Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 39 No. 11 - Beloved Archangel Zadkiel - March 17, 1996

The Messenger Stumps South America
Zadkiel Appoints Six Violet-Flame Angels
to Each One in Attendance
Saint Germain Sends His Messenger and the Seven Archangels
to South America to Inaugurate the Aquarian Age on Earth

Part 3

Now, in this hour, angels of my bands gather in the etheric temple that we have superimposed over this hall. They also enter the temple of your being, each one, and they kneel before the altar of your heart. And I announce to you, sons and daughters of God, that at the conclusion of tonight’s service, I, Zadkiel, with Holy Amethyst, will appoint six violet-flame angels to each of you in attendance who will graciously receive them.

As a result of this dispensation, you will surely entertain angels, but you will not entertain them unawares. <1>For you will come to know these six angels as your guides, your guardians and your friends. You will come to know them by the celestial sound of their voices and by the hymns of praise they sing unto the LORD, which they will gladly teach you if you ask them.

These angels have volunteered to serve you. They will set you on course, and they will reveal to you the alchemy of the violet flame. They will teach you how you can be effective in applying the violet flame in your household and for the upliftment of your family, your neighborhood and your planet.

They will show you how you can multiply that flame by the very candlepower of the flame within your heart to meet the challenges you will face during the age of Aquarius. And if you stay on course, these angels will lay before you precise knowledge of the deeper mysteries of the path of the Seventh Ray, including the mystery of the “squaring of the circle” of the Seventh Ray.

Thousands of Violet-Flame Angels Volunteered
to Go to Buenos Aires

In preparation for my coming here this evening, I summoned to my retreat over the island of Cuba a number of regiments from among my many bands of angels, and I asked them:

“Who will go for me?  Who will go to Buenos Aires?  Who will go to Argentina and stand by the Keepers of the Flame and souls new to the Teachings who are just beginning the ascent to their Mighty I AM Presence that will ultimately lead them to Shamballa, etheric City of Light?”

Well, beloved ones, thousands of violet-flame angels raised their hands and said:  “Send me!  Send me!  Send me!”

All fervently desired to go to Buenos Aires that they might be tied to your hearts. For it is their intent to raise you out of the valley of despair and despondency unto the Holy Spirit’s action of the violet flame. This is a ritual my angels desire to perform for you, each one, so that your four lower bodies might be permeated with violet flame and that your souls might be washed in the light of your eternal freedom.

Now I say, bless your angels in the morning. Bless them at night and throughout the day. Send them on errands!  They are God’s messengers (evangels <*>), sent to you that they might assist you in bringing in the golden age of Aquarius. Send them on assignments to minister to the sick, to feed and clothe the poor and to reach out to the homeless and the street children.

Command Your Angels:  They Only Await Your Mandate!

Read your newspapers. Open your eyes to the appalling conditions that burden the disenfranchised peoples of this country and, to a greater or lesser extent, all of South America.

Send your angels into the neighborhoods of the poorest of the poor!  Command them to rescue the souls who are desperate, as the karma of those souls allows!

Command your angels to heal the economies of the nations of mismanagement, cronyism, state and private monopolies, tax evasion by the wealthy, bloated bureaucracies and excessive debt.

Command your angels to bring judgment upon the fallen angels who have infiltrated the governments, the ruling elites and the national and international banking houses, manipulating currencies and interest and exchange rates and blocking the constitutional, social and cultural changes needed to create healthy economies.

Command your angels to raise up the nations to a standard of living whereby the children may eat balanced meals and have warm clothing, medical care and a basic education.

Command your angels to compel the government and the private sector to take action by setting up food and clothing banks on behalf of the poor.

And, yes, command your angels to intercede so that parents will receive training (or retraining) in jobs that will reward them with a good paycheck, food on the table and, above all, self-esteem.

Command your angels to nurture, defend and protect all children through loving fathers and mothers or adoptive or foster parents. And once you have solved the problem of feeding and clothing the children and meeting their medical needs, command your angels, I say, to focus on literacy and spiritual enlightenment for people of every age and in every socioeconomic bracket.

Indeed, command your angels to turn around the nations of South America and bring this generation to new heights of oneness with their Mighty I AM Presence. Yet remember, beloved, that only the compassionate heart, the selfless heart, can take on such a task and be successful.

Again I say, send your angels!  For they only await your mandate. Yes, it is true–they only await your mandate!  Command them and they will perform miracles in your name.

Learning how to command your angels is a wondrous way to enter the Path!  And I, Zadkiel, with Holy Amethyst, commend it to you with heartfelt love and sincerity.

A Mission to Transform Your World

Now, I want you to know that angels have immense feeling worlds and powerful auras, which they use to project the virtues of God to the receptive on earth. And so, when they draw nigh to you (even if you do not see them), you can feel their vibrations of love, joy, compassion, healing, mercy and peace. When you match these vibrations in your own feeling world, God can use you to uplift the planet.

I AM Zadkiel. I send you, together with your six violet-flame angels, on a mission to transform your world, beginning with yourself and the patch of earth that you occupy. I ask you, then, to act on behalf of your cities and your governments. Become a representative of the righteousness of God without being self-righteous.

See the saving of your neighborhood and your country as equal in importance to the saving of your soul and many souls, especially those of the children who cry out to you to deliver them of the pain of a useless existence. You are called to do both, beloved.

A Twelve-Month Period to Prepare for the Messenger’s Return

And so the anticipated moment has come:  it is time for you to formally receive and bond with your six violet-flame angels. Through this bonding, you will move with them and they with you as together you multiply your selfless service on behalf of every part of life. Call upon the Lord, then, and upon your angels, and see how the Lord and your angels will intercede in your behalf.

Beloved Amethyst and I do place upon the altar of our retreat a sealed focus. This focus will not be unveiled until the purpose of our coming to Buenos Aires has been fulfilled.

Now, beloved, I bless you. And the Ascended Master Melchizedek is also present and does bless you, each one.

You have much work to do. And if we are to send the Messenger and her team back to South America in a year, as is Saint Germain’s desire, then let the ensuing months be a period of preparation for the convocation of many souls of light who may win their ascension in this life because you have connected them to the Messenger and to the Teachings of the Ascended Masters.

Ere twelve months have passed, may you come to the altar bearing many fruits. This is my decree and my prophecy. So may it be done and so may it be fulfilled.

In the name of the Lord God Almighty, in the name of your Mighty I AM Presence, we serve. The Archangels have known you since your birth in the heart of God, when you and your twin flame were created. The Archangels are as ancient as the Ancient of Days.

Out of the heart of Saint Germain, I commend you to this God-victorious path of Freedom and Divine Justice in the age of Aquarius.

I bid you a fond adieu till we meet again. - [28-second standing ovation]


On a 33-day stumping tour of South America, the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, delivered a dictation by Saint Germain and one of the Seven Archangels in each of the seven cities she and the Stump team visited:  Buenos Aires, Argentina; Pôrto Alegre, Santos and São Paulo, Brazil; Bogotá and Medellín, Colombia; and Quito, Ecuador. The dictation by Archangel Zadkiel printed in this Pearl of Wisdom was given on Saturday, March 2, 1996, at the Central Cultural Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Before Archangel Zadkiel’s dictation, the Messenger delivered her lecture “How Angels Help You to Create Miracles in Your Life” and gave teachings on the Chart of Your Divine Self. The first movement of Beethoven’s “Emperor Concerto” was played as the meditation music in preparation for the dictation. The March 2 dictations by Saint Germain and Archangel Zadkiel are available on audiocassette. The two-cassette album includes the Messenger’s lecture “How Angels Help You to Create Miracles in Your Life” and her teachings on Saint Germain’s embodiments and on the Chart of Your Divine Self (total 2 hr. 56 min., $14.95 plus $2.75 postage and handling, A96034P). [N.B. This dictation was edited for print by the Messenger under Archangel Zadkiel’s direction.] Throughout these notes PoW is the abbreviation for Pearls of Wisdom.

* evangel (from Greek euangelos ‘bringing good news’, from eu- + angelos, from angelos ‘messenger’):  one who proclaims a gospel message.

1. Heb. 13:2.