Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 31 No. 18 - Beloved Lord Lanto - May 1, 1988


Saint Germain Stumps America
To Embody a New Vibration
The Golden Yellow Light and Gem of Illumination


Holy Ones of God,

Be raised up to the crown of life, for I, Lanto, am sent to you that you might know the true path of the bodhisattva, <1> that you might enter grace by a gentle light of illumination, a piercing light that does also fracture ignorance and the bondage of Old Night.

And therefore, as light does increase in the crown chakra, cracks in the ceiling appear that there might be above the devotee of wisdom’s flame a vaulted ceiling, geometric, of crystal manifestation. And out of the cave and into the crystalline chamber, so the soul may emerge in clusters of other crystallized ones discovering the fire infolding itself within.

Therefore, in the mountains of the north (as it has been said and told by our bands) there is the gathering of souls beneath the surface of the earth with adepts ascended. In your finer bodies you may go there to learn of me and of my embodiment of the Christ Teaching long, long ago prior to the Christian era; for in every age there have been forerunners of the next. And many thousands of years before the dawn of that light does reach an outer humanity through the adepts, there are those who keep the flame within the secret chambers of the earth and within certain mountains.

Blessed ones, the Lost Teachings of the living Christ are sent to you and signified by his angel in the release of the Revelation to John. <2>  Happy are ye in illumination’s golden flame of God-happiness when through self-knowledge you take dominion and know the joy of life never known before.

In this hour, then, of the Lord’s descent, even that notable day of the LORD, <3> prepare ye, for thy God is nigh. Therefore, let the little children take the bells and sound them as in ancient days in the temples of the Far East the tinkling bells denoted the quiet footsteps of gentle, sandaled ones coming to an altar where a flame kindled without signified the hour for the flame meditation within.

I am the one, then, the Lord of the Second Ray, who does come to teach you the way of the inner Light. Let that inner Light glow that far-off worlds might know that bands of devotees have determined to embody a new vibration:  the vibration of Buddha, the vibration of the Lord of the World, the vibration of Christos.

O how illumination as a dawn of presence, quietude and yet power magnificent does come upon the individual, and there is a surcease of all outer noise, ignominy and those who live for outer titillations. And there is a fire that draws one in even to the secret chamber of the heart where the light of Christ is the Presence all-knowing. <4>  Come into that science of the New Age. Come into the heart of hearts.

Beloved, so near and yet so far are many who walk the path of a New Age dispensation from the Divine Reality. As thin as parchment is the distance between thy heart and the Inner Splendor. O blessed ones, by a change of vibration, by wisdom and a light raised up, you, then, know the inner Presence and become it.

By this inner peace and the tranquility of spheres upon spheres of Light–of Light’s meditation and mantra–come to know how the golden-robed brothers of our bands do walk up and down the land, and the bell tinkles, memories are kindled and souls are awakened. And they make their way, processioning, then, with Shiva <5> to the Grand Teton, to the heart of that inner retreat. <6>

It is an hour, beloved, as in all past cycles of earth changes, when in their finer bodies souls of Light find those places in higher octaves and begin to merge with a new vibration and dispensation.

It is the message of Lord Gautama, it is the message of Maitreya we bring in these days together. For this ancient city [Berkeley] is the recipient of the arcing of light of the ancient Eastern teachings also sealed in the caves of the Himalayas.

Know thyself. Know thyself as a God-man, as a God-woman. Know thyself truly as an intermediary, a facilitator in this hour of transition. With a little bit of attentiveness to the science of mantra, with a little bit of withdrawal from the things of this world, you can begin to evidence a visage, a countenance, of peace and a certain level of mastery and wisdom.

As you study the dictations of the Masters of the Second Ray published through our Messengers in abundance, you will become aware of your soul ascending, carried aloft on the gentle fountain of the Mother Light rising. <7>

Know, then, the way of the Ascended Masters who lead you so gently into a new awareness of self; and by violet flame with the wisdom of wisdom’s yellow fires, there is transmutation by illumination. True illumination of Christos and Buddha is always become illumined action. Those who are true to Truth herself as the living goddess and patroness of all that is true in life must by the inner love of that living flame of Truth become doers, changers, reorganizers.

O yes, those of the wisdom ray do balance that wisdom by the brilliance of the sapphire power of God’s will and the intense rose of love. Thus, in this threefold flame, I did teach my disciples in ancient China and did also teach Lord Confucius the way of the revealing of the inner Light, letting that Light shine, then, from my heart. <8>

Thus, those who were with me had impressed upon the memory a goal, that goal to raise up the flame of Liberty, that threefold flame of the heart, and to do so until that Light in such a shining splendor would call Home all those who are of the Ancient of Days, of Sanat Kumara.

Know thy inheritance, O beloved. Know that thou art called. And in this evening together in communion and harmony, surely you have contributed a jewel of light fashioned of your heart’s love as a focus that will not be set aside, a golden gem that is a sign of hope to elemental life who must hold the balance in this area.

Blessed are ye who understand the fulcrum of the individualization of the God Flame and yourself as instrumental in the raising of the consciousness of an age. Where God is, where the stream of Life is, I, Lanto, say with Confucius with me, let that stream become the golden yellow light!  Let all who follow it to its source know that in wisdom’s fount there is the peace which always passes understanding, <9> there is the unfoldment of the complete gnosis of Self.

Thus, knowledge of the within as a geometry, as an alchemy to be, that must be, does unfold that flower, petal by petal, of the crown chakra. And I predict to you, each one who will come with me this night guided by Jophiel’s angels of the Second Ray, that you shall know and have an illumination, sponsored as well by the Goddess of Wisdom, that will carry you far in holding the light of Lake Titicaca, of Meru and the Feminine Ray of the planet now come to the fore. <10>

Know, then, wisdom’s love, wisdom’s alchemy. Play thy part, beloved, for many souls who know not and cannot in this hour respond to me or my Messenger depend on you to keep the flame.

Keep the flame, then, of golden illumination, and let thy crown be truly a crown of victory. Thus, in the annals of the centuries and the millennia, let thy name be remembered as one who contributed to the confluent stream of the Self-awareness of an evolution in the heart of Buddha, Buddha, Buddha.

AUM Buddha. AUM Buddha.


This dictation by Lord Lanto was delivered by Elizabeth Clare Prophet following her Thurs., Feb. 11, 1988 lecture at the Berkeley House, Berkeley, Calif., where she was stumping for Saint Germain’s Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness.

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6. The Royal Teton Retreat, congruent with the Grand Teton near Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is the principal retreat of the Great White Brotherhood on the North American continent. This physical/etheric retreat is an ancient focus of great light where the seven rays of the Elohim and Archangels are enshrined. The Lords of Karma, Gautama Buddha, and all members of the Great White Brotherhood frequent this gathering place of the Ascended Masters and their disciples while also maintaining the specialized functions of their own retreats. Customarily the Lords of Karma meet at the Royal Teton Retreat twice a year, at winter and summer solstice, to review petitions from unascended mankind and to grant dispensations for their assistance. Conclaves attended by thousands of lifestreams from every continent, who journey there in their finer bodies through soul travel while they sleep, are also held at this retreat as well as smaller classes and tutorials. Here also Saint Germain and Lord Lanto with the Ascended Master Confucius (hierarch of the Royal Teton Retreat) are conducting their universities of the Spirit–courses of instruction being given by the Lords of the Seven Rays and the Maha Chohan at their respective retreats for tens of thousands of students who are pursuing the path of self-mastery on the seven rays. See Lords of the Seven Rays:  Mirror of Consciousness, Book One, pp. 79-80, 89, 92, 95, 96-97, 104-10, 301-5; 1987 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 30, no. 28, pp. 285-86.

7. The sacred fire, Kundalini, rising on the spinal altar, balancing the chakras with the Mother Light

8. During his final incarnation before his ascension Lord Lanto’s adoration of the threefold flame within his heart was so great that the intense glow of his divine spark could be seen emanating a soft golden glow through his chest. See Lords of the Seven Rays:  Mirror of Consciousness, Book One, pp. 91-92.

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