Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 40 No. 23 - Beloved Archangel Uriel and Aurora - June 8, 1997

Easter Retreat 1997


We Enter the Arena in Defense of the Child

Ho! Let the living Presence of the Archangels enter your hearts. We come in the mantle of the Sixth Ray. We are that manifestation, and we are Archangel Uriel and Aurora.

We, therefore, move through the earth for our reinforcements. We come to collect those who embodied long ago to defeat the fallen angels. We look for new contingents. We look to you, beloved, to take up your place at this juncture where angels have committed themselves to hold the line of victory for thousands upon thousands of years if necessary.

To you who are young and yet have balanced a goodly portion of your karma, I say, be fearless! Go forth and challenge social issues such as abortion, child abuse, malnutrition of infants and children, poor educational methods that deprive the child of the full flowering of mind and heart.

Therefore we enter the arena in defense of the child. We enter the arena with a determination that you have not seen for a long, long time. Our determination is to fight, to continue to fight, to take up our swords, to rest upon our swords, and to fight again and again on behalf of the souls, the minds, the bodies and the hearts of innocent children.

Blessed ones, the fury of the Divine Mother is in our sails. Therefore we are determined that where there is life there is dignity, there is transcendence and the ability to move on in the cycles of being--no matter the roadblock! And all who embrace the Great Mother Kali shall be protected by the Archangels and her legions of Light.

Our beginnings and our endings come full circle in the Sixth Ray of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ. There we take our stand. There we move on behalf of segments of life who have the opportunity to realize Godhood—yes, I said to realize Godhood. And whether here or hereafter, your soul must recognize her potential for Godhood. When the action of the sacred fire comes upon you, you must see it for what it is. Not only that, but you must see the fire go out of the mouth of the Two Witnesses. Furthermore, you must observe the Messenger’s decree momentum that allows her to deliver that fire here, there, and across the planetary body.

Defend the Holy Innocents!

Know, then, beloved, that we, Archangel Uriel and Aurora, would enlist all of you to enter our ranks no matter what your background, no matter under what Archangel you serve. We are here to turn the world around. And Archangel Jophiel is profoundly gratified that you have joined the ranks of many who are finally ready, willing and able to take on the exposé of the tobacco industry.

And beyond that, there are many areas where scientific understanding is kept from the people, such as the medical establishment, which withholds the understanding of how to cure cancer and many other diseases. It is withheld because of the amount of money the medical establishment has vested in medical equipment that has still not served them nor brought ultimate healing to the people. Money and the money beast are a part of the entrenched health-care system, beloved. And that beast is humongous, its tentacles reaching into every area of human life.

Therefore understand this. Wherever there is injustice, wherever there are those who move against the people, who cannot defend themselves, we, the legions of the Sixth Ray, go forth in the name of Padma Sambhava, of Jesus Christ, of Lord Maitreya, of Gautama Buddha and of Sanat Kumara. We go forth to conquer Death and Hell. We claim all souls for the Light. And we would bring down the judgment upon the seed of the Wicked One, and that Judgment Call must come through you!

Many of you still need merit to accrue your 51 percent of balanced karma and to go beyond that level. Therefore, enter King Arthur’s Court for the love of El Morya and thereby accrue merit in your four lower bodies. Engage in your marathons, for they will carry you higher than you think. Invoke the judgment of the fallen angels. Keep abreast of what they are doing. Move against them before they move against you and innocent people. For this is what can happen when you do not go all the way with a particular issue. Once you have started a war, beloved, you must finish that war. You cannot stop in the middle.

Read The Art of War by Sun Tzu and other books on strategies of war. Read about how the Allies fought and won in Russia and Europe but came home from Korea and Viet Nam far short of total victory. Take note of the pride and intrigue of high-ranking officers and people in high levels of government, including President Lyndon Johnson. Fighting these no-win wars resulted in a great loss of life. So see it, beloved. So understand it. There is either the victory that comes because all are determined and know that they will have the victory come what may, or else there are those who are so halfhearted that if they could, they would even give away slices of this nation.

Unless You Determine to Do Something about It,
 This Civilization Could Go Down!

Well, beloved, if there is to be a golden age, there must be a golden-age society made up of individuals who have integrity, honor and prowess--including strength of heart, strength of the chakras and strength of the mind. And if you garner both the masculine and feminine strength of your being out of the sacred fire of the Kundalini, you will be able to work change through the very empowerment you have received from us.

This is our call to you, beloved. Internalize it, and go out and champion your cause! And be certain that that cause is aligned with the Great White Brotherhood. Be certain that you can still serve the Great White Brotherhood and fight causes that must be won in order for this civilization to rise again.

And I say “rise again” because if you do not, this civilization will go down right before your very eyes. Will you let it go down, beloved, or will you sacrifice! sacrifice! sacrifice! until you have turned it around and you can see the light of the dawn?

Must we go through planetary cataclysm? Many have asked this question. In large part, it is up to you, for you are among the very few who understand the tremendous power of the science of the spoken Word. But even if you do not understand the vastness of its power, you can most certainly feel its action. Nevertheless, you do not fully know its power, for you do not see how Elohim of God do inspire you, do bring you to that place of ultimate oneness with the living Word.

Beloved ones, we come because in the few short years that remain for you to accelerate your violet-flame decrees for Saint Germain, there is yet an opportunity for the lightbearers to stop war, to stop disease, to stop plague, to stop famine and to stop the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. They have not ceased to crisscross the nations, even as they have dumped mankind’s karma upon the nations ever since that karma became physical. [The physical cycle of the ride of the Four Horsemen extends from April 23, 1990 to April 23, 2002]. It is even possible to stop that Death Rider, even that one who has ridden in California. <1>

Yes, beloved, understand the powers that Lord Maitreya and Jesus Christ wield on the Sixth Ray. See what you can do and what we can do together as we move with all our might to defy the forces of Death and Hell that plague the people of earth.

As you know, Antichrist is truly ensconced not only in the motion picture industry, but also in art, entertainment, fashion, literature (pulp fiction), theater and in music, especially in the distortions of sound. But most of all, Antichrist comes to tear down the builders who build for the soul of every child of God on earth. Therefore we must help the child build firm foundations in the four lower bodies and especially in the mental body. So let right brain and left brain be the pillars for early child development that will lead to leadership and genius. There are so many inroads wherein the dark ones seek to corrupt the souls of light that I can scarcely number them.

But if you discount numbers and count only the number one, which is God, which contains only the allness of God-good, then you will see that every morning as the sun comes over the horizon, you have an opportunity to turn your world around and to call to the Archangels to bind the fallen angels who move against the lightbearers and are still bent on destroying this earth.

It Is Yet Possible to Turn Around This Civilization

The Messenger will go forth and she will deliver our Teachings to all who will receive them. Even so, we would enlist many of you, both in your groups and here at headquarters, who are available to crisscross the nations and bring these Teachings to as many souls of light as will receive them. For if you will do this, many will see the possibilities that are also open to them. Yes, many will understand that we, as sons and daughters of God, can work the alchemy of change in the earth. Therefore, believe that it is yet possible to turn around this decadent civilization in the three years’time that is yet available to you. <2>

So, you see, the three years that are in your hands are given to you as a tremendous opportunity for world transmutation through the violet flame. Beloved Ascended Lady Master Portia places in your hands the opportunity to bring many souls of light into captivity for the work of their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha. And so I counsel you to work with souls who will multiply the violet-flame action that Saint Germain so needs for the victory of this three-year cycle.

Keep your wallet-size Charts of the Presence with you. For you must always be ready to tell someone what that chart means and why that thoughtform is so powerful. Be ready to speak, then, that you might bring these souls to the fount of living Truth.

Burn the Midnight Oil

How can you do this if you do not study? Burn the midnight oil until you are able to articulate the Teachings of the Ascended Masters. These Teachings can and will bring people to the fount of their own Christhood. But if you do not go out and try to deliver them, then you will never know how many souls you might have brought to their own Mighty I AM Presence.

And therefore we must send you, even as Jesus sent the other seventy, to prepare the way for his coming. And early on in your pilgrimage, you will learn that there are no limits to your capacity to transfer the magnificent Word of God to souls who are just waiting to hear that Word.

Christianity Has Become a Milksop Religion

What a pity that Christianity has been watered down to a milksop religion where the individual has no recourse to a real life-giving interchange with his innate divinity and with the ascended hosts of the Lord. To this day the Church continues to flunk the one-question exam that was central to the fourth-century Arian controversy: How is man saved? Through emulating Jesus or through worshiping him?

The Church’s idolatrous position disenfranchises the believer, who, to remain loyal, has had to swallow the edicts of prelates, who have codified hundreds of years of controversy in self-serving anathemas.

Starting with Emperor Constantine’s imposition of the Nicene Creed at the First Council of Nicaea in 325 and on to Emperor Justinian’s Fifth General Council of the Church in 553, the liberating, empowering implications of reincarnation and direct access to the indwelling Christ have been expunged from the Christian path. <3>

Indeed, until the rule of law afforded common people protection against wanton murder, the Church resorted to any means it deemed necessary to maintain its citadel of power. The genocidal extermination of the thirteenth-century Cathars in southern France is but one chapter in the history of the Church that has caused many an angel to weep throughout centuries of ecclesiastical infamy. <4>

And so today official Church doctrine offers no recourse to souls without moorings, adrift in samsara. Yet the saving of souls and civilization, even the planet itself, requires a very personal living interchange with the Presence of God. And so we, Uriel and Aurora, offer this communion; for this is our mission.

Where, then, are the people who can understand this mission? They are here. You are this people! Come forward, blessed ones. Come with the hosts of the Lord!

When people hear the message of reincarnation, they rejoice with new hope. For they understand that they may be given another opportunity to make up for some great failure that they might have accidentally or knowingly gotten themselves into. What a pity it is to pass from the screen of life knowing you have left a cause undone because of some fragmenting of your being that you were not able to pull together into a harmonious focus.

Know the Enemy, Resolve to Win and
Maintain Your Unflinching Tie to Mighty Victory!

Know this, beloved, that there is a moment—and this is that moment—to decide that you and you alone can move as a Joan of Arc, as an Edna Ballard (who was incarnated as Joan of Arc). But, beware, devotion to an honorable cause may not be enough to achieve your victory. You must stay attuned to the voice of your Holy Christ Self and the ascended hosts.

Now learn from the example of the Maid of Orleans. She was within a hair’s breadth of a victorious mission when, counter to the warnings of her inner “voices,” she attacked a town that harbored French loyalists to England. They betrayed her and allowed the English to entrap her. The French king responded to the English demands for her ransom with a mere ho-hum. He no longer had any use for this Maid of Orleans, though she had given her all for him.

Ironically, her ransom was finally paid by her enemies in the Church. But they wanted her solely for vengeance, and their devious machinations reached their denouement on May 30, 1431 when she was burned at the stake. At the last, Archangel Michael instructed her to inhale the smoke that her pain not be protracted, whereupon her soul took flight to higher realms.

Blessed ones, those were the times when people decided to wage war and win. It was clear-cut. And although Joan of Arc caused her own downfall by her failure to follow her inner guides, she did not deny her tie to them at her trial. On the contrary, she went to the stake defending her right to direct communion with God.

Blessed ones, these are the days, in this three-year cycle, when you can effect definitive change for millions. See what you can do using the media. Yes, see what you can do to broadcast this message to millions by appearing on talk shows as you move across this country.

Yes, beloved, now is the time to say we will have the victory. For if in three years that victory is not won, then you can anticipate a certain darkness and a certain lowering of consciousness in the world and many changes that may not be positive. But I will not speak about them now, for I will not place them on the ethers and therefore give those changes the energy to come to pass.

Everything Is Up to You!

Know, then, beloved, as you have never known it before or realized it, that everything is up to you. We cannot play your part on the stage of life. Only you can play that part—you who are in embodiment, you who are the gracious ones who are willing to give that much to Saint Germain.

You, beloved, can make the difference! Therefore, decide today to do it. Come together. Reason together. And speak again and again to one another as to how you will have the victory in various areas of this Church and its branches.

We, Archangel Uriel and Aurora, salute you. We salute you in the sacred fire of God. We salute you in all levels of being. Give your calls to Astrea for the encirclement of the returning karma that comes through the Hale-Bopp comet. <5> Beloved ones, it is mankind’s returning karma visiting again and again the nations of the earth and the planet. Therefore, now is the time for cosmic and personal transmutation.

How do you get cosmic transmutation? You get it by the squaring of the circle. You get it by the action of dynamic decrees. You get it by increasing the strength of your spirit. You get it by raising the plume of sacred fire on the altar of being. You get it by expanding the heart. And finally, you get it by the giving of yourself many times over.

Give it a try, beloved! You will never know until you try, until you enter this battle, how much you can win, not only for Saint Germain but as a guarantee of your own ascension.

In the flame of living Truth, I salute you, one and all. May Truth be the commander of your life.

We seal you in the glory of the Word in the Beginning—the Word out of which all things, including your four lower bodies, were made. Embrace the life everlasting, even as you know this Truth.


“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

The five-day conference Easter Retreat 1997 was held March 26, 1997, through March 30, 1997, at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana. The dictation by Archangel Uriel and Aurora printed in this Pearl of Wisdom was given by the Messenger for the Great White Brotherhood, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, on Thursday, March 27, 1997. Uriel and Aurora’s dictation along with the dictations from Peace and Aloha and from Archangel Michael and the Seven Archangels are available on audiocassette B97061P (1 hr. 11 min., $7.50 plus $2.75 postage and handling).

[N.B. This dictation was edited for print by the Messenger under Uriel and Aurora’s direction.]

1. The Heaven’s Gate suicides. During the first week of April, 1997, Marshall Applewhite convinced thirty-eight of his Heaven’s Gate followers that planet earth was about to be recycled and that a spaceship behind the Hale-Bopp comet was coming to pick them up and take them to a utopian “Next Kingdom.” To rendezvous with the ship, all thirty-nine committed suicide in their Rancho Santa Fe mansion twenty miles north of San Diego. Mother said, “It is spiritually unlawful to take your own life no matter what the reason, whether it’s to reach a higher source or to escape unpleasant circumstances. We can’t play God.”

2. On July 7, 1996, Saint Germain asked his chelas to organize and work as never before to overturn the dire prophecies for the remaining three and a half years of the nineties. As of the publication of this Pearl of Wisdom, only two and a half years of this period remain.

3. See Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Reincarnation, The Missing Link in Christianity, ch. 18.

4. See Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Reincarnation, The Missing Link in Christianity, ch. 21.

5. The Hale-Bopp comet. El Morya explained: “The comet Hale-Bopp pierces through the cosmic waves, depositing its cargo...[which] creates ripples upon ripples of waves that accelerate the release of negative records into the earth’s atmosphere.” El Morya asked the students to call to Mighty Cosmos to release his secret rays to consume the negative rays of the comet before they could settle around the earth.