contaminated, and many within and without this activity have carried these rays of light.

Now it is the will of Sanat Kumara that some who hold the balance of the seven paths of Christhood might accelerate in the third ray of the Holy Spirit, of Paul the Venetian, and carry a more than ordinary light—an extraordinary light that moves from the softness of the petal pink to the rose intensity of the dawn and finally becomes the piercing ruby ray that is able to dissolve upon contact all that is unlike love in the Matter spheres.

Beloved ones, the sword of the ruby ray is placed in the hand of Mother. The sword of the ruby ray is wielded by the Ancient of Days. A single sword it is. All may be partakers of this cup day by day in following the light of the sonship of God.

I summon, then, the chelas of the sacred fire to enter into deep communion with Sanat Kumara. Oh, how the Ancient of Days does intensify the light in Terra! All elemental life transmit the rippling currents that he brings. And there is a quivering of light and joy in the hearts of the faithful, and there is a quaking in the souls of those who have been faithless in keeping the light. For the approach of the Ancient of Days is as the coming again of the Lord of the vineyard to observe what the laborers have accomplished in his absence.6 So he is come, and with his coming is the ultimate use of the light of love for the giving birth to the Manchild and for the dissolving of all that is anti-Christ.

To Consume the Cause and Core
of Evil and the Death Entity Worldwide

I AM Nada. I come to you with the understanding that the gift of the ruby ray may be invoked by you only and always according to the descent of the hierarchy of the four cosmic forces. Therefore you invoke:

In the name of my mighty I AM Presence, in the name of my Christ Self, in the name of the four cosmic forces—in the name of the Lion, the Calf, the Man, and the Flying Eagle—in the name of the Lamb incarnate, in the name of the Lamb’s wife, the living soul of the devotee, I call forth the ruby ray from the heart of Sanat Kumara, Gautama Buddha, Lord Maitreya, Jesus Christ, the cloven tongues, twin spheres of the two witnesses, and the sacred heart of the saints in Matter and in Spirit:

By the light of the universal lineage of the ruby ray, let the sacred fire descend! Let the ruby ray descend and let it now go into the cause and core of all evil upon the planetary body, and the way of evil, and evil incarnate, and every subterfuge of evil. Let the ruby ray descend to consume the cause and core of every opposition to our youth.

Thus in this manner pray ye. And after this manner, my beloved, always invoke the light from the heart of the Lords of living flame.

Therefore I come, and I address all to the problems of youth in this community of Los Angeles, the soul chakra of a nation and a planet. I address all to the problems of youth in America and in every nation. And I say to you, the sword of the ruby ray, which moves into action each time you pray after this manner, is the implement of the sacred word of love, and only love, that goes into the cause and core of those conditions that are stubborn and recalcitrant and have not given way to the pleas and prayers of parents and teachers nation by nation.

Therefore I come. I AM Nada and I manifest the living flame of cloven tongues of fire before you.

In the name of Melchizedek, in the name of the Order of Light so invoked, I direct the ruby ray into the cause and core of the subculture of death, of drugs, of distorted rhythm in rock, of alcoholism, of every perverse manifestation invading the mind, the heart, and the soul of the youth of Los Angeles, America, and every nation upon earth. I plunge the sword of the ruby ray into the cause and core of the Dragon and the Beast, the False Prophet, the Great Whore, and the Antichrist. For so it is accomplished by the four cosmic forces this day that the action of the ruby ray shall begin its acceleration into the cause and core of the death entity worldwide that is upon the youth of America.

Blaze forth, O ruby ray! I command in the name of Sanat Kumara, Gautama Buddha, Maitreya, beloved Jesus Christ, the two witnesses, and the saints. I demand and I command by the authority of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood:

Let the foul and unclean spirits who have invaded the temples of our youth come out! come out! come out! in the name of the LORD! come out in the name of the LORD, come out! come out! come out! come out! by the action of the ruby lightning of the mind of God! Descend now into the cause and core! And those who will not come out, you are forced out now by the sacred fire of the fiery salamanders, the fiery seraphim, and the mighty legions of Victory!7

There is a great gathering in this hour, O beloved souls of light, for the purging of the body of God upon earth, for the cleansing of our youth. Therefore the Karmic Board steps forth and sponsors all chelas of the sacred fire for this cleansing action and this exposure by the ruby ray of the death culture of drugs, of marijuana, of heroin, cocaine, angel dust and every perversion. And the hordes of these drugs, who thirst for the blood and light of a youth of a new age, are bound by the ruby ray, bound by the love ray, bound by the love of God, bound by the hand of Sanat Kumara, bound by the legions of Sanat Kumara, by the hand of Gautama Buddha, bound by Lord Maitreya and the legions of the Cosmic Christ, bound by Lord Jesus Christ and the saints of the inner Church East and West, bound by the sacred fire of the two witnesses, bound by the light of God that never fails!

A Release of an Increment of Ruby Ray

In the name of the I AM THAT I AM, I release into the hearts of the faithful that increment of the ruby ray that they are able to carry and consciously qualify by the light of purity. So it is the Blood of Christ. So it is the universal essence of his Spirit. So it is the Blood of Christ that purges the demons and the discarnates and all witchcraft and black magic and even the power of Satan in the body of the earth.

So the ruby ray is the crystallization of the Blood of the universal Christ worlds without end. And the drop of the Blood upon the bridal veil of the Cosmic Virgin is the sign of the white-fire ascension flame as the Body of Christ. Thus the Body of Christ is the pure white light of Purity’s ray, and the intensity of the ruby ray is the light. And therefore by the Body and Blood of Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending of the Cosmic Christ consciousness worlds without end, in the seven rays, in the ruby ray and in the five secret rays is now the answer to the call of the lightbearers.

Let the call and let the answer, then, be implemented by hard work! Let the call and the answer be implemented by hard work. Let none, then, consider that because we have come, because we have deliberated, and because legions of the love ray have gathered to implement the victory, that the strife is o’er. Indeed, the fight is just beginning.

For the ruby ray and the love ray will proceed with such an intensity as to shock and quicken every part of life, and those who are not of the light will indeed react with violence. And the angels of the Lord, in answer to your command, the angels of the Word and of the sword of the ruby ray, held in the right hand of the Mother, will bind the violence and the violent ones, but only in answer to your instantaneous call. And these calls must be made hour by hour by hour by devotees who recognize their calling in this hour to be a greater acceleration, adoration, vigil with Sanat Kumara.

The light descends. Let all who truly love understand that once the fireworks have begun, and indeed they have begun, that is the moment when all must be in the field of God consciousness to intensify light and to bind every manifestation out of the astral depths that rises to challenge, with dying breath, that one who comes in the name of the Lord.

So comes the messenger in the name of the Lord. So comes the Guru in the name of the Lord. So come the saints in the name of the Lord. So comes Sanat Kumara in the name of the Lord. So comes Gautama Buddha in the name of the Lord. So comes Lord Maitreya in the name of the Lord. So cometh the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, in the name of the Lord, and the seraphim and the legions of light. So let the Word go forth out of the mouth of every true chela East and West.

Love Is the Key

Love is the key! Love is the fulfilling of the Law! Love is the answer. Love is the call. Love is the name of God, I AM THAT I AM. Love is the person of Christ within you, my beloved. Love is the Presence of God in rings upon rings of light. Love is joy in service. Love is joy in shuffling off that mortal coil8 and being immortal here and now in life, in flesh and blood, for there is no death.

Let the ascension coil, as the Body of Christ, and let the ruby ray, as the Blood of Christ, increase in all of the body of God upon earth! And let everyone who worships truly and in purity receive our message and be blessed.

For we come in the name of the Lord. We are the servants of the living Saviour, Jesus Christ. And millions of saints ascended bow before his Presence, and this not with idolatry but in the supreme understanding that the living Word is the light within every heart.

I AM Nada. I am quickened by the edict of Alpha and Omega.9 I am joyous that love will lead in the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness, that love will swallow up the dragons and their darkness, that love will be the banner of Maitreya and the World Mother and the banner of the chela. The sign of love is the rose cross, the beautiful rose fastened to the cross where Christ has hung. So they have crucified him. So he lives forevermore, the eternal Rose of Sharon in your heart.

I make the sign of the ruby cross where ye are. Let its piercing light in your heart blossom as a thousand-petaled pink rose. And let the rose glow, and let it be the word I know. Let the rose glow, and let it emanate a fragrance that is the heart of the Dharma of the Buddha, of the Sangha of the Buddha, and of the Buddha himself. So by the trinity of love and by the squaring of the circle of love in the heart of Mother and the chelas, earth can see yet the roseate dawn of a golden age.

We await now to see and hear and watch the response of so many devotees East and West. We hold out our hands to fill your cup, and we stand guard for the hour of your victory. We will come again and again for your edification in the path of the ruby ray.

By the grace of Sanat Kumara, I AM Nada.

Rose Cross - Four Cosmic Forces

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Nada was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, July 1, 1979, during the five-day Freedom conference, The Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness, held at Camelot, Los Angeles County, California.

1. On June 30, 1979, one day before this dictation, Omri-Tas gave the dictation “I Will Keep the Vow.” See Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 49, nos. 1 and 2.

2. Rev. 4:6-8.

3. Sanat Kumara’s renewed declaration to open the way of the ruby ray. See The Opening of the Seventh Seal: Sanat Kumara on the Path of the Ruby Ray; available at or by calling 1-800-245-5445 or 406-848-9500.

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7. The invocations in this dictation are published as decree 80.00, “To Consume the Cause and Core of Evil and the Death Entity Worldwide,” in the booklet “Invocations to the Hierarchy of the Ruby Ray through the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet,” pp. 17–18; available at or by calling 1-800-245-5445 or 406-848-9500.

8. Shuffling off that mortal coil. Hamlet in Shakespeare, Hamlet, act 3, sc. 1, line 67.

9. The edict of Alpha and Omega. Nada may be referring to Gautama Buddha’s dictation given December 31, 1978, in which he said: “You will find in the days ahead that souls for whom you have prayed will enter in to the miracle spirals of the master Saint Germain. [9-second pause] Now the Holy Kumaras stand. They know each and every lifestream well.... Therefore they know who can be anointed with the light of Venus—Venus, Mother flame of Mu and of this hour. [8-second pause] This is an unprecedented release of light from Alpha and Omega. It is consuming layers of density in those who are dense. It is opening octaves of light in those who have prepared. [14-second pause] Now angelic hosts high in the upper atmosphere are releasing explosions of light reminiscent of the Fourth of July. These explosions of light, of every color and many colors you have not seen, are for the breaking up of that dense substance that has settled over this nation as gloom, as boredom, as confusion and chaos. And so, the people of America respond with joy, for each explosion brings another perception, another release as hearts filled with love and eyes filled with tears begin to know the real meaning of life. All those present who have not bent the knee and confessed the Lord Christ and still determine not to do so, in his very living presence and in the presence of the members of the Brotherhood, are now bound by angels of light.... This is an experiment of hierarchy that comes as an urgent necessity. It is an experiment which you, as chelas, have participated in.... Alpha and Omega, having heard the evidence and the testimony and especially having seen your devotion of the past years, have therefore granted this opportunity unto your fellow Americans.... We see, even more than you see, all that is transpiring in the earth. And so, our gratitude before Alpha and Omega is very great. For without this dispensation, many souls would not be able to receive the blessed Saint Germain in this and coming years.” See Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 54, no. 2, pp. 13–16.

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