Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 46  No. 19 - Beloved Mighty Cosmos - May 11, 2003

Five Secret Rays Specifically Attuned  to Your Need in This Hour

Now I bring to you, beloved, the points of the five secret rays superimposed upon the image of your Lord and Saviour in the hour of his crucifixion. Understand the nails in the feet and in the hands, and [understand] the point of the fifth secret ray, near the thymus.<1>

Here, then, is one who carries the light of the inner sanctum of your being. Christ crucified and resurrected has done a mighty work for you, each one. He has thereby placed upon you those same five marks whereby there may be an entrée into your four lower bodies of his light, his secret rays, that may carry you unto the victory of the cross in this life,<2> requiring that you bear your human karma, transmuting this and transcending it.

Being therefore transfigured unto his likeness, you shall enter the vastness of Mighty Cosmos and know that the entire cosmos was present in the body and blood of your Saviour in that hour when he said, “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?”<3> The Lord was not forsaken, but in an interval of a vacuum and a silence the LORDGod did pour into him the essence of light that this avatar of the age of Pisces must have to accomplish his mission.

Jesus' Message Almost Entirely Distorted

Understand the sorrows of your Lord, who in over 2,150 years<4> has still not converted the people of this world to the path of personal Christhood. Only a few hundred years after his passing—that's all it took for his true teaching, his path, his understanding to be almost entirely distorted until all the sins of the world are placed upon him. But this is not true.

The avatar of the Piscean age does hold the balance for the age and her people. But the same avatar does teach the soul what the clergy no longer teaches, and that is that the soul has responsibility, tremendous responsibility, for her actions, words and deeds; in other words, accountability for karma—positive good karma, negative bad karma.

Since Christianity and the message of Jesus Christ have been so distorted, the few on earth today who know the true path must rally around him. And I will send the messenger to go before him, this messenger to go before him and give to the people of the world the true understanding of his message, his law, his love, his oneness with your sacred heart, his indwelling Presence within you—he your husband, the husband of your soul.

So, beloved, this messenger and others working with her to this very hour are determined to tell the world what are the lies of the early Church Fathers who betrayed the trust so mightily given.<5> That betrayal, that taking away truly of the fruit of the tree of eternal life—that is the desecration of the age, beloved. That is the desecration of the age.

Is it no wonder that in this time period the Lords of Karma announced that you might make your ascension having balanced 51 percent [of your karma]? I tell you, this came about when many members of cosmic councils came together and said: “How shall they balance their karma? How shall they balance and make their ascension when they do not know the rules of the game but are following rules dished out to them by fallen angels and aliens to take them from the Path, to take them away forever, if they could, from the true ascension in the light?”

Yes, beloved. There may be dark days coming. But I tell you that through the darkness and into the light many souls will make their ascension during earth changes, if there are to be earth changes, and this still hangs in the balance. Realize, then, that the compassion of God and Jesus himself, imploring the Father-Mother God, has resulted in your having to pay the price of but 51 percent of your karma when a century and more ago you had to pay 100 percent.<6>

Assist in Taking the True Word of Jesus to the World

Understand what a grace this is. And because you have this grace, I ask you to assist this community and those who are a part of it who are writers and publishers. Assist them, then, to take the true word of Jesus Christ to the world. Count yourself as truly blessed if you are persecuted when you recount the reality of Jesus Christ. And take note that many will become enangered when you tell them that he said, and it has been said, that every man must bear his own burden,<7> that is, the burden of his karma.

The fallen ones and the godless ones and those who have no desire to repent and be saved, or those who are simply lazy and happy to have Jesus take them to the kingdom, well, beloved ones, they have not contributed to the divine gnosis<8> on the planet. They have not brought forth truly the amplification of the threefold flame.

Today most Christians would consider it blasphemy [to hear it told] that the Christ lived in them and was a part of them or that they had a powerful threefold flame that could overcome the world of sin and condemnation. All of these things are a part of the fallen ones' scrambling of the words of our Lord and Saviour.

I, Cosmos, have walked with him in the earth for thousands of years in other times, on other continents. I have a mighty tie to this Lord. Therefore I preach of him to other stars and constellations. I preach of him and of a world that has never fully understood his doctrine, that may confess his name but do despite to his little ones. Therefore, beloved, may you go forth in his name. May you know well what is his true doctrine. May you also know well what is the false doctrine of the false priests of the past ages.

I Have Come to Minister unto You

Now, beloved, I have come to minister unto you even as Christ has ministered unto you. And my ministration now is the pouring out from my hands and feet, from the fifth point of light of my being. I send to your four lower bodies now five secret rays specifically attuned to your need in this hour—enough, just enough, and not too much.

A tingling will begin, beloved, at some point; in the day or in the night you may feel it. Know, then, that it is not an ordinary tingling but that I, Cosmos, am stimulating your four lower bodies that you might rise in consciousness and use the five secret rays to challenge the adversaries of the Five Dhyani Buddhas.<9> Receive my needle rays now.  [10-second pause]

Ho... Ho... Ho... Ho... Ho...Ho...

Let earth be bathed in the five secret rays as the ruby-ray Buddha and Lord Gautama Buddha allow. Let the five secret rays be a disintegration spiral to take out the fallen angels and the enemies of God who would not repent of their evil deeds. Let the five secret rays go into the heart of hearts of those who love and love again.

I AM Mighty Cosmos. I occupy this cosmos. I welcome you to my starry field. I welcome you to journey, especially those of you who are curious about the stars, the meteors, comets, novas. Truly, the wonderment and vastness of the material universe can once again be drawn up into a sphere the size of a golf ball. That should convince you, beloved, that in reality there is no matter but an infinitude of layers of consciousness where the body of God dwell, and dwell together, in Cosmic Christ peace.

May you assimilate the mysteries of God in the vast cosmos and in the cosmos of your being. May you remain sweet and gentle. May you process the negatives swiftly with violet flame and singing and joy and loving and kindness. Liberate your soul daily and see how you, too, will occupy a cosmos.  I will not define that cosmos for you today but one day in the distant future I shall take you there.

So I have come. So I have loved. So I have spoken of our Lord. So I rejoice that you have levels of enlightenment that can carry you almost beyond the stars.

I send rays of light to your heart for rejuvenation and the glory of God in your midst.

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Mighty Cosmos was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, July 7, 1996, during the eleven-day conference A World Convocation of Spiritual Seekers, held in the Heart of the Inner Retreat at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana. Throughout these notes, PoW is the abbreviation for Pearls of Wisdom.

1. The points of the five secret rays. Elizabeth Clare Prophet has indicated the general location of the five secret-ray chakras: “one in each hand, one in each foot, one corresponding to the eighth-ray chakra of the heart.” She said, “The places where Jesus was nailed to the cross (on his hands and feet) and where the spear pierced his side (in the direction of the secret chamber of the heart) show us those secret-ray chakras” (February 23, 1988). The messenger has also stated: “The white fire of the Mother... actually conceals the colors of the secret rays...and the positioning in the physical body of the secret-ray chakras....I am not sent...or authorized to tell you that” (June 30, 1988).

2. In a 1979 Pearl, Sanat Kumara explains the initiation of the crucifixion: “Now learn the real purpose and meaning of your meditation upon the crucifix—the Son of man Jesus fastened to the cross in life and in death. Only through Christ (your own Christ Self) crucified can your living soul be reconciled unto the quickening Spirit. The crucifixion is the initiation on the path of the ruby ray whereby the Son of God within you gives his light unto the Son of man. This Son of man then becomes—through the resurrection, by Christ, of God within him—the fullness of the Godhead dwelling bodily, soul by soul, in the whole body of God upon earth. Each time the initiation of the crucifixion is reenacted, a living soul through Christ is reconciled to the Lord from heaven. Salvation by his ‘blood' is by the energy of the ruby ray which flows to this hour freely from the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, from the Immaculate Heart of Mary, from the purple fiery heart of Saint Germain, from the hearts of all of the saints in heaven, and, most importantly, from the heart of your own blessed Christ Self as the distillation of your own threefold flame” (1979 PoW, vol. 22, no. 22, pp. 131–32).

3. Matt. 27:46; Mark 15:34.

4. “There are twelve astrological ages, each about 2,150 years long. They take their names from the signs of the zodiac. The entire cycle of twelve ages spans about 25,800 years. New ages are related to the ”precession of the equinoxes,“...the slow backward rotation of the earth around its polar axis. As the earth so rotates, the point of the spring equinox moves through the signs of the zodiac, denoting which age we are in. No one knows exactly when each age begins or ends, but we do know that we are in the waning days of the age of Pisces....In each age we are destined to assimilate an attribute of God and express the positive aspects of the sign. The opening of these epochs is often accompanied by the birth of an avatar, or God-man, who embodies the spirit of the age that he inaugurates. The age of Pisces brought the awareness of God as the Son, revealed to us in the Universal Christ personified in Christ Jesus. Jesus came to show us how to walk the path of our personal Christhood so that we could realize the Son of God within ourselves. Jesus is the sponsor of the age of Pisces and the example of what we could have, and should have, become. During this 2,150-year period, only the saints have achieved that goal!” (Elizabeth Clare Prophet, “Saint Germain's Prophecy for the Aquarian Age,” 1996 PoW, vol. 39, no. 5, pp. 30–31).

5. See Elizabeth Clare Prophet with Erin L. Prophet, Reincarnation: the Missing Link in Christianity.

6. Paying the price of 51 percent vs. 100 percent balance of karma. According to the old “occult” dispensation, individuals were required to balance 100 percent of their karma while still in embodiment in order to make their ascension. Under the new dispensation of the Aquarian age, granted by the Lords of Karma in this century, individuals may ascend after balancing 51 percent of their karma but they must balance the remaining 49 percent from inner levels.

7. Gal. 6:5.

8. The Greek word gnosis means literally “knowledge”; it is also translated as “understanding,” “insight,” or “acquaintance.” As used by the early Christian gnostics of the second century, gnosis was not rational or intellectual knowledge but self-knowledge—that is, knowledge of God or knowledge of the self as God; the acquaintance with, or recognition of, the divine element that constitutes the Real Self.

9. Adversaries of the Five Dhyani Buddhas. According to the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, there are “five poisons” that are of ultimate danger to the soul's spiritual progress. These are counteracted by the wisdoms of the Five Dhyani Buddhas, who provide the antidote for each poison. See 1993 PoW, pp. 555–57; and 1994 PoW, pp. 13–26.

Background on Mighty Cosmos
From a lecture by the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet on July 7, 1996

Mighty Cosmos ensouls our cosmos with the power of the five secret rays. In a 1973 dictation, he said: “Have you thought about the fact that there is a consciousness and awareness of God within the core of Being that is the threefold flame and within the white fire that is the heart of every atom of man's being?... I AM that Consciousness” (April 8, 1973, in 1973 PoW, p. 95).

Mighty Cosmos has defined what the secret rays are by describing what they do: “The secret rays promote an action of detail, the final sculpturing of the mind and consciousness in the perfect image of the Christ....Like the refiner's fire, they purge, they purify....[The secret rays] draw all into the plumb line of divinity.” He told us that the palms of our hands, the soles of our feet and the thymus (at a point near the threefold flame) are focuses for the currents of the secret rays. He said that an intensity of fire can be released from our hands to “bless and heal mankind, and especially to hold the tide of the elements during ...periods of cataclysm” (June 30, 1973, Part 1, in 1973 PoW, pp. 193, 194).

“When the Christ raised his hands to bless the multitudes, he was giving forth the action of Cosmos' secret rays,” because he was using the secret-ray chakras which are in the hands. “When Moses was required to raise his hands that the battle might be won [and] the victory of the LORD might manifest, was the action of the secret rays [that he] released into the midst of the fray....I desire that you shall know how to do the same. For one day you may be called upon to raise your arms to turn back... the dark forces” (Ibid., pp. 193–94).

Mighty Cosmos said another aspect of the secret rays has to do with “the nature consciousness. The consciousness of the soul knows all things. You can know all things if you remember to go within, into the center of the soul. You can discern immediately the character [and] nature of human beings in your company. You can discern the will of God at the specific moment that you require it. You can discern the wisdom of what to do, how to do it, how to be effective servers....Detail is the allness of the interior of God's consciousness” (June 30, 1973, Part 2, in 1973 PoW, p. 198).

He has compared the action of the secret rays to “a fine laser beam” that “enters the consciousness [and] separates light from darkness.” The secret rays “force the cells to come into conformity with the inner blueprint of life....The secret rays [can] protect mankind from rays that are not benign” (July 4, 1975, in Elizabeth Clare Prophet, The Great White Brotherhood, pp. 145, 146).

The Dhyani Buddha Vairochana told us that “the five secret rays are a tremendous aid in...achieving balance at all levels. They will pierce [through] impure substances, cut the Gordian knots, repolarize the behavioral patterns and replace misconceptions with right conceptions” (December 30, 1993, in 1994 PoW, p. 29).

Sanat Kumara revealed to us that the five secret rays are “involved in the formation of the child within the womb” (January 1, 1983, in 1999 PoW, p. 133). He said it is important for parents-to-be to visualize the five bands of light around the nucleus of the child that is being formed in the womb.

Mighty Cosmos told us that the most effective posture for meditation on the secret rays is the lotus posture. He said: “Your very posture,...the inclination of your head, the position of your hands has a bearing on what aspect of the secret rays you will encounter, how your solar awareness, as the antenna of your body consciousness, can function. This is why...the ancient yogis teach their disciples to sit in the lotus posture....Your spine is erect, your head is level, your energies flow in the five-pointed star, and yet they return within by the crossing of the legs. And so you establish a forcefield of the secret rays revolving and intensifying within your being. It would be well, then, to exercise a little bit each day until you can attain the mastery of the lotus posture” (1973 PoW, pp. 198). If you are not able to do this, then do your best.