Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 49 No. 8 - Oromasis and Diana - February 19, 2006

The Four Cosmic Forces
Part 3

Now the mighty undines of the sea have watched with anticipation the coming of the elect to the west side of the City Foursquare so near to the Pacific Ocean.1 And they have delighted that you may come to the side of the sea and that they may come to Camelot and be a part of life here.

These are the ones who control the seas. And beloved ones, as you have had a glimpse in the lecture of your own messenger, there are many activities in the sea, under the sea by those who have interpenetrated the planet Earth from other systems of worlds.2 The undines are in control of these conditions. They are in control of the massive buildup of the Russian navy, of submarines, of Russia and of those bases which are in the area of the Caribbean.3

Beloved ones, there is much activity projected against the body of lightbearers by the use of the seas, and yet you have seen in the past how mighty undines have used the waters to defeat the adversary. And therefore, remember to make friends with the undines, to play with the undines, to teach the undines your decrees and to sing with the undines their mighty songs of valor. For these blessed ones have truly guided the children of Israel4 from shore to shore to spread the light and to bring that light of the I AM THAT I AM and the English language to many continents and nations in preparation for the coming of the hour when the teachings of the ascended masters would be presented in this language chosen by Sanat Kumara for this dispensation.

Now, beloved ones, the gnomes come, who perhaps bear the greater burden because of earth’s pollution and the weight of the cross within the earth. These beloved gnomes require your very special assistance and, as beloved Pelleur has said, so it continues to be that the gnomes look unto the sons and daughters of God and say, “You are our hope.” When we see the chemicals that are put in the ground, when we see the nuclear wastes that go into the ground, when we see the disturbance and the balance under the earth by the explosions and all that takes place, when we see that the earth must bear the entire refuse of a lifewave who has not understood the fullness of the alchemy of the salamanders or of the sacred fire, you realize, then, that sometimes the density of the gnomes that was depicted in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs does manifest simply because of the burden that they carry.

Now, all of these are gratified that they have been mentioned and that they have been described and that they have been introduced. And one and all in a great ring of light now bow to your heart flame. Beloved ones, they enjoy the ritual. They are a bit shy and a bit timid because your attention is upon them. And some of them are hiding behind others as little children and they are peering around the side to see if you are seeing them. And when one catches your eye, they quickly retreat in case you spy that they are near. They are dressed in their very finest attire with garlands of flowers and bouquets in their hands.

Beloved ones, it is a very touching sight because, you see, the elementals are in reality little children at heart. And they have longed for your mother’s caress, for your father flame, for your caring and for your sharing of your life with them. By and large, since the golden ages they have been neglected and so we consider them to also be orphans of the Spirit. But now as we have come, I say, I am certain that they will be orphans no longer. I am certain that you will take them to your heart. And to make certain, I give another assignment to the Mother of the Flame and that is to publish a book of the dictations of the four beings of the elements and to give mankind an understanding of these helpers that are so necessary in the end of these times and in the transition into the New Age.

I would also mention to you that many among you have not understood the great burden under which The Summit Lighthouse editorial and publishing department has functioned. There are several among you who have capability as administrators and as servants in the publishing of the Word. There are some of you who have this capacity who have not yet understood the great need to surrender. I tell you truly, if there are not reinforcements within this department, the consequences will be that the edicts of the ascended masters to increase the publishing of the Word will not be fulfilled and then the organization will stand in disobedience.5 And if the Word does not go forth, I assure you that we who see and we who read know full well that the earth will have a very slim chance of survival. But, beloved ones, because of the sincerity of those who serve, you will see that unless they have help, some of them who are seriously burdened will not be able to continue to serve in the fullness of the lifespan that God has given to them.

And therefore I say to you, if with all of your rejoicing and all of your feeling of the bliss of the flame, you cannot realize that when the morning comes and the conference is concluded it is time for you to join ranks and to give of yourself, then I say it is a sad day for the earth because, beloved ones, more books than those which are now being produced are needed. The system has been established and the wheels are in motion and all that we require is even another dozen capable workers and you will see what a difference this teaching will make.6 There are thousands of souls who are as sensitive and as evolved as you are. They are not here simply because the Word has not spread to them and they have not been contacted.

Let those, then, who value the platform of evolution understand that the Karmic Board has withheld from this conference the release of many serious matters and much information concerning the gravity of world conditions. They have withheld the information because they have seen that most of the students are doing all that they can do and to add anymore to your burden would only increase tension and reduce your ability to hold the balance of the light.

And therefore, there are some things and some circumstances and conditions which we do not make known to you but rather we take your decrees and use them as the great reservoir of light to tackle the most urgent matters. Those of you who read between the lines can realize that the very presence of the beings of the elements, the very presence and presentation of these four contingents should indicate that there is indeed a great necessity for their interaction with you.

I trust, then, that with the joy of the archangels and the joy of elemental life you will also remember the seriousness of the God Star Sirius and of mighty Surya7 who has multiplied his body millions and millions of times to hold the balance in the earth and between the three kingdoms for greater service. Let us, then, be up and doing. It does not matter your origin, your background, your profession, your education or lack of it; elementals are committed to the service of Christ in you.

Therefore, increase and multiply your daily decrees and actions simply by adding to your calls an invocation for the inclusion of elemental life—fire, air, water and earth—even as you invoke the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood. And the elementals who will come and join you will multiply your activity, your outreach, your organization and your production so many, many times over that you will wonder at your own dullness in not having already heeded our word which we have given in the past concerning these beings of the elements.

And now I say, one and all, let the Word of the LORD go forth! Let the sounding of the trumpets be. Let the singing be. Let the playing of the harps be and let the angels who have come to give their joy and praise unto Elohim, elementals, electrons now be the release of waves upon waves upon waves of light and let this light now be for the further cleansing and purifying and transmuting of elemental life upon earth. And let these beings now be commissioned by the authority of the I AM THAT I AM and the Christ within you unto the holding of the balance in Terra until every child of light is contacted by the redemption, the regeneration of resurrection’s flame, by the Holy Spirit, by the Father-Mother, by the Son.

O LORD most holy, let a new era begin as it is proclaimed by Alpha and Omega in the Great Central Sun. And let the era be the conscious cooperation of the children of the light with the elementals as never before by the cosmic cross of white fire from the heart of the Lord Jesus Christ, from the heart of the Gautama Buddha, from the flame of Father-Mother east and west, north and south.

Every elemental serving earth and her evolutions now receives the touching of the heart of the Mother, the touching of her threefold flame unto their hope, unto their hearts, unto their souls, unto their temples. Now then, each elemental has known the fragrance of the Mother, has felt the love of Mother, has felt anew her caress. And because of the contact with the heart of Mother, the elementals will now respond as never before to your calls to light.

One and all, then, they place hand over heart and they pledge allegiance unto God, unto Lord Christ, unto Saint Germain, unto the seven archangels and unto your blessed selves as you are a part of the one hundred and forty-four thousand. And they chant the name of Victory.

Victory! Victory! Victory! Victory! Victory! Victory!
Victory! Victory! Victory! Victory! Victory! Victory!

[Audience repeats 6x]

All hail! All hail! All hail! Hail to the light! Hail to the sons and daughters of God! Hail to the freedom flame! Hail to Saint Germain!

So it is done. It is finished. It is sealed.

Set the Elementals Free

In the name and by the power of the beloved mighty victorious Presence of God, I AM in me, my very own beloved Holy Christ Self, Holy Christ Selves of all mankind, beloved Lanello, the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and the World Mother, elemental life—fire, air, water, and earth!

I call to the heart of beloved Helios and Vesta, the beloved Maha Chohan, and the flame of cosmic comfort from the Great Central Sun; to beloved Virgo and Pelleur, beloved Aries and Thor, beloved Oromasis and Diana, beloved Neptune and Luara, the seven mighty Elohim, the seven beloved Archangels, and the seven beloved Chohans of the Rays; to beloved Archangel Zadkiel, beloved Saint Germain, beloved Mighty Arcturus, and their legions of violet-flame angels to answer this our call infinitely, presently, and forever for the precious elemental beings of earth, air, fire, and water:

Seal, seal, seal in an ovoid bright
Of the violet fire’s clear light
Every elemental, set and keep them free
From all human discord instantly.

1. Beloved I AM (3x)

2. By Christ-command (3x)

3. By God’s blue ray (3x)

4. By God’s violet ray (3x)

5. By God’s love ray (3x)

6. By Hercules’ might (3x)

7. By Jesus’ Light (3x)

8. By Michael’s sword (3x)

9. It’s done today, it’s done to stay, it’s done God’s way

And in full Faith I consciously accept this manifest, manifest, manifest! (3x) right here and now with full Power, eternally sustained, all-powerfully active, ever expanding, and world enfolding until all are wholly ascended in the Light and free! Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM!*

*This decree is printed in the decree book Prayers, Meditations and Dynamic Decrees for the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness, 7.07.

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Oromasis and Diana was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, October 8, 1978, during the six-day conference, The Touch of Shiva, held at Camelot, Los Angeles County, California

1. Archangel Zadkiel spoke of the City Foursquare in Pearls of Wisdom, vol.44, no. 25, “I AM Zadkiel and I stand on the side of the west of the United States of America. I stand in the City Foursquare (Rev.21:10-27). I stand on the west side of Los Angeles and I stand facing the east and I behold America.” On December 30, 1979, the Elohim Purity and Astrea also spoke of the west gate of the City Foursquare, “where the sun sets and leaves the last gleams of the golden pink glow-ray shining upon the faces of God’s people—that gate that swings wide at sunset is the gate to the golden shore of God-Reality.”

2. The messenger discussed intelligent life under the waters in her October 7, 1977, lecture, “A Fantasia on the Duality of Good and Evil.” She also spoke on the Soviet’s underwater use of psychotronic weapons in a lecture “The Only Way to Go Is Up” on October 5, 1978.

3. A 1982 article written by Christopher Whalen for the Heritage Organization describes the Soviet military buildup in Cuba, including the start of construction on a new Cuban naval base in 1978 and the expansion of facilities at Cienfuegos to include submarine piers and a handling area for nuclear warheads. Whalen outlines how the Soviet Union emplaced offensive weapons in Cuba in violation of the 1962 Cuban missile crisis agreement: “Based both in and around Cuba, on planes, ships, and missiles, these weapons are operated by members of the Soviet armed forces. Soviet warships conduct exercises in the Gulf of Mexico, their bombers fly reconnaissance missions along the Atlantic coast from airfields in Cuba, and their pilots operate fighter aircraft.... The Soviets’ quiet, slow, but steady buildup of military forces in Cuba has coincided with the broader Marxist challenge throughout Central America....”

4. The term Israel applies to the collective body of the bearers of the Christic seed and Christ consciousness who have descended from Sanat Kumara and not exclusively to the Jewish people. The ascended masters teach that those who are of the I AM THAT I AM have embodied in all races, kindreds and nations. The term Israelite means, esoterically, “he who Is Real in the mighty I AM Presence.” In Hebrew, Israel means, “he will rule as God” or “prevailing with God.”

5. Since this dictation was given, more than one hundred books have been published by Summit University Press and over three million copies have been sold in English. (Additionally, more than sixty-two titles have been translated into twenty-four languages and another million copies have been sold internationally.)

6. For employment information, visit or contact Human Resources, 406-848-9500.

7. The ascended masters teach that Surya is the hierarch of the God Star, Sirius, the brightest star in the heavens and the seat of God-government for this sector of the galaxy. For a profile of Surya, see The Masters and Their Retreats, Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, pp. 354-57.

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