Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 34 No. 49 - Beloved Saint Germain - October 16, 1991


Thirty-Third Anniversary of The Summit Lighthouse
Our Magnet of Love
The Pillar of Fire of Divine Love Descends upon This Altar:
I Offer You the Cup of the Elixir of Divine Love

The Empowerment of Love


Hail, Keepers of the Flame of The Summit Lighthouse!

[Congregation gives the salutation:]

Hail, Saint Germain!  Hail, Saint Germain!  Hail, Saint Germain!

[32-second standing ovation]

Hail, Christed ones who keep the flame of my fraternity!  I am in your heart the living flame of cosmic freedom, and each time you invoke the flame of cosmic freedom as the living flame, I am there expanding the violet flame in your heart, which does bring about the balancing of that threefold flame and a multiplication factor that is beyond your reckoning.

Thus, beloved, to invoke the violet flame is to seal and secure the physical heart and the threefold flame. Thus I bid you enter my violet flame this day, for I come to serve. [5-second applause]

I come as servant–do I not?–to all the earth, to the heads of state, to the lowly and the heart that is humble. I have knocked on every door of every heart and home many a time in many a century, beloved. I am truly a beggar in many places. But here you have crowned me king and Portia queen of the age of Aquarius, thereby ratifying our assignment for the Aquarian age.

Is not, then, the spokesman for Christ Jesus also the beggar, beloved?  And do you not go forth with your bowls sometimes filled offering the Teaching itself?  And as you open your mouth, they change the subject. And you wonder, is there not even a small curiosity as to what is the path of the mystics?

Well, I tell you, beloved, it is not a matter of curiosity; it is a question of heart. Where there is no heart flame akin to God’s there is no desire for the Path or the Teaching itself.

I therefore come to you that you might understand that you do walk in my footsteps. For I had many incarnations, as I had to confront the powerful of this world and many, many lifestreams. Consider yourself as a Keeper of the Flame walking in my footsteps and remember what Jesus said to his disciples:  The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will persecute you also. If they have crucified me, they will crucify you also. <1>

But I, Saint Germain, am here to tell you this day that there does come an end to persecution and an end to the crucifixion and I will tell you when that end does come. It does not come in the heart of the seed of the Wicked One, beloved. They are always there at a certain level of cosmic vibration below that of God. It comes, beloved, when you have made your peace with God, when you are wholly filled and wholly satisfied, when you are in the bliss of Lord Gautama Buddha and therefore do not even recognize persecution as persecution, for the fire of your being does consume it.

Visualize yourself now superimposed with the mighty presence of the Bodhisattva-Buddha Maitreya, flames rising about you, golden flames of light and enlightenment. You can truthfully say, beloved, that that world that considers itself to be the ultimate in the styles of reality is nothing but a chimera, nothing but maya and illusion. It is no part of your God-Reality!

[And it is up to] you to maintain that bliss [of God-Reality], whether you descend to the thirty-third level of hell to preach to the fallen ones or ascend to the heights of the etheric octave or maintain the balance of both [heaven and hell] by determining to be in physical embodiment to hold the balance between them on behalf of those who cannot reach in either direction.

Yes, beloved, you do not need to languish, [idling until] the day when the kingdom of God shall come into manifestation!  You need to be up and doing, working the works of God, building this mighty fire around you that is a conflagration that is felt by those whom you meet, that is an offense to the ungodly and the hearth of Home that the pilgrim of peace has been seeking round the world and back again all of his life.

Are you not the seeker? 

Have you not found Maitreya?

Is it not time that you become Maitreya? 


Ah yes!  Yes, this is my prayer for you.

[The Summit Lighthouse] is the summation of cycles that you have not built but joined. The spiral of our beginnings in the holy seven, as Above, so below, <16> beloved, has been entered by you at that point in your life when you could catch the merry-go-round and get on and not be unbalanced.

Do you understand that the spin increases?  Do you understand that the Teaching becomes more pure, more simple, more complex and yet more obvious?  Do you understand that you must be the step-down of the Teaching?

 You must embody the basic steps and have such clear footprints, such a clear sense of the geometry of God in your being that you can speak it with the clarity of a Clare or a Saint Francis, so clear to the listening ear–speaking to the inner child, speaking to the God of that one [whom you address], speaking to the soul and heart and mind with such a fervor that you will be either accepted or rejected immediately and you can [continue to teach or] move on, depending the response.

When you are lukewarm and the fires [of your heart] are not banked, you will get a lukewarm response. When you are on fire, there is no mistaking as to what that response will be. You see it continually in the case of the Messenger and even yourselves.

It is best, beloved, aye, it is best to get it over with, to let the fire go forth–“let the chips fall where they may.”  For there are many to whom you must speak, many as you walk along life’s way, and you ought to make the call each night to be taken [out of your body during the sleep cycle] to those in physical embodiment whom you cannot [otherwise] reach.

As you know, the old dispensation required the balancing of karma person-to-person ad infinitum, and thus the Hindu concept of thousands upon thousands of incarnations, beloved. Well, there is a point to that understanding. And if you desire to fulfill the whole law, you can do it out of the body. You can go forth while your body sleeps at night. This Messenger goes forth and, whether at night or in the [waking hours of the] day, a portion of her being is always with us, working with the souls of humanity.

Therefore you can reach everyone and you will have the satisfaction of knowing the growth of your Causal Body, entering into cosmic heights once you shall have graduated from earth’s schoolroom. And I trust not one of you is in a hurry to graduate, for we intend to leave you back in grades of former levels, beloved, to keep you here until the fulfilling of spirals. Do you mind, beloved?  [“No!”]

We are grateful. For you are surely our bodies and our hands and our feet and we have much to do, much to do!  And you can gain increments on your tree of life just as well here below, in fact better. For once you get the victory over that beast and are unmoved by yourself or another, why, I say, you will be that jolly good fellow!  You will be that laughing Buddha. You will be unmoved and yet filled with the piercing fire that does quench the fiery darts of the wicked. <2>  Never mind their fire!  Just be certain that yours is greater.

Now, I did give the cup of liquid Light to my servants on the mountains of North America. <3> Yes, indeed, beloved. And I did pass the cup of Love to the founders of The Summit Lighthouse on that day and date of August 7, 1958.

Yes, beloved, and I come this day once again to offer the cup of Love. I have offered this cup to you at the Royal Teton Retreat <4> and I must say that you have not drunk all of it. You have sipped from it, beloved, and wisely so, for you have sipped but that amount that you could assimilate.

 And the assimilation process of an elixir of Love is something to go through. It requires a path of initiation. The consequence of drinking too much of the elixir of Love ere you are ready for it is a certain poisoning of the system. And therefore, sip by sip you are able to drink and there are [times] scheduled at the Royal Teton Retreat for you to return again to drink another sip. This sip, beloved, affects the chakras and your being.

The more you prepare the physical body, the more that Love is physical. The more you prepare the desire body, the more the desire body does vibrate with the desirings of Divine Love. The more you prepare the mind, the mental body, the more that body is endued with Love. Thus, as you prepare the Omega manifestation, the Alpha may come to it and you may keep [the Alpha] in this octave in a bonding of [Omega’s] light from my heart. The etheric body, then, does absorb that essence even as you cleanse and clear it. Once again a note:  This is the reason your Lanello has counseled you to clear the lines of the Clock of the etheric quadrant and then the fire signs <5> –so that you might have pressing down from that memory body the image and likeness of God in which you are made and you may mirror it in the lower bodies.

Yes, beloved, all things are possible in God. Your predecessors in past golden ages, you yourselves who have lived in [these ages] have had stronger bodies than you do today (yet those bodies were not so embedded at these lower levels of density). Thus, [because you have done so before,] you can walk [the earth] again [in this age] empowered by Love.

Is there any other power but Love?

Love includes the love of the Will of God, the love of Harmony, the love of maintaining one’s God-Control in honor before Helios and Vesta and the love of Reality that will not manufacture fantasy or phantoms or pure nonsense; nor will it allow the covering of the human by the speaking of untruths. Love, beloved, fulfills all lines of the Clock when you understand it.

Oh yes, beloved, the foundation of this activity is Love!  Love brings to the blossoms in springtime the highest manifestation and flowering. [Love brings to] the fruit of the tree and of the tree of life and of the Word of God the highest meaning of all teachings that have come forth through the I AM Activity, through Theosophy, even through the Bridge to Freedom.

Yes, the highest truths have yet to bear their fruit by the full manifestation of Love, [which shall be in this activity]–Love that does impart them and convey such profound understanding that immediately upon hearing the teaching by one empowered with Love [all souls of Light] may attain heights of consciousness to which they have not yet reached.

You who would go forth to teach, call for the heart of Jesus and Kuthumi. Call for the heart of Maitreya and the fire. Desire to convey a cup of living flame fit for the person or persons you speak to. Yes, beloved, let this be a company of Love in the rapture of Love and the communion of saints in the etheric octave.

When you lose the point of Love, go to the altar again, sing a song of Love, remind yourself why you walk the earth and why you toil. Why do you do anything if it is not to endow the very earth that you plant with Love itself?

O Love!  Love all that you see and all that you do not see!  Love is your empowerment. Love is the flame of eternal Life. Love is the Seventh Ray mingled with the power of the will of God in so many violet-purple hues.

Love is transmutation. Love brings out the best in all whom you meet. Love restores them to the sanity of the Christ Mind. True Divine Love is welcomed by those who have it, even a morsel, or have a memory of it if they have not cultivated it.

True Divine Love is the judgment upon those who reject it. And the fallen ones in the earth, beloved, detest Divine Love and anyone who does carry it. In some quarters it is out of style to smile and be happy and exult in the joy of God in heaven. Cynicism is the way and atheism and the long face and the sternness of mien.

Yes, beloved, Love endows the soul with character and the mind with the will to fulfill the profile of the avatars and the saints.

Love is the reason for being of The Summit Lighthouse.

May you be, one by one, a chalice of that Love. And as that Love descends and touches the untransmuted human sense of love, the human sympathy and empathy, let it consume it. Let compassion reign. Let kindness reign. But let that sympathy and empathy identifying with the lower nature of others be far from you!

You have heard this instruction but I, Saint Germain, repeat it, for I am bringing an endowment of Love to this activity this day. And I say it must not be perverted–misused or misqualified or misunderstood.

 Divine Love raises all to the divine ideal and the divine plan. Divine Love is uncompromising. Know this, beloved. It is uncompromising!  Thus, many do not understand Divine Love. Many will accuse you of selfishness when it is Divine Love in all its power that you are manifesting.

Divine Love is coming to the altar of God and directing that fire into the earth. Divine Love of the Holy Spirit, as you know from Pentecost itself, <6>is the judgment of abortion and the abortionist, those who abort the divine plan and life in any sector of the cosmos.

Divine Love is a two-edged sword that binds the darkness and sets free the Lightbearers who have been captives of fallen ones.

Divine Love is a mystery that you must find out but you will never do so by taking apart the petals of the flower. Only by allowing the flower of Divine Love to unfold in your heart will you discover its mystery, and you cannot know the mystery until you do.

Therefore you must trust the mystery of Divine Love. You must trust it, beloved, to come upon you. You must follow its lead, sometimes blindly, sometimes enduring the pain of returning karma, sometimes wrestling with ages-old momentums of the appetites and passions of the lower self. They will not go away without wrestling!  And you wrestle because you know that the other side of this particular stage prop is the divine reality of the rose of Love.

You pursue it in the darkest night of the soul. In the Dark Night of the Spirit, <7>you are moving toward the rose of Divine Love. And when you find it, it shall be because it has opened in your heart because you have determined that finding, seeking, finding, seeking, finding has been worth all of that, all of that to know this mighty rose of Light of the heart–yes, the rose of Light of the heart.

This activity is the culmination of all others we have sponsored. It is intended to be the culmination of all dispensations that have gone forth in 25,800 years. <8>  It can be all that you make it, all that you will it to be, all that you desire. You are the physical matrix. You are indeed The Summit Lighthouse.

Thus, remember that Archangel Michael did say upon the founding of this organization that this activity does have the greatest potential and endowment of any he had sponsored since he did bring Home the first root race. <9>  That is the cosmic matrix. That is the almost unlimited potential of this activity.

 And I say “almost,” for in the physical octave there is yet limitation of time and space. Yet time and space are the only limitation. And until you have filled time and space with the Teachings of the Ascended Masters as the waters cover the sea, beloved, you shall yet have room for expansion.

It is like your embodiment, beloved–all things are possible. Anything is possible to you in God’s will. And this is how you feel in that limitless sense of the child, even the adolescent, even the youth; [this is so] the world around. Limitations of the body that crop up by its misuse begin to convey a sense of spiritual limitation and mental limitation but this is the illusion invoked by those who misuse the body temple.

I, Saint Germain, speak to you, then, of all that must be done in this decade and of the potential for turning back prophecy.

May you begin again to give certain and specific decrees for the raising up of the physical as well as the spiritual defense of America. May you give these [calls] to Archangel Michael in a new and shortened preamble, thereby taking upon yourselves once again the labors of Hercules <10> given to you by El Morya, that you might clear the way for the people of this nation to deliver a mandate to their president and their Congress for the immediate deployment of defense against all intrusions upon this nation from those who are gaining weapons of war, nuclear weapons–even the Soviets, who increase those weapons day by day.

Yes, beloved, if you do not give forth the call to Archangel Michael as an absolute God-command out of the flame of peace, holiness and love in your heart for that defense, you will never know what might have been. And if you make the call and those who are called of God–who can implement its answer as representatives of the military and the government–do not move forward with that defense, you will have upon your record that you have made the call and done the work and therefore will have no karma and no part with those who have decided against defense.

I bid you in this process to consider what the Messenger has taught you–that unless you give the call to Helios for the binding of the dweller-on-the-threshold of those individuals who stand against defense and unless you make the call for the binding of the dweller-on-the-threshold of all citizens of the United States of America, there will not be change. For they, beloved, will remain set in their mental mind-sets, set in their fear and doubt whereby they desire to be deceived–set in their allegiance to the powers of Darkness, set in their momentums of suicide whereby they welcome a nuclear holocaust, for their time is up in any case.

Yes, beloved, I empower you this day to call for the binding of the dweller-on-the-threshold of those who are Americans–and [when I use the term Americans], I speak of the Lightbearers of the world. I speak of all, [whether they are] in or out of embodiment, who have the I AM THAT I AM, all who have a threefold flame. <11>  Make the call in their name and for them. Make the call for the binding of the fallen ones who prevent their union [with God and one another], prevent their enlightenment, prevent their contact with this activity.

You must enter into the Law of the One. <12>  Our Messenger has taught you this law. And you ought to be grateful for the divine understanding that God is one and Christ is one and, therefore, to call for the binding of the dweller-on-the-threshold of millions or billions of individuals of Light or Darkness is no greater an effort than to call for the binding of the one.

This is true unto those who understand the Law of the One of their I AM Presence, who understand that they are one in and of the Mystical Body of God. To know this intellectually is not enough, beloved:  you must know the divine reality of the mathematics of being. You have the power of the One. And when you doubt it, simply meditate upon Jesus Christ, your Lord.

Meditate upon him and think how he has borne the karma of the planet, lo, two thousand years–lo, how he, the singular individual, has brought salvation to the people of this earth, even to those who know it not; how he, the one, the avatar of the age and the ages, has manifested the Light to compensate the Darkness so that you could live and walk the earth, so that the Great White Brotherhood might continue to serve, so that all of Hierarchy could intercede in the founding of this Summit Lighthouse!

Yes, think of the One and the one with God who is the majority. Enter that God daily!  Consume your misuses of the blue-flame cross <13> and know the power of God that is available to you!  And if you must, listen again and again to these dictations and read them and do not forget them, for they are an endowment. They are the founding of and the foundation for the new level of the next thirty-three-year spiral.

Oh yes, beloved, you can do these things. And I promise you that there shall be a judgment upon those who prevent the Lord of the World and the Ruby Ray Masters and ourselves from implementing the divine plan for victory in Armageddon in the physical octave!  This is that to which we set our minds and hearts and bodies this day, our wills and our desire.

We know the ultimate victory in Armageddon on inner planes of being. But you have descended to this octave [in this life], we have descended to this octave in our former embodiments, and as long as we can occupy these low levels of vibration [through you], <17> we are determined to bring the victory to this level!  [32-second standing ovation]

Moreover, we are determined to bring this victory to lower levels and to the astral plane and ultimately to the depths of Death and Hell itself until these are swallowed up in the conflagration of Divine Love, because if we do not, some souls will be lost, as Mother Mary has said.   <14>  Therefore, we will bring it into the octaves of hell!

Beware, ye fallen ones, for the hosts of the Lord do march in your canyons this day and the Lightbearers march with them! [23-second standing ovation]

Through the Divine Mother Mary, the Church Universal and Triumphant is the crowning glory upon the Church Militant. <15>  Yet the Church Militant has not been militant and the Roman Church has not waged war against the fallen ones but has been taken over by them until the highest ranks of that church are filled [and defiled] with fallen angels!  Therefore, our Church Universal and Triumphant shall fulfill the office of the Church Militant simultaneously [with that of the Church Triumphant].

And we are on the march with Sanat Kumara and his legions of Light. We are! [16-second standing ovation]

The pillar of fire of Divine Love does descend upon this altar. It is the endowment, beloved. The pillar of fire of Divine Love shall go before you. The pillar of fire of Divine Love shall be within you and upon you.

That pillar of fire is for the victory. It is for the confounding of those who move against you. And yet as they do, the waves of Love move out and out and out and beat upon the shores of their beings. Either they be converted, beloved, or they shall be consumed in the great consummation of Love, which is indeed a conflagration of material cosmos–and there is a fire that does one day restore all things to their spiritual origin.

One day in that point of your origin, sealed with your twin flame in the heart of the Elohim of Love, Heros and Amora, may you know the sense of the satisfaction of having drunk the cup of victory and drunk to the dregs the cup of your karma. I wish you, as my wish upon this birthday, beloved, the satisfaction of having drunk both and known, in the ultimate sense, that you have walked this earth in the honor of God unto the dishonor and the final judgment of the fallen ones.

I, Saint Germain, prophesy this fulfillment for this activity and that it shall be done through you and all whom you shall magnetize to this, our magnet of Love!  [24-second standing ovation]


Saint Germain and his divine complement, Portia, are the Hierarchs of the Aquarian Age. Together they deliver to the people of God the dispensation for the seventh age and the Seventh Ray. The Seventh Ray is the violet ray of freedom, justice, mercy, alchemy and sacred ritual. As Chohan, or Lord, of the Seventh Ray, Saint Germain initiates our souls in the science and ritual of transmutation through the violet flame. He is the seventh angel prophesied in Revelation 10:7 who comes to sponsor the finishing of the mystery of God “as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.”  He is also the sponsor of the United States of America, affectionately referred to as “Uncle Sam.”  Saint Germain, whose name means “Holy Brother,” was embodied as the prophet Samuel, Saint Joseph, Merlin, Roger Bacon, Christopher Columbus and Francis Bacon. Following his ascension in 1684, he reappeared in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries as le Comte de Saint Germain, the “Wonderman of Europe.”  Saint Germain’s retreat in North America is the Cave of Symbols at Table Mountain, Wyoming. He also teaches at the Royal Teton Retreat, congruent with the Grand Teton, near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. (See Saint Germain On Prophecy, Book One, pp. 3-96; Saint Germain On Alchemy, pp. vii-xxvii, 101-38, 370, 442-45; and Lords of the Seven Rays, Book One, pp. 237-75; Book Two, pp. 247-76.)

This dictation by Saint Germain was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, August 11, 1991, at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana, in celebration of the thirty-third anniversary of the founding of The Summit Lighthouse on August 7, 1958. The dictations of the seven Ascended Masters given at the thirty-third anniversary celebration are available on audiocassette (183 min., A91105). Throughout these notes PoW is the abbreviation for Pearls of Wisdom.

1. John 15:20.

2. Eph. 6:16.

3. Cup of liquid Light. In Unveiled Mysteries, Godfre Ray King relates the story of how Saint Germain appeared to him while he was hiking on Mount Shasta and offered to fill his cup with a “refreshing drink” that came “directly from the Universal Supply, pure and vivifying as Life itself.”  In other instances, Saint Germain offered him a crystal cup filled with this liquid Light. On one occasion, a crystal cup of liquid Light formed in Godfre’s hand, which he then offered to David Lloyd, whom he also met on Mount Shasta. Saint Germain has given this drink of liquid Light to others, though we do not have the record. (See Unveiled Mysteries, 3d ed. [Chicago:  Saint Germain Press, 1939], pp. 3-4, 14-15, 73, 236-42.)

4. The Royal Teton Retreat, congruent with the Grand Teton near Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is the principal retreat of the Great White Brotherhood on the North American continent. This physical/etheric retreat is an ancient focus of great light where the seven rays of the Elohim and Archangels are enshrined. The Lords of Karma, Gautama Buddha and all members of the Great White Brotherhood frequent this gathering place of the Ascended Masters and their disciples while also maintaining the specialized functions of their own retreats. The Lords of Karma meet at the Royal Teton Retreat biannually, at the turn of the year and at summer solstice, to review petitions from unascended mankind and to grant dispensations for their assistance (see p. 477 n. 10). Conclaves attended by thousands of lifestreams from every continent, who journey there in their finer bodies through soul travel while they sleep, are also held at this retreat as well as smaller classes and tutorials. Here also Saint Germain and Lord Lanto with the Ascended Master Confucius (hierarch of the Royal Teton Retreat) are conducting their universities of the Spirit–courses of instruction being given by the Lords of the Seven Rays and the Maha Chohan at their respective retreats for tens of thousands of students who are pursuing the path of self-mastery on the seven rays (see 1986 PoW, Book I, pp. 178-81; Book II, pp. 689-90; 1990 PoW, p. 337, chart).

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6. The fire of Pentecost for the judgment of abortion. See pp. 243-48.

7. In the ascent to perfection, the soul passes through what Saint John of the Cross describes as the “dark night.”  The first dark night is experienced as one encounters the return of his own personal karma–the human creation that almost completely obliterates for a time the light of the Christ Self and the I AM Presence. This “dark night of the soul” is in preparation for the Dark Night of the Spirit, which involves the supreme test of Christhood faced by Jesus on the cross when he cried out, “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?”  In this initiation, the soul is completely cut off from the I AM Presence and the heavenly hierarchy and must pass through the crucifixion and the resurrection, sustained solely by the Light garnered in his own sacred heart, while holding the balance for planetary karma. For the Messengers’ teachings on the dark night, including readings and commentary on the writings of Saint John of the Cross, see Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Living Flame of Love, 8-audiocassette album, 12-1/2 hr., A85044; “The Dark Night of the Soul,” on two 60-min. audiocassettes, MTG7412, MTF7413. See also Archangel Gabriel, Mysteries of the Holy Grail, pp. 173, 368-69.

8. 25,800 years.  See 1989 PoW, pp. 414, 468-69, 509-10; 1990 PoW, pp. 63-65, 73, 76-78, 81-85, 500, 507-8, 517-18.

9. A root race is a group of souls, or a lifewave, who embody together and have a unique archetypal pattern, divine plan and mission to fulfill on earth. According to esoteric tradition, there are seven primary root races. The first three root races have won their immortal freedom and ascended from earth. The fourth, fifth and sixth root races (the latter not entirely descended into physical incarnation) remain in embodiment on earth. The seventh root race is destined to incarnate on the continent of South America in the Aquarian age. Each root race embodies under the aegis of a Manu, who is the Lawgiver and who embodies the Christic image for the race. Lord Himalaya and his divine complement are the Manus for the fourth root race; Vaivasvata Manu and his consort are the Manus for the fifth root race; the God and Goddess Meru are the Manus for the sixth root race; and the Great Divine Director and his divine complement are the Manus for the seventh root race. (See p. 36 n. 3, this volume; Climb the Highest Mountain, 2d ed., pp. 72-80, 84-87, 493-96; and glossary in Saint Germain On Alchemy, pp. 424-26.)

10. Labors of Hercules. See p. 454 n. 15.

11. The word America is composed of seven letters, which form the words I AM Race, signifying a ‘race of Lightbearers’ descended from Above–from the I AM Presence. These Lightbearers of all nations retain the inner memory of the individualization of the Godhead identified to Moses as I AM THAT I AM (Exod. 3:13-15). They carry the seed of the I AM THAT I AM within their hearts.

12. Law of the One. See Elizabeth Clare Prophet, The Astrology of the Four Horsemen, pp. 479-85.

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14. “Souls will be lost.” See p. 509 n. 6.

15. In Catholic theology, the Church Triumphant is the Church in heaven; the Church Militant is the Church on earth, which is engaged in constant warfare against the powers of Evil.

16. The seven ascended founding fathers “Above,” who gave the original dictations on August 7, 1958, and who dictated again on August 11, 1991; and the nucleus of the seven “below,” comprised of the three who were present in Philadelphia for the founding of The Summit Lighthouse and the four who Archangel Michael promised would come to complete the seven. In 1961 Elizabeth Clare Prophet, then a student at Boston University, responded to the call of El Morya:  “I have need of a feminine Messenger. Go to Washington and I will train you through Mark Prophet.” It was said that her arrival was the “squaring of the circle” –i.e., the original three became four, the number needed for the spiritual endowments to be

anchored in the physical octave.