Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 31 No. 27 - Beloved Mother Mary - June 15, 1988


Saint Germain Stumps America
The Karmic Weight of a Planet
We Would Raise Up a Flame of Healing


In the irresistible light of the God Flame of the Divine Mother, I AM descended into your midst, Mary, your Mother of grace, and Mediatrix before the throne of God. I come for the comfort and consolation of all souls of Light. I come to edify you and to draw you into the strains of my heart of the Holy Spirit that you might henceforth know my Presence as a protecting mantle that you may wrap about yourselves.

In these days, beloved, when many wonder, “Shall the earth tremble beneath our feet?”  I tell you that the greater danger in the earth body is of the rise of the cumulative karma of Evil itself that suffocates the soul, penetrates the pores and renders many in a state of depression, of weight, even to the loss of the natural élan of life.

Thus, some who have not banked the fires of the devotion of their hearts are not able to meet that weight that we find in coastal areas of the effluvia of the large cities and centuries of misqualification of the Mother Light, especially here on the shores of Lemuria where reincarnated priests of those temples who did desecrate the life[-force] then do also this day in many ways in society.

Blessed ones, I come to quicken you by the Diamond Heart, whereby you can affiliate yourself with my Sons, the Lords of the Seven Rays, who would draw you by the initiation and acceleration of your chakras into a vibration whereby through the spinning of those chakras you naturally throw off the weight of environmental karma and mass effluvia of the astral plane of mankind’s untoward emotions spewed out into life daily and hourly.

Beloved, the signs of the times are the increasing karmic weight of a planet and by that very weight a loss of sensitivity, even in those who in past lifetimes have known the path, East or West, of the Divine Mother. The signs in the heavens portend a generation seeking after success and wealth, position and pleasure.

Where are those of decades past who sought the living Guru, found many false gurus, yet in their quest arrived at a certain inner balance of being?  Where are these who have also graduated to a mundane life as the exigency of the hour?

Let all turn away from those things that are temporal to seek the consciousness of God in this hour. As I have spoken to my own in Medjugorje, <1> so I speak to you who understand the message of this age in terms more definite and scientific. Let those who have the devotion give devotion. Let those who have the enlightenment exercise the sword of the Spirit as the Sacred Word, <2> even the science of the spoken Word.

I promise you, then, in [your] giving of my rosary daily, raising up the Mother Light thereby and with these bija mantras given, <3> that I have by your leave an entrée into your world as one representative of the Divine Mother.

When you are sealed in the Mother’s light invoked by you and multiplied also by myself you will also have a state of listening grace where[in] you may hear the voice of the Son of God, your own Christ Self, and in hearing and heeding that voice live forevermore in the Light and finish your round as a champion of Life on earth and one who by absorption of the Fifth Ray of our bands and of Hilarion may also be the instrument of the healing of nations, the healing of bodies, the holding of a flame of wholeness.

Let the Light <4> that is in thee be raised up, for many need a lighthouse and a beacon to follow. Reacquaint thyself with this Inner Reality and then discover how it is a fount–a fount that overflows thy being to nourish and sustain millions.

You are at the place in life where, having been so ministered unto and taught by a Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, you can in definite self-knowledge enter the path that the adepts entered when they came to a true assessment of self-worth by the living flame of cosmic Truth.

The Lady Master Pallas Athena is another [representative of the Divine Mother] who does embody this flame and tutor your soul. Thus, seek Truth and know her face as one who defends your cause before the Court of the Sacred Fire.

We of the ascended hosts, beloved, do often plead the cause of our unascended brothers and sisters who are of the Light yet [who],  through ignorance or a life of ease or a life of busyness, do not occupy themselves in keeping a flame and therefore, unbeknownst to themselves, are losing slowly and surely (and sometimes fast) the dispensation to be in this hour a world saviour.

You may be surprised at this appellation. But I speak of you [thus as] mediating at your altar, giving your invocations, not [as] going forth making pronouncements of your glory but giving glory to God, entering into the closet to pray <5> and building such a momentum of prayer that you, beloved, perhaps not even fully known to yourself, hold the balance of light for an entire city.

Having fulfilled your duties at the altar daily, go forth, a brother, a sister championing those who need your assistance, being active in government, in community affairs, in decision-making bodies who are deciding the future of neighborhoods, of educational systems, of governments and of people.

Know, then, beloved, that those who have the light of Christ of the heart are those who ought surely to be the sponsors and representatives of a people in this form of government. Alas, beloved, we do not see them; and to add to the injury and prophecy of the age, those who now represent you in your government, state and federal and local, are for the most part self-seeking and unenlightened individuals who have sought and gained power by many measures and those not always of the highest honor.

Therefore, beloved, where the people are misrepresented, the people themselves must recognize that the true leader of their own life is their Holy Christ Self. If you subject yourself to that Divine Ruler within and unite with that one and learn of him and know his wisdom, you, then, may place yourself, through education and preparation, in a position where you believe that you can help in the representation of citizens of this land.

Blessed hearts, there are all sorts of interest groups [and] social programs that require those enlightened by love to minister to the many whose growing needs are becoming burdens on society and astronomical in financial considerations. Thus, there is no dearth of opportunity of ministration and service for those who would earn their wings and accelerate in light on the Path.

I reiterate to you what you may also read and know of my past prophecies. These will come to pass unless those in embodiment see themselves as intercessors, intercessors before the courts of heaven and the courts of earth–before karma and its adjudication–standing, then, as pillars of fire ere that karma descend.

In this hour angels of Raphael, my beloved consort, surround this city. For here we would raise up a flame of healing, a healing light that can be invoked by you in your healing services in honor of the one, Saint Joseph, who did father and nourish the Christ Child and therefore set the pace of the age of Pisces.

May all who are of the Masculine Ray in this life remember his example in all of his lifetimes <6> and know that your stature in God can be modeled after this role model of one who dared to defend Woman, who dared to raise up that Manchild and stand as the protector not only of a family but of an entire area of a planet until that one could fulfill his Christhood.

All of you must nurture life, espouse the calling to be world fathers and world mothers. In [fulfilling] this, [in] your daily calls you may send love to every child homeless, bereft, mistreated, abused. All need your care, and in answer to your prayers millions of angels minister unto them from our bands and those of the Holy Spirit.


Care for Life, beloved, and Life shall care for you.
Serve the Light and the Light shall turn and serve you.
Set all Life free and all Life will set you free.
As Above, so below be the embodiment of the Light Universal.
Triumph in this age–it is thy destiny...
But only if by free will you realize it and accept it.

   I AM ever present in the heavens and in the earth, profoundly concerned, sometimes grieved and, in a certain level of my being, shedding tears for that which is coming upon some who are bankrupt spiritually and will not or cannot receive my Light. You are closer to them than I, for you have incarnation. Therefore, pray for these, for some will be quickened by your calls and when quickened [they] will indeed receive my angels.

Angels of Raphael’s bands tend you now and bring to you unguents of healing for your souls, for your finer bodies, for your inner beings, beloved, and your psyches. For some of you have been assaulted and bombarded by great burdens in this life and others. Thus, a healing light is come that you might know that in the Healing Masters and Angels of the Fifth Ray there is recourse–there is recourse through my Immaculate Heart to healing and the whole healing of the whole body.

In the cosmic cross of the white fire, I seal you unto your fiery destiny in the God Star.


This dictation was delivered following the Messenger’s February 17, 1988 Stump at the Hyatt San Jose, California.

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