Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 50 No. 2 - Beloved Great Divine Director - January 15, 2007

Divine Unity—Unity of Hearts and Purposes

Enter the Consciousness of Your I AM Presence

Part 2

You as individuals, by attaining your ascension in the light, will find that you achieve immortality forever. To deserve immortality, to insure the preservation of your individual identity, you must acknowledge your own I AM Presence. You must not only acknowledge it consciously, but you must enter into its consciousness so that, as has been said, you may drink into it as it drinks you. And this is no consumption whereby an individual loses his life, but it is an exaltation whereby an individual is endowed with eternal life.

O beloved ones, I ask you to pause and think upon the meaning of these words. On the hillsides of Judea, the multitudes were moved by the words of the Master Jesus: “He who seeks to save his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.”1

Tonight I wish to remind you of these precious words. I wish to remind you of this sacred obligation of life. For international goodwill, beloved ones, is the direct result of God working through human hearts. To achieve world amity, world unity, world peace and world happiness, there must be world purpose. The mere housing of the bodies of the mankind of earth, either in neat and clean cottages or in palaces, is important to individuals. And better housing is needed in many parts of the world. Food for the hungry is likewise needed. But you must never forget that manna for the soul is required for all upon earth.

In the spiritual marts of commerce where the divine Word is dispensed, I hope that individuals are aware of the fact that the glory of the eternal One is worth more than all of the glories of materialism for which so many have almost sold their souls. I would also, however, like to point out to all of you who are assembled here that the hungry must be fed, that the homeless must be housed. And therefore, in order to promote the cause of world peace, to insure the world against the inroads of Communism and false doctrines and teachings which are materialistic in concept (which can never bring freedom to the world), the people of the earth must learn to love one another enough to make it possible for individuals to be taught and practice the dignity which will help them to help themselves.

It is not the intention of karmic law to remove from humanity the responsibility for goods received until such a time when men shall deserve to have the power of precipitation. Therefore, a just recompense has been given for the honest services of men’s hands and hearts. And so at the present time, the use of money continues unabated through the commercial marts of the world.

Some of you will recall the prognostication of the great friend of freedom, beloved Saint Germain, to the effect that the time would come when money would no longer be used among mankind. Beloved ones, so long as mankind have the requirement for justice and truth and so long as there are among mankind those who will not practice justice and truth, it seems necessary to have some medium of exchange. And therefore the use of money, as I said before, continues. But let us all remember, each and every one of you, beloved ones, to charge into the money of the world the golden flame of cosmic abundance, that in the handling of the money of the world, mankind may be made increasingly aware of the fact that it is the treasures of heaven which they handle.

Long ago the Christ held within his hand a coin and said, “Show me whose image and superscription is upon this coin.” And they spake unto him and said, “Caesar’s.” And he said, “Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.”2

Today, beloved ones, the materialism of the world, the Caesars of the world, the rulers of the world must have homage rendered unto them according to outer physical law, and this is holy reason as it should be expressed in the world of form. But the higher law must be recognized. And in promoting world goodwill, all of the people of every nation in the family of nations must be given opportunity to receive just recompense for the honest toil of their hands. They must not only have this opportunity, but they must also be able to retain a sense of dignity.

I think that there must come now a feeling into your hearts of the calls of the hungry of the world as they cry out for bread. And I am delighted that tonight you chose to offer your decrees for the purposes of the homeless, the down- trodden and the hungered of the world. I remind you that inasmuch as ye have rendered this service unto the least of these your brethren, ye have rendered your service unto the Christ, your own Holy Christ Self.

Precious ones of the light, this class is a most special class. Its function, as some of you know, is to bring into the feeling worlds of mankind a release of cosmic I AM freedom of the I AM, the God I AM. (Stop and think about that, ladies and gentlemen.) Can you say this with full faith, “the God I AM,” and understand it?

Long ago, when Moses spoke to the children of Israel, he called them gods. The Christ, much later, reminded them of this and said unto them that Moses had called them “gods, to whom the word of God was spoken.”3And the Christ said, “And a greater than Moses is here.” He referred to his own mighty I AM Presence. The mighty I AM Presence whom he called Father is your Father as well as the Father of the Christ. The mighty I AM Presence is my Father—it is your God and my God.

It is into the heart of this Presence* that you will ascend. I refer not to the Chart in the sense that I am speaking of the paper on which it is printed or painted. I refer to the beautiful electronic essence suspended in the atmosphere above each of your heads, carrying the beautiful color manifestations of the concentric rings of light. I refer to the supernal radiance of your eternal Father, your own individualized God Presence. I refer to the stream of radiant light which, like a beacon from on high, pours down into your worlds and focuses within your hearts and manifests as a threefold flame (which you will observe is embroidered upon this scarf upon the altar). Beloved ones, I refer, then, to the immortal essences of God, electronic light, electronic light substance, ascended master substance and the radiance of eternity.

Sometime ago I spoke about immortality. Beloved ones, that which speaks and declares, “I AM,” is immortal. When, I am sorry to say, individuals ignorantly or intentionally (and seldom intentionally) speak and say, “I AM,” followed by a negative expression, they are taking the power of God, they are using that power to distort that which would otherwise be a perfect expression of the immortal intelligence of God. They are taking that power, beloved ones, and channeling it into a matrix and a mold which is imperfect, and this is the original sin of man. It is the only original sin. For the Goddess of Liberty declared sometime ago in New York City that never could there be such a thing as original sin in the sense that God could not originate it.4 And therefore, beloved ones, man in manifestation originated it through the misuse of his free will.

To bring about worldwide goodwill, then, spread abroad the knowledge of the I AM Presence to the world. Make them aware that each individual life has a God Presence.

Oh, I tell you, ladies and gentlemen, there are multitudes and millions throughout the world who have simply no idea of the things that I am speaking to you about tonight. They are totally unaware that they even have a God Presence. Many of them do not believe in anything except the fact that they perceive misery and poverty and despair all around them. Their karma weighs like a burden upon their hearts, and they call to be delivered and their groanings are heard on high.

In the holy name of freedom, while mankind seek such paltry goals as some do, I ask you, ladies and gentlemen, patriots of the eternal God, is it not a good idea (right here and now during this class) to dedicate yourselves anew to create in your consciousness a sense that you are a soldier of the eternal light, with the full defense of Archangel Michael’s sword of blue flame—to defend the faith of Almighty God, to serve as Hercules with full power, to protect as Archangel Michael, to direct (as I do) the light of God that cannot fail, to express the Mercurian power of El Morya on behalf of immortal life?

Then arise, ladies and gentlemen, to the call of your own mighty I AM Presence! [Audience stands.]

The echoes that are spoken here tonight are the echoes of eternity. There is no blasphemy in the words I speak. There is the ode of immortality, the call to unity with God, the call that speaks to that which it has created and declares: “Lo, I AM with thee always. I AM the eternal spiritual vitality and essence and life of God. I AM your own beloved I AM Presence. I AM immortal life in the fullness of divine manifestation. I AM that light, that ineffable light, which brought forth and framed all of the universes without end—all of that which is visible and all of that which is invisible.”

I am the Great Divine Director, come tonight to make you aware of the breathing, living image of immortality, which is your Divine Self, which I AM. In the fullness of all of this, I vest you, O my prodigal sons, with a chain of gold to link you to the spirit of my golden heart, that among mankind you may be representatives of my light to help produce and achieve and bring about the victory of the golden age, that the light and the shining glory that I AM may manifest in thee.

O victory, victory, victory to all of you! Victory, victory, victory to all of you! Victory, victory, victory to all of you! May you be crowned with the crown of immortality because you have chosen, because you have chosen to make your calling and election sure.5

Long ago one of the apostles of the Christ said, “If the righteous shall scarcely be saved, where shall the sinner and the ungodly appear?”6 I tell you, ladies and gentlemen, there is not a living individual upon this planet that can ever defraud the Great Law of God, not one individual (although there are many that think they do).

For the All-Seeing Eye of God that searches the hearts and minds of mankind is aware of every blessed intention of your hearts. And when, beloved ones, you seem diverted from the eternal purposes for a moment, remember that we are never diverted, but we eternally serve to magnify the light that is within you. And if we magnify the light that is within you,then I want you to know that, like a rare perfume, it is wafted across the currents of the air that flood the atmosphere of this planet round with love. That light is the swaddling garments which created the Manchild that shall rule this earth with a rod of iron7 to direct goodwill to all the family of nations and to exalt the purposes of God upon earth, that the kingdoms of this world may become the kingdoms of our Lord,8 of the mighty I AM Presence, and of the Holy Christ Self of all mankind.

I am the Great Divine Director. I am come tonight to direct you into the light of your own ascension. The vibratory action which I am establishing in this place shall remain for 150 hours from tonight, and a focus of light shall be established here forever. This shall assist the legislators of this nation, for this meeting place is very nigh to Capitol Hill. Because it is such a short distance, the great flame of freedom shall blaze up. Although it is extinguished now in the octaves of earth (the torch on the altar representing the freedom flame), it continues to blaze in the octaves of light. And in memory of that which blazes above (as Above, so below), during the forthcoming meetings you shall see the torch of freedom blazing again.

Freedom, beloved ones, is not license. It is freedom to do the will of God. And you all ought to bow your knees to the will of God and to acknowledge it as supreme above all other wills. As you surrender your precious wills, beloved ones, to the will of your own mighty I AM Presence, there comes into manifestation the dominant aspect of the first ray within your lives—“Thine is the kingdom, thine is the power, and thine is the glory.”9 Divert your will into other channels, and the kingdom and the power and the glory shall escape you. Direct it toward the light of your own mighty I AM Presence, and the glory that is God’s is your own.

May wings of light enfold this planet round now. And may the people upon the islands of the sea, the people at the polar caps, and all that are huddled together in the country of the snow, and all who are huddled together in the steaming jungles of the world, all who breathe the polluted atmosphere of the great cities, and all people who are worshiping everywhere in the temples and the mosques of the world—may they all feel the fragrance of our light as it expands tonight to the glory of the Infinite One. May each bell that tolls from every steeple be charged tonight with the radiance and joy of God that declares to the earth, “Be free, be free, be free!”

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. I bless you with my light. I hold you within its focus. I hold you within its fiery arms of love. Remain there, and let comfort’s dove enter your hearts and abide forever. For God’s will for you is good. There is no darkness into which you move. There is only the light, and may you always love it.

Thank you and a good, good night to all of you.

*The messenger points to the Chart of Your Divine

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance oer All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by the Great Divine Director was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Mark L. Prophet on Sunday, July 1, 1962, during the Freedom Class held in Washington, D.C.

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4. In a dictation given on April 4, 1962, in New York City, the Goddess of Liberty said: “You have heard, beloved ones, of the doctrine of original sin. I am the spokesman for the Karmic Board, and I tell you, beloved ones, there is no such thing as original sin. For God did not create it, the cosmic masters did not create it, and I think that it has never been created! Original sin, beloved ones, is a figment of the human imagination. That which is original is purity. It is the law of life, it is the law of eternal perfection, and it is that which was intended to act in the world of man as it acts in the universe.”

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