Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 31 No. 46 - Beloved Kuan Yin - July 30, 1988


An Easter Retreat
Finding Those Pearls
“The Divine Mediator does appear”
The Descent into Hell to Rebuke the Devils
and Preach a Sermon Worthy of Siddhartha and Issa


The significance of the descent of Elohim and our Lord Sanat Kumara into this octave and the astral plane is a part of the celebration of Easter that is most important for initiates, for disciples, would-be bodhisattvas. For this day of Holy Saturday, beloved, is the hour of the descent into hell of the Lord Christ. This descent, beloved, is a part of your path of initiation under Lord Gautama Buddha.

Surely, the Avalokitesvara of myself that I AM THAT I AM in the masculine aspect <1> does go forth as a diver, a deep-sea diver, certain to find pearls and much else not worth the taking. Finding those pearls, beloved, is the great joy of our office. Therefore, so long as there is a pearl that remains in the grips of the death consciousness or bound by the hordes of hell in some Soviet gulag or other miserable prison, there am I, and you are with me.

So in the great joy of our descent we also celebrate the reason for being of your Messenger’s birth, born this Holy Saturday, therefore come for that certain mission, <2> a path that must be walked and must be fulfilled. Thus, by example know true courage as I and others have given to her a fearlessness flame able to be magnetized for her own momentum thereof.

Let perfect love cast out fear <3> as you walk in the footsteps of one who has taught you the power of the “HRIH!” mantra, who has taught you the meaning of “bolts of blue lightning!” much to the consternation of neighbors and press. Blessed ones, they are saved by the blue lightning you have invoked, saved also to emerge from the sea of samsara and to enter the Divine Reality.

Know, then, that this “thunderbolt” <4> that does descend from the heart of Padma and the Buddhas aloft is yours also to wield. Let the fire crackle as the demons cringe and let the power of fohat released through you be the fullness of the Holy Spirit!  HRIH!  HRIH!

Therefore I, too, come. For each year in this hour there is the rebuke by the Christed ones and [by] those earning their stripes as bodhisattvas who must go to the places where Christ and Buddha have gone to rebuke the devils, to preach to them a sermon worthy of Siddhartha, of Issa.

Know, O most beloved, that when you do preach to those filled with evil spirits who mouth their enmity in return, you are in that point of initiation. Let it come, then, by the Call. Let it come by the Holy Spirit!  But when it does come and when you know you must rebuke a liar, a devil, a murderer, a scoundrel who has moved against the Light of innocent victims, then in that hour, beloved, do not shirk the responsibility.

You will know it by this one sign, that you are the only one there to speak the rebuke. There will be none other competing for the prize of the opportunity of wrestling with devils incarnate or devils attempting to displace a soul–devils who come forth and would take over the very bodies and souls of their victims without your standing between.

The Divine Mediator does appear.

And where souls have become weakened in their desire to be attached to the body and are easily fragmented and scattered by chemicals and drugs and the poisons of the age and the misuse of sound, there, beloved, vacancy of body temples does invite the habitation of evil spirits who take over the bodies sometimes vacated by children of Light. Some current authors have called these “walk-ins.” <5>  Beware of them, beloved, for those who take over the temple of another have lost their own. They have forfeited many times [over] a threefold flame.

Therefore the command was given to you, “Occupy till I come. Occupy till I come.” <6>  This is the Lord’s temple. You are the custodian. See to it that it is swept clean with no bats above or below.

Understand, precious hearts, that you are the guard and the keeper. You keep the midnight watch outside the tomb, that none other may enter while a soul in Christ does work out the problem of being to emerge resurrected and by that Resurrection Spirit having also so accelerated the atoms and cells of that temple. Thus, defend with all your might [thy soul, and thy soul’s initiation  ‘rite’ in thy body] and drive away all evil spirits who would interfere with the testament that you bear.

Witness unto the Truth, beloved. When you speak Truth, be ready.  For some of the “nicest people you know,” who may [even] be on the Path, may react angrily, for they are not ready to hear that word of Truth. Thus, speak Truth and then, if you will or must, change the subject to one more readily acceptable. Truth is a fire and a seed that is planted; it will grow in its own time and season.

Love, then, life where it is. Comfort and support life but always be ready with a push and a tug to guide that one and give that one the courage to peer from the habitualities of the day, to move on, to accelerate, to peel away a snakeskin or two, to see a new face in the mirror of self and to venture forth to a higher plane.

This venturing forth would not require so much courage if it did not mean a lessening of one’s baggage. Can you imagine all who would run for the courts of heaven if they could take all of their bag and baggage with them?  O beloved, they dream of heaven where all things are as they are now. They would take their animals, their pets, their antiques, their habits, their music; and if all these things may not go along, then they would rather not go.

Thus, the few are the solitary climbers.

Blessed ones, many of you may be tired of this world, perhaps even tired this evening. But I know that you are the ones who carry the crystal in heart, [who] know that in the crystal is the All [and] that in every compartment of every molecule of the crystal you carry is a house of memory to which you may return if you like. And if you do not, seraphim will one day hand you a taper whereby that particular molecule of memory may be easily consumed, only to find a diamond in its place for your crown of rejoicing–rejoicing to be looking toward the Father’s mansions, <7> rejoicing for all that has been gained in lesser experience. But the fruit of that experience is with you and a part of you. You do not need to go back to the old haunts to regain the memory.

So, beloved, past experience is like the food you eat. The essence of it becomes a part of you and you grow, and the rest can be left behind. So it is, beloved, [with the state of] nonattachment, [the] going in to the Unconditioned Reality:  those who have not been there cannot imagine what it is like. Therefore it is leaving the known for the unknown. But this is precisely why we have tarried with earth, that you might feel our vibration and our presence and our assistance, feeling the charge of light, knowing that the light is an effect and that the cause thereof is the Source to which you return.

By knowing so many angels by name and Ascended Masters, you almost think that you know what it is like in heaven or beyond in the Great Central Sun [or] in nirvana. But, beloved, the exact description of these experiences, though words may be used, can never be conveyed. Not only is it not possible for the lesser container to contain the greater but it is not lawful for us therefore to attempt to convey to the unascended ones the fullness of the glory that awaits.

Thus, by music and sound you do have the best means for entering higher vibrations and compartments of God. To this end was classical music given, and as that [classical music] which is of the highest vibration is used, it does also seal you from those states of the astral plane where, apart from initiatic rites such as I have described, you need never enter–unless, of course, Archangel Michael calls and you agree to accompany him on a very special mission. For now and again there may be a soul there, a pearl, that has been close to you at one time or another or to whom you owe a debt of karma.

Thus, under the wing of Archangel Michael you journey to a place that you would not be comfortable in without him, and there beneath his shield and rod you may speak your piece and speak your message. Beloved, prepare it well. For to woo a soul to let go the grips of a sensual existence, [a soul] warmed by the fires of hell and encouraged by all of those foul spirits and false gurus, I tell you, it does require ingenuity of heart, compassion and an intense fire whereby in you and in your eye one so possessed and so enslaved might see a fire burning–as the fire of John the Baptist, who was “a burning and a shining light” <8>–and therefore say, “There is my friend. I know him, I trust him. I will leave at his behest and under the guardianship of that mighty Archangel.”

Blessed ones, you have spoken to many individuals in your time on this path, so desiring to draw them even to my heart as well as to the hearts of your ascended brethren. You have not realized that many of these individuals have literally had one foot in hell, and though they were physical they yet did abide in a hellish nightmare from which they could not see themselves liberated. But, beloved, they have not forgot you; and thereby by planting a seed you have an anchor point and all to whom you have delivered the message may be reached by you by this ray of light.

For you also have many, many arms as I do, with many eyes, one in each palm.1 And thus as a sword of the Dharmakaya, <9> around you many light rays go forth from your heart as the hands of Kuan Yin and the Divine Mother of Mercy extending to these. And each time you give your Astreas, each hand extended to another soul on earth, [the one and the many you have preached to] receive the power of Astrea and the momentum does build; and thus in the very process of balancing karma by your Astreas you have lived to see the day when one whom you thought could not or would not be saved was ultimately reached.

As long as you remember that you preach the message of salvation to the soul and that your light is sealed in the Christ Self of that one, as long as you do not engage in human sympathy to be drawn down to the level of that one, know, then, beloved, that it is lawful to extend the hand that is the hand of God through you. But, beloved, in so extending that hand never compromise the Teaching, the Principle or the Word nor dilute the message, for it is the undiluted message, the concentrate, and only this that can rescue souls who are so far afield from the Tree of Life.

Thus, the Ritual of Exorcism by the Ruby Ray taught to you has availed much, as have all of your mighty invocations. <10>  I suggest [that] you [make the] call that in all of your bodies and higher bodies your invocations never cease.

This nation, beloved, is literally covered in the astral plane with discarnates, nonentities, godless manifestations. It is as though the Divine Mother would desire to take a giant rake and rake into a heap all of this gray matter, this plastic, protoplasmic substance molded into identities not of God. Beloved, these cannot so easily be taken, for so many in embodiment are of a like vibration. They not only magnetize them but their free will sustains their presence.

Therefore, while all the world celebrates the triumph of Jesus Christ over Death and Hell and claims him as the Saviour whereby they too shall attain the resurrection, may you tarry as you tarry another day to make the calls intensely for the clearing of the astral plane over America. For only by a majority vote of Christed ones can we see the true clearing necessary in this nation to bring about a major change of consciousness whereby the practical path of the Buddhas and of my very own heart with Mother Mary and the Darjeeling Council might bring about the adequate defense and the consciousness of what is that spiritual defense, that thunderbolt, Vajra!4

With all of this gray matter suspended, beloved, it is like a jellylike sea of [the] dead and dying, and their astral presence brings disease and plague not yet outpictured. But that which has been, as you know, is severe enough.

Blessed ones, one of the most important services you can render is the Friday night Ascension Service whereby you call for the clearing, at least of America as well as your own nations, of these astral discarnates which are not the remains of Lightbearers (who [themselves], one and all, have gravitated to etheric octaves) but [which are] of the lowest order of vibrating entities that you could imagine as well as all of the addicting ones you name.

Blessed ones, we need a clean sweep; and in this hour, beneath all of this weight, these miles of density of the astral plane and its denizens, there are yet those pearls.

I pray you, enter the path of fire, sacred fire, Kundalini fire, Mother Light raising, seraphim following, salamanders, Zarathustra, all of the violet flame and the blue lightning. I pray you have this fire stored that you might see the necessity that if there is truly to be a victory on earth, this must be cleared.

O beloved, you are doing so much. May you recognize it and know to multiply your effort and to keep on keeping on.

Every call you make to me, I promise you, shall go in my very heart as momentum for the saving of the pearls of Light now lost in the astral sea. For this cause does Mother Mary shed perpetual tears. For this cause do I join the hosts of the Lord, enarmored, beloved, moving with the Archangels and Astrea to go after them. It is my mission of Love.

Blessed ones, there are those in this room this Easter morning whom I have rescued from those depths because I had the impetus of your calls. And you who have been rescued (may you know it, may you not, depending on your awareness), I say to you:  in gratitude for the Avalokitesvara, the Alpha-to-Omega that I AM THAT I AM–I say, make the Call. For you were taken but another was left. <11>  Let us go after the one left.

The gift of Good Friday and Holy Saturday is a saturation of violet flame. May you awaken to a new day of hope, hope because the Amitabha Buddha has sent forth a ray, and that ray in your heart is now a shaft unto eternity that the soul may climb.

I am in your heart forever, the sunbeam of the eye of God, precipitated as your friend and sister and Mother of Mercy. <12>  I banish sin, I vanish sin. I am the fullness of the all-consuming fire of love of the Seventh Ray.

Those, then, who take my rosary <13> and give it shall increase mercy unto themselves first and foremost, and that mercy descending in your cup...shall fill all of your house until the abundance of your mercy called forth and returned to you may then be extended in wider and wider circles.

As we all require mercy and as some will surely be lost without it, I am determined to be the Bodhisattva of Mercy until not another soul requires it, for by my example many shall have become it. And then, beloved, an entire octave shall be rolled up as a scroll and you shall behold worlds beyond worlds that you have never even dreamt existed. But they are waiting for you, beloved, and they shall wait.

Thus, in the fullness of joy be all that you desire to be and vow to be. I am your attending Angel of Mercy, your Teacher and your Goddess.

OM MANI PADME HUM. O thou jewel in the heart of the lotus blossom of my own–how I love thee and love thee always as the Mother and the Amitabha Buddha.

Good day, my beloved.


This dictation by Kuan Yin was delivered by the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Holy Saturday, April 2, 1988, after midnight, during the 5-day Easter Retreat at the Royal Teton Ranch, Montana. [N.B. Bracketed material denotes words unspoken yet implicit in the dictation, added by the Messenger under Kuan Yin’s direction for clarity in the written word.]

1. Kuan Yin as Avalokitesvara. See 1988 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 31 no. 4, p. 48 note.

2. It is the mission of the Messenger and all who follow the path of Christic initiation in the footsteps of our Lord to “descend into hell,” i.e., the astral plane, with Jesus to rescue souls of Light, to rebuke and preach repentance to the fallen ones and to call for the judgment and the binding of those who remain in the death consciousness, avowed destroyers of life.

3. Perfect love casts out fear. I John 4:18.

4. Vajra. See 1988 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 31 no. 21, p. 170 n. 7.

5. Author Ruth Montgomery introduced the concept of “walk-ins” in her book Strangers Among Us followed by Threshold to Tomorrow. She wrote:  “A Walk-in is a high-minded entity who” after numerous incarnations “is permitted to take over the body of another human being who wishes to depart....The motivation for a Walk-in is humanitarian. He returns to physical being in order to help others help themselves, planting seed-concepts that will grow and flourish for the benefit of mankind....The original occupants vacate the bodies because they no longer can maintain the physical spark of life or because they are so dispirited that they earnestly wish to leave.”  See Ruth Montgomery, Strangers Among Us:  Enlightened Beings from a World to Come (New York:  Ballantine Books, Fawcett Crest Book, 1979), pp. 11, 12; Threshold to Tomorrow (New York:  G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1982), p. 10. In fact, according to the teachings of the Ascended Masters such spirits are fallen angels masquerading as angels of light. They are not enlightened beings but archdeceivers.

6. Occupy till I come. Luke 19:13.

7. Many mansions in the Father’s house. John 14:2.

8. A burning and a shining light. John 5:35.

9. Dharmakaya [Sanskrit]:  rendered as the Body of Essence, Body of the Law or Truth. The Causal Body and I AM Presence. The third of the three bodies of the Buddha (trikaya); the ultimate body from which the other two emanate for the purpose of interacting with and assisting life; the ‘essence-being’ of all Buddhas, immutable and undifferentiated, identical with absolute knowledge or reality.

10. See “The Lord’s Ritual of Exorcism,” in Invocations to the Hierarchy of the Ruby Ray through the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet, looseleaf.

11. One shall be taken and the other left. Matt. 24:40, 41; Luke 17:34-36.

12. Avalokitesvara ‘born’ from a ray from Amitabha’s eye. See 1988 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 31 no. 25, p. 215 n. 1.

13. Kuan Yin’s Crystal Rosary:  Devotions to the Divine Mother East and West released by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, 3-audiocassette album A88084, plus 40-page booklet, 4 hr. 40 min.   This ritual of prayer and meditation is derived from ancient Chinese mantras, sutras and novenas combined with songs and mantras to the Divine Mother East and West, such as the Hail Mary, as well as dynamic decrees invoking the violet flame and the protection of the heavenly hosts. Cassette I includes the ten vows of Kuan Yin taken from the Great Compassion Heart Dharani Sutra; cassette II, Kuan Yin mantras for the Woman and her seed, using sacred names, titles and mantras of Kuan Yin arranged according to the fourteen stations of the Aquarian cross; cassette III, mantras to the thirty-three manifestations of Avalokitesvara as Kuan Yin.


Catherine of Siena (see 1988 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 31 no. 15, p. 139; no. 39, p. 303), b. March 25, 1347, Italian mystic, defender of the pope and the Church. At age six in a powerful religious experience Catherine saw the radiant figure of Christ the King raise his hand and bless her. He was seated on a throne, crowned with a mitre and surrounded by the apostles Peter, Paul and John. Believing that her vocation was to be in the world but not of the world, at age sixteen she became a Sister of Penance, a member of the Dominican third order who wears a habit but is not confined to a convent. For the next three years Catherine remained cloistered in a small room in her father’s house, living a life of austerity, solitude and silence, withdrawing into the “inner cell” of the knowledge of God and self, as she described her communion with the Lord. She had many visions and conversations with Jesus, culminating in the spiritual marriage with Christ. During that time Catherine received Jesus’ teaching “I, nothing; God, All. I, nonbeing; God, Being.”  This fundamental truth inspired in her the humility and the conviction that enabled her to confront the forces threatening the Church and society in the turbulent fourteenth century.

At Jesus’ direction Catherine returned to public life in Siena, where she tended the poor and the sick. As her reputation for spirituality became known, there gathered around her a circle of devotees from all walks of life who called her their “sweet holy mother.”  Catherine acted as a peacemaker and diplomat in order to bring peace to Italy and reform the Church. She traveled widely and addressed hundreds of letters to the prelates and sovereigns of the day, giving counsel and advice yet directly confronting misdeeds. Wherever Catherine went, preaching, teaching and healing, she brought a spiritual revival and led thousands of souls back to the Church. In 1375 on a visit to Pisa, Catherine received the stigmata, which at her request remained invisible until after her death.

In her absolute devotion to the papacy Catherine, accompanied by twenty-three devotees (friars, nuns and laymen), traveled to Avignon, France, where the popes had resided for the past 70 years, in order to convince Pope Gregory to return the papacy to Rome. In 1377 the pope returned to Italy, but a year later with the election of his successor, Urban VI, certain cardinals set up a rival, or “anti-pope,” Clement VII. Thus began the “Great Schism,” which absorbed the remainder of Catherine’s life as she attempted to gain for Pope Urban VI the recognition that was rightfully his. In November 1378 she moved to Rome to devote herself to the cause of the papacy. During the last months of her life Catherine went daily to Saint Peter’s basilica where she spent hours in prayer before the mosaic of la Navicella, the ship of the Church. Just before Lent in 1380 she had a vision of the ship being lifted out of the mosaic and placed upon her shoulders. Three months later, on April 29, 1380, at age 33, Catherine died, exhausted by her penances and efforts in the service of the pope and the Church. “O eternal God,” she had prayed upon her deathbed, “receive the sacrifice of my life for the sake of this mystical body of holy Church.”  Her greatest work, the Dialogue, a spiritual treatise in the form of conversations with God the Father, was dictated by Catherine to her secretaries during a five-day state of ecstasy. About four hundred of her letters have survived as well as twenty-six of her prayers. Catherine was canonized in 1461; she was declared the patron saint of Italy in 1939 and proclaimed a Doctor of the Church in 1970. Her feast day is celebrated April 30.