Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 39 No. 10 - Beloved Archangel Zadkiel - March 10, 1996


The Messenger Stumps South America

Zadkiel Appoints Six Violet-Flame Angels
to Each One in Attendance
Saint Germain Sends His Messenger and the Seven Archangels
to South America to Inaugurate the Aquarian Age on Earth

Part 2


My beloved friends, I AM the Archangel of the Seventh Ray. And Holy Amethyst and I, together with our legions, are in the service of Saint Germain and his divine complement, the Ascended Lady Master Portia. Under their sponsorship, I delivered a pivotal dictation in Washington, D.C., on November 25, 1987.

In this dictation, I laid before the people of America, Keepers of the Flame and stalwart sons and daughters of God two options for the future. I painted two scenes:  a scene of victory and a scene of defeat for the United States and, consequently, for planet earth. I stated that the lightbearers must determine which way the planet would go. My message applied not only to the citizens of the United States of America but to the citizens of the entire Western Hemisphere. Following is an excerpt of that dictation:


I cast before you now a vision of violet flame, as over the land a sacred fire does burn:  all of America covered by violet flame. This is the vision whereby you see what destiny America can deliver unto the nations. It is a future of hope, prosperity and light, and an inner walk with God. This is the vision of Saint Germain....

      ...This is Option the First whereby you the Lightbearers, by Holy Amethyst’s ray, determine that the all-consuming fire of God shall be for transmutation and transformation in the earth body and element, in the sea and the waters, and in the air....

      ...The scene of violet flame covering the land is one that can be accomplished by you. And if it is not, beloved, then you will see Option the Second. You will see coming to pass the third vision of George Washington <1>:

   You will see a cloud coming forth out of the East and out of the West and over the seas. You will see warfare and bloodshed upon this very continent and soil. You will see, beloved, cities of the nation overcome and burdened, a people rising up by the call of Micah, the Angel of Unity, to be one and to turn back the Adversary. And you will see as hope against hope the failing of those of America to turn back that nightmare of the Great War.

You will see, then, that the only deliverance that can come to a people so unprepared as this to face a world war is Divine Intervention. And yet, beloved, though the angelic hosts descend, some among you must be pillars of fire whereby to anchor that Divine Intercession.

Therefore, see and know, beloved, that what kind of victory shall be your own is truly your choice and choosing in this hour. <2>

Meet the Challenges of the Hour
Swaddled in the Garments of Sanat Kumara

For lightbearers to meet the challenges of the hour will require that each one be centered in his heart, his Holy Christ Self and his Mighty I AM Presence. Remember that your dwelling place in the LORD, your Mighty I AM Presence, is a series of spheres within spheres that make up what is known as the Body of First Cause, or the Causal Body. There you are hidden in the “secret place of the Most High” <3>and swaddled in the garments of the Lord Sanat Kumara.

The garments of Sanat Kumara are the spheres within spheres of his Causal Body, in which he envelops you as you engage in the ongoing process of purifying your auric field, your chakras and your four lower bodies.

Yes, Sanat Kumara challenges you to transmute your negative karma by your vigorous exercise of the science of the spoken Word. This blessed hierarch, who is absolutely devoted to your victory, promises that when you call to him he will amplify your dynamic decrees for the transmutation of that very misqualified substance that has prevented you from entering into the initiations of the lineage he sponsors.

And so I say, enter in to the joy of Sanat Kumara’s sponsorship of you through the Messenger. And may it be said that your joy is full and that your cup of gladness runneth over with mercy and compassion for all. For it is joy and your celebration of the abundant life that enable you to call upon the Five Sponsoring Masters of your lineage–and yes, to call upon the Lord God Almighty and to know that the answer to your call will be forthcoming.

Violet-Flame Healing and the
Dispensation of the Violet-Flame Sea

I AM Zadkiel of the Light. I bring healing that is a very special kind of healing, for it is the healing that comes through the violet flame. It is channeled to you, whose heart chakras are open and receptive tonight, from all the hierarchies, worlds without end, who tend the violet flame.

In addition, the evolutions of the Violet Planet, whose ruler is the inimitable Omri-Tas, are engaged in a magnificent transfer of the violet flame’s healing energy directly to the chakras of certain lightbearers throughout the world who have rendered valiant service to the Brotherhood and to their nations.

Omri-Tas has come forward in support of Saint Germain, lending him his violet-flame legions and the positive momentum of the evolutions of the Violet Planet in order that the age of Aquarius might indeed be a golden age. This venerable hierarch has given a number of landmark dispensations to the people of earth, including a stupendous violet-flame sea, which he deposited in the heart of the earth. <4>

The function of the violet-flame sea is to purify and transmute misqualified energies that have accumulated on the earth’s surface, within its crust and at the very center. There the violet-flame sea can take the form of a fiery violet-flame vortex, spinning at an unfathomable velocity and drawing unto itself vast accumulations of planetary effluvia and human karma that mankind and all sentient life have borne for thousands of years.

But as great a dispensation as the violet-flame sea is, it cannot work for you unless you give your violet-flame decrees daily for that sea and that vortex to consume the toxic materials that have been layered in the earth as civilization after civilization has compounded the burdens of planetary life.

Shamballa:  A Dispensation Lost

As many of you know, Sanat Kumara, hierarch of Venus, came to earth in her darkest hour to keep the flame of Life for earth’s evolutions. <5>The Cosmic Council had decreed the dissolution of the planet because not a single soul was giving adoration to the God Presence.

Sanat Kumara’s goal was to reignite the threefold flame in the hearts of those who had forfeited that divine spark through abuse. Yet by cosmic law he could not and he cannot reignite that flame unless the soul who has lost it is willing to balance the karma he has made in his violation of the threefold flame throughout the centuries. For in violating the flame, the soul violates the Persons of the Trinity, who embody that flame–Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

One hundred and forty-four thousand stalwart sons and daughters of the planet Venus volunteered to accompany Sanat Kumara to earth. Four hundred from among them formed a retinue to go before him to build the legendary Shamballa on an island in the Gobi Sea. Subsequently that land became desert, for the evolutions of mankind had scoffed at the Lord Sanat Kumara and his devotees.

In one day, Shamballa was transported to the etheric octave. And where there had once been a magnificent city, suddenly there was only desert. Those who stood by and beheld Shamballa literally rise into the heavens and disappear beyond the clouds were left standing on the desert floor, gaping in wonderment.

The story of Shamballa is the story of a dispensation lost for the failure on the part of many to receive a great hierarch of light. The people’s karma descended in a day because they neither revered nor obeyed the Lord Sanat Kumara. It is another episode in the archives of a planet in which a dispensation was lost because of the sin of ingratitude.

Shamballa, great city of light and retreat of Sanat Kumara, O how we extol thee!  O Lord of the Seven Lights, we would give our very lives to woo mankind back to their God estate!

May you be humble before the living Buddha and the seed of the Buddha that germinates within each one’s heart when that one is ready. May you be humble before the living Christ and the flame of the Christ that is kindled in each one according to his fervor unto the Lord. And may you know, O saints of God, that your victory is secured when, in sacred vow before the altar, you bind your heart to the heart of God.

 - to be continued




1. “Washington’s Vision of America’s Trials.” During the long winter at Valley Forge, George Washington received a vision through a mysterious visitor (the Goddess of Liberty) of three great perils that would come upon the Republic–the Revolutionary War, the War between the States and a third world conflict. The most fearful peril would be the third, in which armies from Europe, Asia and Africa would devastate the whole country. At the end of the vision, an angel upon whose head shone the word Union and legions from heaven descended to join the inhabitants of America, rolling back the invading armies and bringing victory to the land. See Saint Germain On Alchemy, pp. 142-51, or The Great White Brotherhood in the Culture, History and Religion of America, pp. 118-23.

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