Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 39 No. 39 - Beloved Archangel Michael - September 29, 1996

The Messenger Stumps South America
The Sword of the Spirit
Saint Germain Sends His Messenger and the Seven Archangels
to South America to Inaugurate the Aquarian Age on Earth

Part 3

In reality, if you can accept it, you are the foundation layers of the age of Aquarius. And it is you who may effect a mitigation of world karma so that continents may not sink and world cataclysm may be mitigated and the prophesied world war <1> may also be quelled.

You can do this–thanks to Lord Maitreya’s empowerment of the lightbearers of the world with his stupendous dispensation: the power of the ten thousand-times-ten thousand. Speaking on behalf of the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood, Lord Maitreya said:

From this day forward, every decree that you utter shall be multiplied by the power of the ten thousand-times-ten thousand!

      I, Maitreya, declare that those who join together throughout the world to give dynamic decrees on behalf of humanity shall be creating a tremendous, impelling, swiftly moving acceleration that shall sweep through the earth and compel her evolutions free! <2>

Ten thousand-times-ten thousand equals one hundred million. Thus, every time you give a dynamic decree you are benefiting one hundred million people.

Additionally, when you join together with others to decree, the power is multiplied by the square of the number of people present. This means, for example, that for a group of eight decreers, the power of light released is equal to eight squared, i.e., sixty-four times the power if only one person were decreeing! For a group of fifty, the power of light released is equal to fifty squared, or twenty-five hundred–and so on.

And sixty-four multiplied by the power of the ten thousand-times-ten thousand equals 6.4 billion. Twenty-five hundred multiplied by the power of the ten thousand-times-ten thousand equals 250 billion.

Having received such a monumental dispensation, you who have now bonded with the ascended hosts are truly empowered to work alchemical change for the transformation of worlds within and worlds without.

Think about getting together with the members of your local Study Group or Teaching Center on Friday or Saturday night and tuning in through the telephone patch to the service in King Arthur’s Court. Yes, think of how effective your gathering together can be as your decrees are multiplied by the power of the ten-thousand-times-ten-thousand and the square of the number of devotees “present.”

Furthermore, when you give your heartfelt decrees to the violet flame for fifteen minutes or more in Omri-Tas’ name, the beloved Ruler of the Violet Planet will multiply those decrees, quality for quality, by the power of ten. Why, you have already experienced such an impetus of energy and enthusiasm in the dynamism of your decrees that you have actually turned around certain negative conditions that were entrenched in this city!

The Hour of Your Victory

I tell you, beloved, Elohim are offering you a cornucopia of fruitful options whereby you may choose practical solutions to problems ranging from the junk in your backyard to the debris in outer space. Now the Seven Mighty Elohim reach out to you, and this is their plea:

“Tarry with us. Work with us. Give your most powerful calls to us and to the Seven Archangels so that we may perform a mighty work in this octave in your behalf.

“Only give the call!
“Only give the call!
“Only give the call!
“Only give the call!
“Only give the call and you shall see what the transformation of a planet can be!”

   You who remember the golden ages of Atlantis and Lemuria may very well see the golden age of Aquarius that is to come. But this will come to pass not only because you decided that it will be a golden age but because you also determined to make it a golden age.

Blessed ones, this is your planet. Make the most of it!

Within a century or less, you who are here today may not be in embodiment unless, of course, the Lords of Karma mandate your soul’s reincarnation for another round to finish unfinished business. Think about that.

What legacy will you have left to your children?

Will it be a higher education?

Will it be money?

Will it be power?

Will it be the things of this world?

Or will it be a bequeathal of a spiritual inheritance and a well-worn path of guideposts that unerringly point the way to eternal life through faith and good works culminating in the ascension?

And will the spiritual inheritance that you bequeath to them set such an example of godliness and good works, founded upon the love of Jesus Christ, that your offspring and loved ones will choose thereby to follow you into the realms of God?

O beloved ones, be not shortsighted.

This is the hour of your victory!

Yes, this is the hour of your victory!

I bow to the light within you, and I move on.

For we the Archangels traverse the nations and assess their burdens moment by moment as we care for the 5.7 billion souls who call planet earth home.

I love you. I embrace you, each one, and I hold you in my arms even as I press my heart to your heart.

The love that heaven holds for you, beloved, is beyond your comprehension. Believe me when I tell you that God’s love rests upon you now and forever.

I bow to the threefold flame within your heart, for we the Archangels are the servants of the sons and daughters of God, and therefore we bow to the light within you. - [17-second standing ovation]

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

On a 33-day stumping tour of South America, the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, delivered a dictation by Saint Germain and one of the Seven Archangels in each of the seven cities she and the Stump team visited: Buenos Aires, Argentina; Pôrto Alegre, Santos and São Paulo, Brazil; Bogotá and Medellín, Colombia; and Quito, Ecuador. The dictation by Archangel Michael printed in this Pearl of Wisdom was given following the dictation by Saint Germain on Monday, March 4, 1996, at the Plaza São Rafael, Pôrto Alegre, Brazil. Before Saint Germain’s and Archangel Michael’s dictations, the Messenger delivered her lectures “Saint Germain’s Prophecy for the Aquarian Age” (see pp. 27-38, this volume) and “How to Call upon Angels to Protect Yourself and Loved Ones.” The two dictations are available on audiocassette A96036P along with the Messenger’s lecture “How to Call upon Angels to Protect Yourself and Loved Ones” (total 1 hr. 29 min., $7.50 plus $2.75 postage and handling).

[N.B. This dictation was edited for print by the Messenger under Archangel Michael’s direction.] Throughout these notes PoW is the abbreviation for Pearls of Wisdom.

1. Prophesied world war. Some believe that Mother Mary’s second and third Fátima secrets include prophecies of nuclear war, holocaust or major world changes. In 1963, the German newspaper Neues Europa printed a supposed extract from the third secret given by Mother Mary on July 13, 1917, to three shepherd children at Fátima, Portugal. It read in part, “A great chastisement will come over all mankind; not today or tomorrow but in the second half of the twentieth century....The age of ages is coming, the end of all ends if mankind will not repent and be converted and if this conversion does not come from rulers of the world and of the Church.” On March 8, 1996, speaking of the potential for world war, the Messenger said that the worst possibilities include “total world war and major world cataclysm–the sinking and rising of continents.”

2. The power of the ten thousand-times-ten thousand. See Lord Maitreya, July 1, 1961, in 1984 PoW, Book I, p. 63; and Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, The Science of the Spoken Word, pp. 78-79.