Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 42  No. 50 - Beloved  Mighty Victory - December 12, 1999


The Victory Way of Life
Victory Is to the Free


I AM come!  Victory is my name and I AM charged with victory, not only with my victory but also with the victory of Life, the victory of Almighty God.

I see, then, this planet as a jewel of immortal perfection, a diadem of magnificence, and I feel the great flame of Life, which pulsated in the Mind of God as he conceived this holy sphere charged with beauty and purity and light essence and iridescence and all that is perfection and cosmic charm.

Why should I look and gaze upon the thrusts men have made into the pool of vanity? Why should I submit to the vicissitudes and wrong ideas of men?  I shall not and I do not expect that you should either.

O precious ones of the light, yours is a spiritual search whereby the great victory beam of your mind penetrates the miasma of mortal consciousness and sees, through the pall of human misery, the pure plan of the future projected on the screen of life. Yours is [the resolve] not to submit, not to recline in a consciousness of mortal ideas but to gaze upward to the mighty strength from on high.

You have heard the cry that went forth of old, “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My strength cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.” <1> Well, charming ones, let me tell you that if you are to be flowers in the garden of my heart, it must be because you are willing to shine with the light of the Sun and to be an immortal being even while you are yet cast in the pall of mortal shroud.   

You see, gracious ones, the unfailing light of God does not depend for its sustenance upon mankind and human effort. It moves effortlessly through the universe and accomplishes the pure purposes of life. You, O beloved ones, are surrounded, it is true, with all manner of mortal thoughts and arrows of hostility, but these have no power over the immortal soul or over the original divine plan.

Therefore thy strength, as my strength, is in the great God Flame. You cannot permit yourself to go down in this struggle but must always release yourself, as your beloved Saint Germain has said, from the sense of struggle to hold inviolate in the Mind of Christ, the pure Mind of God, the awareness and the realization that truth is stronger than fiction.

I Come to Glorify the Person of Light That You Are

You have a saying here that “Truth is stranger than fiction.”  Well, I tell you, truth is stronger than fiction. And I repeat it for you that you may let it sink down into the channels of your heart and feel the buoyancy that I AM.

I AM the full buoyancy of God. I AM the full radiation of his victory. I AM the full consciousness of cosmic achievement. I hold, then, the purity of light in my being. And as I come to you tonight it is not in any way to glorify my person but to glorify the person of light that you are.

For the Reality of God is just as real, precious ones, in an individual who is not deemed worthy of notice by ordinary mankind as it is when the Mind of God flashes forth to behold one whom the world acclaims. You see, precious ones, Almighty God considers every son of his heart equal, willing and able to fulfill the destiny of the beloved Son.

In his heart and mind, God has no limitation concerning anybody, no matter who they may be or what they may have done. For human error and human dust do not have power over the mortal mind when that mortal mind can be dashed to the ground as a broken vessel, and the pure flame of the soul can reach up and be the Mind of Christ in healing action.

The Mind of Christ in healing action must be invoked. Mankind must be willing to invoke it and take the consequences thereof. When individuals are unwilling to invoke the Mind of God because they wish to hide in the shadowed pools of their own lowliness of spirit, it is a great pity, for mankind will only find release from mortal suffering as they shed the consciousness of the mundane and cognize the pure flame of the Spirit.

Hold the Light Inviolate in Your Being

And now, precious ones, a more than ordinary action of light is about to take place in this room. At first I projected into the room a ray of light from on high and from the Holy Kumaras upon Venus, but now I have descended and I AM here, in the very center of this room, radiating my love and my light to those students who are able to feel and to know that I AM the power of God unto salvation to those who can hold the blazing victory of light inviolate in their being.

O precious ones, some do not understand even the meaning of words. When I say inviolate, I mean that no power in heaven or earth shall have any power whatsoever over that lifestream but only the power of their victory.

You see, other ideas take possession of the mind and then victory must take a back seat and the individual must wait until it can manifest. But when those other ideas take a back seat and victory comes to the fore, then there is a special action whereby the individual is given an accelerated activity to speed up his spiritual power and victory. (Won’t you please be seated.)

Mankind Fears the Future

Now, then, let us examine the world situation. At the present moment, when millions of minds are focused upon the idea of world conflict and disorder, when millions of minds are determined that fear and shadow and domination are about to descend upon them and they seek only for the protection of their own little corner of madness, then, you see, you have a holocaust of division.

[Then] the souls of men, rather than working in unison, function individually in complete dissipation of the cosmic power of Mother Earth, for man does loot the wondrous spiritual treasures vouchsafed to him. Think you, precious ones, that when an individual prays unto God for the destruction of another individual that that [prayer] brings about victory to any part of life? 

You see, however, that the brothers of the shadow,through their wrong thought creations, project human discord into the minds of men through the miasma of fear. They cause individuals to fear the future when that future is securely held within their individualized God-victory.

You see, no individual upon the planet can substitute for another insofar as his karmic responsibility goes.          When an individual performs a wrong act, it must fall as the hammer of justice before the feet of that one and in some cases such a one must be brought to his knees that later he may be raised.

This is the law of being, for whatever men send out into the universe, whether it be in ignorance or in understanding, the law is impartial in the return of those currents. And mankind will one day feel and know the very lash that they employ.

Those who employ the beatitudes of love and the purity of Christ’s concepts and illumination cannot help but feel, reap and be the fullness of that which they have sent out. Therefore the path Godward, the meteoric rise in splendor, is accomplished by a sense of victory.

When men forget the delusions that have caused them only pain and suffering and feel that every atom of their being is a reflection of Almighty Victory, it shall bring about a change in the consciousness of that one. This is an irrevocable law.

Place Your Faith and Trust in God

Somehow or other, individuals have come to divide the world’s thought--and I refer here to the world’s religious thought--into classifications, whereby individuals on the Path who search for life do classify and thereby subjugate themselves to these classifications.

If, for some reason, they find a specific religious quality to be an anathema to their parents or friends, they may not deign to take notice thereof. They may decide that they will pursue another path or perhaps pursue no path at all. This, then, effectively restrains them from being the beneficiaries of Almighty God’s intent.    

But when an individual is willing to cast out of his day-to-day consciousness the towering thoughts of his own magnificence as an excellent judge and simply place his faith and trust and his hand in the hand of Almighty God as a child would do, then a beautiful flow of spiritual magnetism occurs in his world.

And it happens almost on the instant, so that the sense of victory that I seek to convey tonight can come about as if by magic, as individuals begin to feel and know that they are the victory of Life and not a reflection of human thought and consciousness. Feeling must be subdued by light, for feeling is often seething emotion, like a bubbling pot that somehow or other does not accomplish the purpose for which it was set to bubble.

Therefore I say to all of you, be still and be at peace. Be still and know that I AM God. Be still and know that thou art God. Be still and know that thou art God Victory. Still the human ideas and even the human ideals that are not rooted in the purity of divine concepts. Admit into the great forcefield of your being the pulsations of my victory.

I Give You a Jewel of Light

Now tonight, as I stand here before you vested with the spiritual power of the Seven Holy Kumaras, I am anxious to bestow a portion of my momentum upon those who can recognize in their heart the meaning of what I am saying.

Be still, then, as I seek to penetrate thy consciousness with a ray of victory to impart to you a magnificent jewel that I hope you will always wear in your heart as a token of remembrance. Then, precious ones, whenever you feel inclined to human decrepitude, whenever you feel inclined to let the mind go down into the valleys of negation, you can gaze with inward eyes upon the brilliant diamond-shaped jewel I have placed within the hearts of all who accept my love tonight.

And seeing that jewel embodying a ray of imprisoned victorious splendor flashing therein, you may recall this night that I spake unto you and urged you to accept a ray of my victory now and forever.

Choose a Quality to Embody

Victory is the quality I embody. It is the quality you can embody, and no desecration occurs therein. For the beauty of God is that whenever an individual desires to embody a specific divine quality and to amplify that quality--not to parade it before his fellow men but to bless and heal them with that quality--that individual can gather an accumulation thereof.    

[Then], just as money is deposited in the bank and the balance continues to rise, so individuals will find  this specific divine quality becoming more and more evident in their world. You see, then, a thought of goodness, a thought of service, a thought of victory, a thought of purity can accomplish its purpose.

And one by one, individuals can take a thought and expand it in their world until the full meaning thereof is released to them from the heart of God—he who embodies all sacred qualities and is the fullness of them all.

Let me tell you that in my own case I chose and elected to embody the quality of victory; and because the quality of victory flooded my being, by the power of that single quality of love and light from the heart of God I succeeded in winning my victory, my ascension and my freedom. Therefore I did not need to externalize any other quality, for in my search for victory I found them all.

[I] discovered their reality and used and employed them all in obtaining my victory. Therefore, to me the mighty flag of cosmic victory is the most beautiful, the most wonderful, the greatest quality of all life, for it means your freedom.

Your beloved Saint Germain chose to take another quality. He expressed the flame of freedom and expanded that flame even as I expanded the flame of victory. Your beloved Paolo Veronese, the beloved Paul the Venetian, chose to expand the flame of liberty and the pure love of liberty.

Every individual can choose a flame. And the beauty of it, precious ones, is that it does not make any difference whether you choose a flame for yourself  that we have already honored or another. For the power of expandability in the consciousness of God is such that all his sons and daughters may elect and choose for themselves a quality they desire to havehelp them on the pathway to their victory.

Therefore I do not care, precious ones, if you choose and elect to take another quality than that of pure victory, for each one will assist you to find the victory you seek. And I know that just as you have a saying that “Every cloud has a silver lining,” so behind the appearance of [something] less than victory, a little bit of victory is lurking.

For, you see, there is no such thing as non-victory, for Victory is Life and Life is God and God is Victory!     Therefore you cannot make a non-God. You cannot make a non-victory. You can never extinguish my flame in the universe or in yourself.

“Hear, O Israel, the Lord Thy God Is One Lord”

Whether you accept my flame, whether you accept the pulsation of that flame, whether you realize it, whether you feel it expanding out into the atmosphere, whether or not you are aware of the angels of victory I bring with me, it does not make one bit of difference--not one tiny bit of difference. For the time will come when every part of life everywhere in the universe will be compelled by the mighty advancement of Life itself to accept the flame of victory that I AM, to acknowledge the flame of victory that I AM, to be the flame of victory that I AM.

Thus we will merge our flames as one in the heart of God. “Hear, O Israel, the Lord thy God is one Lord.” <2> Hear, O ye who can, all that is real, the Lord thy God is One. Hear, O mankind of earth, let those who will, beat the drums of dissonance and discord. Let them choose and elect the offbeat rhythm that they may break up the patterns of purity.

They shall rue the day they chose ill and pay the full penalty and the last farthing thereof. Not one soul who has set his hand to the plow, who has forgotten and forsaken the ways of the world and the ways of non-victory to choose to pursue the path of victory will ever rue the day. For the light of God that never fails is the fullness of the victory of every individual who can feel, know and be that which I AM both now and forever.

Our Words Are a Release of Sacred Fire

You see, O mankind of earth, the words I am speaking to you are more than mere words. They are a release of the sacred fire essence from on high, from our planet, Venus, and they are charged with the holy love of the beloved Lady Venus and the beloved Sanat Kumara.

O precious ones, as I am speaking to you, the blazing light of Sanat Kumara is drawing very near. I feel the beloved Ancient of Days as he chooses to utter the power of the sacred name of God I AM from on high to blaze a pathway from the stars to this focus to see the magnificent accomplishment [taking place] here tonight in the temple of the unfed flame.      

Now, a recalcitrant condition, which would not yield to the power of light and would not yield to the power of the calls of the individuals who have long pursued their victory, must drop away from them now as they grasp the flame of victory I AM releasing here tonight. [It] is the fullness of the light of God that never fails.

Therefore the hand of beloved Sanat Kumara bears a blazing torch, carrying the very fire of the Star of his Being upon his forehead. I AM also causing the great flame of victory upon my forehead to rise to three times its normal height. [I do this] that men may feel the ultrarelease into their world of that flame of victory so that they may choose thereby to magnify it tonight in a world that so solemnly needs more of the sense of victory and less of the sense of defeat.

O precious ones, it is so strange that mankind must continually be enthralled by the senses and think that the living, blazing realities of God are mere figments of the imagination. Why, I tell you, precious ones, we could burst out laughing and laugh forever if it were not such a serious matter. For it is a serious matter for individuals who do not understand that the great pall of ignorance clouding their minds must be dissipated by the light of transcendent truth.

Do Not Doubt My Reality

Therefore I say to you all tonight: With joy and happiness cast aside and discard your human reason that tells you I do not exist. Some individuals have doubts about the reality of my being, for they come from other religious activities and are not familiar with my name. They are not familiar with my Reality.

I do not hold this against them but I assure them that if they would call upon me for the next seven days and recognize that there is a very strong possibility that I AM Real, I will make every attempt to cross the valley they have created in their consciousness and bridge this chasm of shadow by the release of a specific accomplishment for which they have longed for some time.

I will do this as a token of regeneration. I will do this in order to assist their faith to mount up as with eagle wings. I will do this in order to produce greater harmony in the world by enlarging the borders of the kingdom of God. This is our will. This is the will of God. This is the will of the Great White Brotherhood.

This is the mighty challenge of life. This is the purification of the world of man, for man has made his world a very muddied one indeed. And the impure colors that are worn today by many among mankind must yield to the beautiful pastels and radiance of the rainbow rays.

The power of victory in life must become more evident physically that the purity of light and the example set before the youth and children of the world may be manifest not only here but elsewhere upon the planetary body. Then shall the great scientific accomplishments of our beloved planet, Venus, be made known unto the earth and man shall understand how he can perform great surgery and services of light by spiritual light rays.

Man shall understand that he no longer need employ the old techniques that will be aborted by the onrush of new and victorious accomplishments in every field of human endeavor, specifically in the realm of Spirit. For he must learn that Spirit can conquer dust and flood forth the ascension light to free mankind now and forever.

The Record of Jesus’ Ascension

I call to your attention tonight an image of Bethany’s hill as a summoning of regeneration in thought and feeling. I have asked the angel of record responsible for the recording of the ascension of your beloved Jesus to bring that record into this forcefield tonight to see that his ascension energies are releasedinto the atmosphere here so that you may experience some action in the inner realm that will assist you to attain your own ascension. <3>

Therefore, as they are getting ready to play this record through our cosmic recording mechanism, I would like you to pass through the great drama and ritual of Jesus’ ascension in the light. Will you stand, therefore, in the awareness that by uprightness of heart mankind is able to assimilate uprightness of spirit.

[Audience stands.]

God is upright. And when men ascend, they do so because they have cast off the old and filthy garments of mortal thought and have changed them, by the power of the sacred fire, into the great victory of Life.    [Life] flows through their atoms, and therefore their flesh form feels the mighty light rays of God remove the old, tired, fatigued state of consciousness from their being, causing the roseate hue of the dawn of spiritual victory to flow through the blood and change it into golden liquid light.

Then the mighty fire of the heart, breaking forth from the chalice thereof, surges up with the golden light of victory. This beautiful golden light pours through the hands and the light rays are directed downward toward  earth to release the hold of gravity. The beautiful Christ consciousness rises upward from the ground, first a half an inch, then an inch, then a foot, then three feet, then seven feet, then twelve feet and then on and on and on until the great cloud of spiritual light, the substance from on high, the sacred fire jewel from the heart of God, the chariot of fire that raised Elijah descends and bears that victorious Christed one out of physical sight.

[When] this occurred to your beloved Jesus, he said, “Lo, I AM with you alway, even unto the end of the age.” <4> And so the angels descended and said: “This same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven,” <5>and the victory of light produced this perfection. He has descended many times since and has manifested his beautiful luminous presence unto mankind in many parts of the world, and the prophecy has been fulfilled and will be again and again and again.

And one day, as each of you wins the victory of your ascension as he did, you will know, as he did, the bond of spiritual brotherhood.

You will understand the healing touch of his hand.

You will understand the power of light’s band.

You will understand the power that thrust through

And is your victory—the victory of you and you!

Each one must attain the reality of life.

Each one must put an end to mortal strife.

Each one must purify himself

And be the essence, the life, the love of victory.

Your Victory Is My Victory

Your victory, then, is my victory. When each one of you attains the victory of life, you become as I AM. And I AM as you are in reality now. For, precious ones, perhaps you think that you are less than perfect now. Nay. I say the image of Almighty God, which he held of thee as thou camest forth from the pure white-fire essence, the white-fire core of life, is still the same today, yesterday and forever.

It is the changeless garment that you need never change. It is the changeless radiance that you would not change or part with. It is the great reality and truth of life that ends for every lifestream all struggle and sense thereof. It is the blessing of life, when men begin to experience a new birth in higher octaves and go on to become illustrious in the Mind of God.

That which is here on earth is but a beginning, a tender beginning. All that is here of pain, suffering and sorrow is but an ending of mortality flashing forth, that on the morrow the beauty and purity of the new page, the new beginning, may be made known. Then, as you begin to live in the consciousness of the throne of power and victory over yourself, you will know the meaning of the words we caused to be put upon the temples of old, the ancient inscription  “Man, know thyself.”

I say to thee tonight through the power of Serapis, who has flashed forth his consciousness and stands beside me upon this platform, that the power of the ascension action for three individuals in this room shall occur within the next ten years. I do not choose to have it hovering over you as a point of speculation; therefore, I have increased the range that you may not  know what I mean.

But the ascension currents are spiraling up from the temple of the unfed flame and you may bask in this radiance and set yourselves free as I AM free. You shall be free, as all shall be free and as we shall be together in our great victory that is to come:

The victory that cannot be denied,

The victory that cannot be decried,

The victory that shall be, is now and is to come.

Man, know thyself.

Man, know that we are one.

Man, know that God is manifestation,

That manifestation when correctly understood

And accepted is God,

That God is Victory,

That the simultaneous action of freedom

Is instituted here, as it is elsewhere,

That many souls now in captivity may go free,

That the light of God and its strength

May become the light of men.

Wait not long and thou shalt see,

For victory is to the strong

As victory is to the free.


I thank you and I bid you adieu.


 “The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

 This dictation by Mighty Victory was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Mark L. Prophet on June 13, 1965, at Mighty Victory’s Class of Angels, Elementals and Men, held in Los Angeles, California.

1. Ps. 121:1-2.

2. Deut. 6:4.

3. Scripture records that Jesus was taken up by a cloud into heaven, This is commonly referred to as Jesus’ ascension. However the Ascended Master El Morya has revealed that Jesus lived many years after this event and made his ascension after his passing from Kashmir at the age of 81.

4. Matt. 28:20.

5. Acts 1:11.