Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 31 No. 51 - Beloved Mother Mary - August 14, 1988


Saint Germain Stumps Canada
Who Will Build My Temple?
The Retreat and the Path of the Divine Mother


I AM the heart of the living flame, the very Shekinah glory in the center of the City Foursquare.

You know whereof I speak, beloved, for the foundation of thy being and pyramid of Life is indeed one by one the City Foursquare. And the Holy City which John beheld descending out of heaven <1>–that city, beloved, is the citadel of Higher Consciousness of every man’s being in the vast reaches of the Great Causal Body. Collectively that great City Foursquare is the vastness of the Retreat of the Divine Mother on etheric octaves where the true City of Light is, where the golden age does reign.

The heart of the city, then, that is North America is not [geographically] central [on the continent], and the secret chamber of the heart is maintained in the Western Shamballa and the Retreat of the Divine Mother there, <2> the secret chamber being the antechamber of each and every forcefield of [the] heart [chakra]–of retreat of Chamuel and Charity, of Heros and Amora and of the very heart chakra of each nation. Each one of you, then, has the potential to be the white cube, a stone in the city and a lively stone. <3>

We come for the builders. I am the Divine Mother seeking those who will build my temple. Yet it is a temple not made with hands. <4>  Yet it is an edifice of lives and an edification of the spirit. Yet it is the sword of illumination’s flame that pierces this night of the Kali Yuga and in piercing it does therefore reach all those in whom lumination’s flame is burning brightly in heart and mind and soul.

Seek illumined action. Turn worlds around and turn them again, I say!

I am the beloved of God as ye are also. Is it not, then, a gentle presence of the Divine Mother that does bring one and all to the captivity of the Spirit of the Lord?  Is it not, then, a gentle path that does take you by paces and disciplined action to the unity of the One?  Beloved, it is indeed the sense of struggle that makes the struggle. It is not effortless (this path we walk together), but it is a free movement to the sun of those who would soar with me this day.

The way out is given, it can be known. O beloved, take this opportunity!  Come and study at our retreat neath the skies where Shamballa drapes the etheric octave. Know there the Buddha and the Divine Mother, and know that it is a place where heaven and earth meet. And as the physical land rises, the etheric octave meets the land–as the Father caresses Mother Earth, the arms of the trees rise to greet angels, emissaries, seraphim of God descending from the Great Central Sun.

If you are to be a part of the next world, the world of which you have always been a part, then rise, beloved, in vibration, in nonattachment, in acceleration and know that the doors of the temple of the Divine Mother are also open to you.

You who weary, then, of karmic toil, know that the service of the Light transmutes a karmic toil; and the return to Maitreya’s Mystery School is indeed possible. The call of the hour, then, is to build and build again, to enter the path that is a spiral, to trace your tracings in the sands of life and to transmute measure for measure, line by line.

The gradation is indeed gentle. It can be walked. But if you would mount and skip spirals as though in the last minute to catch up where others have been moving as an army of Light ascending and saints putting on [their] robes, I tell you, beloved, it will not be possible. The shock to the Shakti’s chakras is too great. I speak of you, the Shakti of your Presence.


I AM the hand of God in action,
Gaining Victory every day–
My pure soul’s great satisfaction
Is to walk the Middle Way.

   Aye, and that Middle Way is not the way of mediocrity, not the way of the lesser self. There is a way, beloved, the broad way that leadeth to destruction and the narrow way that leadeth to eternal Life. <5>  And the narrow way is the very gate of the Kundalini rising; it is the narrow way whereby in a tight coil of spring you rise [to] that altar. <6>

Blessed hearts, this is not a fanatical path. It does not even require total celibacy but [it is] a path where the light may be conserved, where moderation is pursued and the bliss of God may carry measure for measure that light that would otherwise be squandered whether in human emotion or anger or excesses or pleasures that deplete, do not heal, and deprive you of the victory.

There is balance in this path, beloved. Asceticism is not the way. In fact, Aquarius is the age of the family, is the age of the individual, is the age of a mandala of Lightbearers who exult in the buoyant light rising as children do who play in the sun, whose perpetual joy is the miracle of the natural upward flow of light.

Let the wind caress the cheek and let the sunlight reflected in the eye tell you, then, that Life is real, devotees are real and they contain the profoundness of a universe and starry bodies.

You need no longer be disappointed in the shallow ones and their shallow relationships, nor in a love that cannot contain the vastness of thy interior castle. Be not dismayed. The trees only grow so high and the cup has only such a circumference. Curse not, then, the vessel that is too small but raise up thine own and fill it full that millions may drink therefrom. Do not expect too much of those who cannot contain, for they have no containers for the Infinite.

If you go on up the mountain sacrificing the lesser relationship for the greater, you will be on the mountain when the calls from the world reach your heart and those who were not ready when you were there, now ready, seek your aid. We who are ascended are helping those who tarried when we rushed forward on Atlantis and in ancient civilizations.

So it was, beloved, each flower in her time and season. Have the courage to be even among the Alpine goats and the bighorn sheep and the edelweiss. Be the flower that grows in the highest rock that all men seek, the starry white that does proclaim the footprint of an ascending one passed by.

O beloved, whom do we find in these vastnesses of the Northern Rockies?  Do we not find the Old Man of the Hills, that quaint one that some have met, and other adepts not quite physical, not quite ascended who can be seen by those whose light has risen to open the inner sight to know that mounting the scale of being are many of different wavelengths?

Life is a ladder; there be some on every step. Some are guardians of the sacred steps built by others who have scaled the heights [in order] that you might climb in orderly fashion in your time.

Know, then, beloved, as the sentinels keep the way of the steps, you may move upward, steady gait, steady eye–serene, beholding new vistas as you leave behind the valleys of indecision for that one great decision of life:  Union. O the union that is sought!  Why, the Divine Mother rising in the temple does become thyself and she does rise and leap to meet her Lord, the infinite fire.

So know, beloved, that you become the Kundalini goddess. This is the mystery of the mystics of the Far East. A Light <7> raised up within you is you, and all of thyself becomes the emanation and the point of origin itself. And so this magnet of white fire does also draw forth the magnet of the Holy Spirit causal body.

Worlds rise from beneath, descend from above, undulating waves of light, the figure-eight flow completes a spiral begun long ago. And all that was lost is regained, for the fire of the heart and the great inbreath of the soul mounting ascension’s casement does then draw from every corner of Cosmos each spilled dewdrop of the tear and the light that has been sent forth. And a fiery coil and a fire infolding itself and all of the creation of oneself does return to the heart of ascension’s flame.

And on the summit, the peak of the mount of attainment, there you stand, arms raised, entering the cloud of the Shekinah of the I AM Presence; and passing through it into the very heart of hearts of the Holy of Holies you therefore declare:  “I AM WHO I AM!  I AM everywhere in the consciousness of God!  I AM the ascending one!  I AM the fulfillment of ascension’s coil!  I AM the Holy City as Above, so below!”

And the pyramid of Life, its inversion above does create a giant hourglass [with the pyramid ascending from below] whereby the light flows up, no longer the sands descending. Thus, passing through the nexus, time and space collapse and a cylinder in place does reveal the ascending one. I AM alive forevermore!  I AM alive forevermore!  I AM alive forevermore!

Cherish at-one-ment. Cherish Life. Surrender not one drop of it to the death coil, to indulgence activated by fear, depression, denial and the nihilism of the fallen angels who have not because they are not. Pity them not. They had the All once. They desecrated the All of the Shekinah and by their cunning did lead you to do the same. They continually set examples of brazenness and brashness before your youth, all designed to siphon from them the light of the All they yet have in their containers, chakras.

Thus, beloved, beware the trends and the trendsetters of the world. They are used by those who have their own designs. Go not after them.

Pilgrims robed in white, spiraling toward the sun, you can journey with the God and Goddess Meru from Lake Titicaca to the heart of the Grand Teton and Banff <8> and on and on and on on the golden pathway to the temple of the Central Sun of this system, your own dear sun of Helios and Vesta.

I tell you, that of which I speak is reality and the romance of reality and the romance of the soul smitten with the love of Christ, indeed her beloved. And thus, one who has tasted this love and the fire of this burning love does not look back down the mountain except to extend a hand to those who need it. The valleys hold nothing for thee except [as the place to go] to save that which is lost.

But in this mounting of those becoming the adepts and moving toward that point of the ascension, there is, beloved, the awareness, “As I become all that I AM and I AM is all that I am, I shall then be a world server and a world teacher and a world mother, and then I can offer a cup that is filled and emptied nine hundred thousand times a day until all the world may drink of the fountain of the Divine Mother. My fount of eternal youth flows freely from ascended octaves, ascended octaves, ascended octaves of the ascending ones.”

Thus, the soul rehearses her journey, has thought it through and through as the mountaineer has marked his maps, planned his climb, studied the weather, the snowfall and all that must be precise for the victory.

Blessed are ye who understand the seriousness of the Call. Because you have heard the Call at inner levels you have answered, “I am here.”  But, beloved, do not think that because the Call has sounded that it will sound again and again. The Call from the Spirit of the living God is given unto the soul purposefully, determinately three times–three times only in a lifetime. Thus, beloved, opportunity in the Power of the Three-Times-Three by the flame of the heart whereby you may answer is given those three times. See, then, that you deny not your Lord ere the cock crow, <9> but remember that opportunity lost may be postponed you know not when or how.

I am Mary and for a reason I have spoken daily to my children. <10>  The prophecies, then, are whispered to the hearts of those who understand, for long ago in previous lifetimes they have also known my voice.

Be with me in prayer. Be with me in the sorrows of samsara <11> of my beloved children. Be with me in the joys of the inner temples of the Great White Brotherhood as initiates who arrive are received and given the most profound and necessary instruction, training, and finally soul testing.

With Kuan Yin I come. I come, then, with a thread of my heart going to everyone of this nation who in this or any previous life has spoken my name in devotion and prayer. I am the answer to prayer to those who will understand it in the gift of the violet flame and the rosary of Archangel Michael. Through you who know and understand, I am the answer to prayer to those who either know not, understand not or will not, even though they have devotion in their hearts.

I can multiply your calls for Light. What you place on the altar, then, I receive in my own Immaculate Heart, called the Diamond Heart of Mary. And I shall be the multiplier as I embody the Light of Sarasvati, Lakshmi, Durga, Kali, Parvati. <12>

Understand, beloved, that all ascended beings contain the divinity of the feminine nature of God and all complements. Thus, calling to me, you have specific access to the qualities of the Divine Mother I have chosen to embody according to God’s will. Each feminine Ascended Lady Master, each feminine Archeia does afford you access to an infinity of God as Mother realized, each one unique and in certain portion and recipe, if you will. I am, then, in the heart of every devoted heart and I stand for the victory of an age.

May you discover the means of defense, as Above so below. May you discover the means of independence, as Above so below, in your governments and economies, in your societies. May you value individual freedom above all. Do not surrender an erg of that freedom or an erg of your life to Death or world totalitarianism under the fallen angels, under any system by whatever serpent philosophy it takes. Value the individual God Flame and know that the defense of the fire of the heart will be unto all who follow after you the key and the turning of the key to open the door to the path of victory.

Any form of slavery is death. Be not a slave but a master of life, but be a true chela of the Ascended Master who is free, who is waiting to give unto the one enslaved his freedom. But the one enslaved by his desires and karma must break the shackles of his slavery himself day by day. The Master shows you how. The true Master does not do it for you but stands by while you do it for yourself.

Thus, a slavery created can be uncreated by Shiva, by Holy Spirit fire; and this is the initiation of the Holy Spirit, the undoing of the untowardness of past actions and the ability to hold the balance while portions of the self crumble and the Holy City does rise and the builder in you does build anew. Tear down, the Lord said to the prophet, and then build. <13>  Tear down and build.

So I come. If I should release the full fury of the Great Kali in this hour, you could be stripped in a moment of all excesses. But I shall not impose nor my will nor my mastery upon you. But I tell you, you can move swiftly to the fount, the fount, beloved, the faithful fount of Yellowstone. <14> And the yellow diamonds of the Yellowstone are yet to be found in the illumined chelas of Lord Lanto, Confucius, Gautama, Maitreya, the World Teachers.

In the joy of wisdom let the world be enthralled, for the long night shall pass and earth shall be filled with the glory of the first color ring and the second of the causal body of God. Therefore in the center of the One let the wise ones gather as the ring of yellow fire does pulsate in the earth and release to the ignorant the spark, the memory, the record, the will, the joy to be!

Go be in the name of Gautama and my Son!  Be all which thou art, and know and taste and feel and smell and savor thy victory. Go forth, beloved.

I am with thee in the Hail Mary. You may recite it even alternately with the OM MANI PADME HUM, and Kuan Yin and I will weave a purple and emerald garland, a rope that becomes the lifeline lowered into the astral pits.

Grab the rope. Grab the rope. Grab the rope of the Divine Mother. Ascend from the depths to the heights. It can be done! It shall be done!

I AM Mary of the beloved of God.


This dictation by Mother Mary was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, April 17, 1988, at the Toronto Airport Hilton International, Ontario, Canada, where she was stumping for Saint Germain’s Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness. Prior to the dictation the Messenger delivered the lecture “The Path of the Divine Mother East and West:  Mother Mary and Kuan Yin.” Lecture and dictation by Mother Mary on three 90-min. audiocassettes, B88055-57.   [N.B. Bracketed material denotes words unspoken yet implicit in the dictation, added by the Messenger under Mother Mary’s direction for clarity in the written word.]

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Clare of Assisi (see 1988 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 31 no. 15, p. 139; no. 39, p. 303), c. 1194-1253, cofounder with Saint Francis of the Order of the Poor Ladies, or Poor Clares, as the Franciscan nuns came to be called. Clare, the eldest daughter in a wealthy, aristocratic family, was inspired at age eighteen to change the course of her life after hearing Francis preach a series of Lenten sermons at the church of San Giorgi in Assisi (central Italy). She met privately with Francis, who strengthened her desire to live her life “after the manner of the holy Gospel,” and on Palm Sunday she secretly left her father’s home and went to the chapel of Portiuncula where Francis and the friars lived. Clare took the vows of a religious life before him and put herself under his direction. As he had no nunnery, Francis placed her temporarily with the Benedictine nuns. Some time later he installed Clare and a small group of women who had chosen the same life in a cottage next to the chapel of San Damiano, situated on the outskirts of Assisi, establishing the first community of the Franciscan nuns, the Order of the Poor Ladies. Eventually Clare was joined in the order by her two sisters and her mother.

In 1215 Clare was appointed superior and she established a cloistered contemplative order with only a brief formula vitae (“form of life”) provided by Francis, which inculcated his idea of “evangelical poverty.”  The nuns practiced austerities unusual for women at that time. They slept on the ground, abstained from eating meat, went barefoot, spoke only when obliged to do so and, following Francis’ rule that they own no property, received all their material necessities and sustenance from alms. The order began to spread within a few years and other convents were established in Italy, France and Germany. In 1219 while Francis was away in the East, Cardinal Ugolino, protector of the Franciscan order, drew up a rule for the nuns which removed the vow of poverty because he believed that the renunciation of all property was impractical for cloistered women, thus establishing the order as essentially Benedictine. Clare’s spiritual life, however, was based on the belief in poverty as the way of the Gospel and she resisted this change, making it her life’s work to restore the Franciscan character to the order. In 1228 the cardinal, now Pope Gregory IX, granted the Privilegium Paupertatis (“privilege of poverty”) and wrote to Clare and the other nuns:  “It is evident that the desire of consecrating yourselves to God alone has led you to abandon every wish for temporal things.”  The Rule of the Clares, which established the right to absolute poverty for the order, was finally granted by Pope Innocent IV two days before Clare’s death.

Clare’s support of Saint Francis and his ministry was a large part of her mission. It was to Clare that Francis turned when in doubt and it was she who urged him to continue his ministry to the people rather than lead a life of contemplation. When Francis came for the last time to the convent, Clare had a wattle hut built for him where he composed his “Canticle of Brother Sun,” his joyous song of praise to God. After Francis’ death in 1226, Clare upheld the purity of his teachings and his vision of “holy poverty.” 

The special devotion of Clare to the Eucharist saved the convent when it was attacked by Saracens in the army of Frederick II c. 1240. According to one account, as the soldiers scaled the convent walls Clare rose from her sick bed and had the Blessed Sacrament set up in view of the enemy. She prostrated herself before it and calmly prayed aloud (other versions of the story state that Clare herself held up the Sacrament while facing the infidels). At the sight of this the advancing soldiers were seized with terror and took flight. Some time later when the Saracens returned to besiege Assisi, Clare and the sisters knelt in prayer the whole day and night that the town might be spared. At dawn a furious storm broke over the army’s camp, scattering their tents and causing them to flee in panic. After long years of sickness resulting from the austerities she practiced, “the little plant of our father Francis,” as she called herself, died on August 11, 1253. Two years later, on August 15, 1255, she was canonized. Saint Clare is the patroness of good weather and of television; her intercession is sought in childbirth and in the healing of eye diseases. She is often depicted in art with the book (the rule), the lily, and the ciborium (goblet-shaped vessel for holding Communion wafers). Her emblem is the monstrance; her feast day is August 12.