Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 30 No. 1 - Beloved Gautama Buddha - January 4, 1987


The Golden Sphere of Light
The Saving of That Which Can Be Saved
New Year’s Eve Address 1986


Beloved of the Golden Sun of the Infinite One,

How art thou now transported into another golden sphere <1> —a sphere of memory that does become a reality only in the Eternal Now. For the mortal cannot capture the infinitude of a presence of a once-manifest golden age so long past, now forgot.

Come, then, for I would speak to you in this golden sphere, once thy habitat, once the kingdom of joy. And this joy, beloved, is the true bliss of the Divine Union, a joy of a paradise that seemed as though it would never end.

This golden sphere, beloved, where I am taking you is in fact the causal body and the point of origin of a planet closest to the sun, identified to you by beloved Lanello as “Hedron.” What you know of Hedron is its descent into a cult of pleasure, but I bring you to the golden sphere of a paradise that was beyond all necessity of human pleasure.

For here I would that you might experience for an hour with me this night what it is to be in the warmth of the golden sunshine of love and to know the fullness of all joy in all chakras of being, oneness with the twin flame and with God. So, beloved, it is a reprieve from a planet called “Earth” where you sojourn and have entered to tarry with the Lord and to toil for the hour of his appearing.

In this my address to you and all devotees of Buddha, whether known by any other name (for the devotee of God is always the devotee of Buddha, though he shun the connection)—all, then, are taken by me, for all need surcease from the burden and strain of contemplation of that which may be coming upon Earth, that which has been abuilding for centuries, that karma which is due which the Lightbearers alone know how to stay.

Thus, hearts of Light, it is a giant sphere that takes us there for contemplation upon a perfection so light, so beautiful, so immediately the transfer of the temple of Helios and Vesta—truly the first point of qualification of this ‘sun-light’ [by a planetary body] followed by the calling and the office of other planetary bodies of the seven spheres.

Beloved ones, to enter here now you may see the beauty, the verdure, the fragrance, the harmony of an existence that each and every one of you knows exists somewhere in the vast somewhere. It is a memory like this, beloved, that endows all human existence with hope, with certainty of faith and conviction born of experience that Earth is not as God intended it to be and that there is an Eternal Now waiting for the soul.

I give you a moment to explore—with eye and swiftness of Mercurian feet, winged-sandaled—meadows, forests, streams, vast bodies of water, sky and lightness, elemental life, visible angels—not overpopulated nor under, for on a small orb such as this many can evolve when harmony is as natural as the grace of birds and flowers in springtime.

Sit back, as it were, beloved, and relax in this atmosphere. Absorb from this great causal body of golden light and pink glow-ray a peace, a recharging, a sense of divine purpose and ultimate goals, and know that all that separates you from this experience is time, space, and karma—kal–desh.

These things are not impenetrable obstacles. Time can be transcended when it is mastered. Space can be penetrated when it is absorbed. Karma can be dealt with, for all that is required is to deal with the day’s allotment. Cast it into the sacred fire early that thy work might be a gain in self-mastery for the next karmic assignment and spiritual lesson.

Now then, this golden sphere does not leave one passive, without activity and challenge, [it affords] new vistas, almost a sense of urgency to unfold cosmic splendor and science. Here Ascended Masters, unascended ones see the immediacy of becoming God and more of God. Earth’s playground—or playpen—is a very limited challenge. From this level the whole of the Spirit/Matter Cosmos beckons. Any one of you can consider those things that would take your heart and mind and diligence if you but had the hours, if you had taken from you the struggle and the dire challenges of earthly existence. Know, then, that there is no plateau in infinity, no end of opportunity, discovery, happiness, creativity.

In the wonder of this beauty where many [of the inhabitants of Hedron] could see to the very heart of the Sun itself, the presence of Helios and Vesta, there eventually came about on the part of some, absent of true gratitude and appreciation for these opportunities unlimited, a desiring for other discoveries in lesser spheres, in lower vibrations.

Why, then, would they desire less than all of this? Because in the lower domain, you see, they would achieve notoriety and a human kind of a godhood not subject to a hierarchical chain of command; they would achieve independence and the fulfillment of a desire for a pleasure that would slowly begin with a titillation of the outer senses instead of the stimulus of the inner sensitivities of the soul.

Gradations of vibration are subtle, beloved, and the one least aware of his own fluctuation is the individual himself. Only a single blind spot, and one (thinking he is yet in the corona of the Sun) may have strayed many miles from the highest vibrations of Maitreya. Many have not understood what is known as the fall of angels, but I tell you, beloved, the descent is always by imperceptible degrees.

Now, if you but think of this eventuality on Earth, you are very much aware, for instance, that those who are ignorant know not that they are ignorant, even as in the animal kingdom the animal that is clumsy knows not that he is clumsy. You have all seen insensitivity of conscience, of awareness of Christ Self allow individuals to rationalize heinous crimes against humanity, all manner of perverse relationships and actions against one another justified for some so-called righteous cause, even as you have seen individuals locked into pockets of self-deception believing they are God-fearing and of the highest path or, on the other hand, aware they have chosen the left and yet so very certain it is correct.

Thus, if you will attempt to understand the mysteries of life from examples and equations of Earth, you may come to some very practical as well as sobering conclusions to the questions you ask—primarily: Why would one leave the very center of the throne of grace in the heart of God in the Great Central Sun to descend for experimental purposes or other reasons?

I show you gradations of Light and Darkness and how these have resulted, in fallen angels, as a direct opposition to the Most High. This is easier to understand than the apathy of the sons and daughters of God who stray just a little and all of whose actions seem to be Godlike and for righteousness. These pedal in one place. They know not what place they are in; they have no sense of co-measurement—neither betwixt Earth and the lower astral plane nor Earth and the Golden City of Light or the Golden Planet of Light in this sphere where we are.

Blessed ones, the shadows creep and fall across the unsuspecting soul. No matter what plane of occupation, whether the etheric or in dense Earth, once one has entered the decision to be in relativity, a relative good and evil based on a position and a defense of one’s right—“my right”—from thenceforth, beloved, one can calculate neither the plummeting nor the ascent. Something apart from oneself must report the goings and the comings—the rise and fall of the soul.

That something and that someone is the Mediator. But then, who can approach the level of the Mediator? Therefore, we have sent World Teachers into that zone betwixt the golden sphere and the planes of evil and foul spirits—World Teachers and the living Guru, one, someone, to embody the standard of the Law of the I AM and that one also to descend to the plane of the Christ Self.

Beloved El Morya has this night given a sobering picture to his children. <2> I come desiring to give a larger view and a release from Earth. Earth is heavy in this hour, beloved, as you well know, but remember you are with me in the golden sphere of Life, nestled near to Helios and Vesta.

Just as you have sensed in the leaving of the cities at sea level and in the coming to the mountain of God that all that is below is, as it were, an illusion, so from the perspective of the golden sphere you once called Home, you may see how the dilemma of the human mind and the fallen angels traps millions to an unreality that is so real—as real, then, as Death and Hell when it devours a soul.

Blessed ones, I give to you a peace—a peace beyond all telling, even beyond understanding. <3> It is a peace you need for all the years ahead. It is the inner peace of Light, of a sense of Destiny, of arriving at such a golden sphere when the work at hand is concluded. For, you see, the golden sphere swings and may touch the lowest dimensions of Matter, as when a child takes a ball attached to a string and turns it in circles it does reach the height and the depths.

There is a causal body for each planet of the system and there are spheres of light that contain the record of all good in that collective causal body. The causal body of each planetary home contains the entire momentum of the [members of the] Great White Brotherhood and unascended souls [who have evolved upon it] and may be called upon to “swing round.” And in that swing it becomes congruent to those earthbound, as you say, and can transmit in an instant a light and a power that can also consume on an instant.

This consuming, to the inhabitants of such a sphere so touched by the sphere of the causal body, can seem as utter destruction, desolation, or annihi­lation, as though someone flashed a light and a goodly portion of the known world were to be changed. This is a method of drawing a world abruptly back into an alignment with the inner blueprint. It is not the preferred method, beloved, but it does avert ultimate chaos and destruction of souls.

What occurs in this method is a reducing of the identity of all. For to take from the individual his karma or his human creation before he has gained a mastery of the light in the opposite dimension—that is, in the dimension of the I AM Presence—is therefore to reduce his identity. For one’s karma and one’s human creation is one’s self until one has transmuted it and ascended to a higher level of self-awareness.

Thus, if you can imagine a flash of light as a nuclear explosion coming upon the planet only for a split second, in that moment God would have the power to reduce all equally, let us say, by ten percent, by fifteen percent, depending on what reduction would be necessary in order to avert an utter calamity or cataclysm. This has been done in the past. Entire evolutions have been “dwarfed,” you might say—reduced in life span, reduced in stature. Thus, as the Evil was cut back, so the potential for greater Good was also cut back until that evolution should come unto a love for and an obedience to the Higher Law and Lord.

The drawback to this solution to a planetary equation that was once the dilemma of Hedron or Maldek and is fast becoming the dilemma of Earth is that there is no lesson learned. There is the same potential for Evil as [that which] created the greater danger in the first place. Without the intercession of World Teachers, those so reduced will simply continue on in their old ways and the Darkness will mount again as new Nimrods come forth to build new towers greater than before.

So you see, beloved ones, there is a certain futility to this solution; for the planets that have received it have not merited further World Teachers, having been given many, even as many have been sent to Earth. Thus, without an Intercessor, a Maitreya, they have simply built again, just as the grass grows and the weeds return once the fields have been cut or the lawn mowed.

Thus, the advantage is a certain gaining of time. And this time was gained in Earth through the flood of Noah, the sinking of continents, and the reduction of the life span [of the evolutions] on Terra. And even withal, teachers were sent again and again. Yet, the joy of it all is that there has been a harvest of souls who have ascended for the gaining of that time, for the setting back of the potential of Evil on Earth. Thus, there is in the annals of Earth, as we read them this night from the golden sphere, some salutary word that souls have been won for the ascension and have attained a Godhood which otherwise might have been lost.

The question is, then: How many souls have ascended from planet Earth apart from those who came with Sanat Kumara or who were emissaries of Venus or who were of angelic realms apart from his coming? We look to measure, then, the condition of Earth by a numbering of those souls who have responded to the ministrations of many. We understand that the ministering servants themselves have ascended. The question is: Have any from among humanity?

Beloved ones, I cannot say that the Lords of Karma have determined to release these statistics to you in this hour. I can only tell you that the harvest is disappointing and the level of disappointment may be measured by yourselves by your own observations of the activities of humanity in this hour.

As you have heard the dictation of Saint Germain, you understand what is at hand. <4> Some of you have wondered, would we say more? Would we draw back the veil?

Our presence here is by the grace of the Lightbearers and we address the Lightbearers this evening that you might understand with comfort and enlighten­ment from the higher abode of your spirit that each and every one of you is tenderly cared for and shall always be. As you did not always make your home in this physical octave or body temple, so I can assure you that for the Lightbearer the adjustment to higher octaves and etheric life is a welcomed reprieve between embodiments and this transition is only a Hell and a Darkness to those who have so created it.

One of the dilemmas which face the Cosmic Council and the Lords of Karma at this juncture of the history of this system of worlds is that some among the Lightbearers descended too far, lost the way, identified with fallen angels through only a splinter of pride which grew and festered and began to dominate their existence. These Lightbearers, then, lost the momentum, lost the wind in their sails.

It is about these Lightbearers that we are most concerned, that the Darjeeling Council and the Messengers are concerned—that they, having a memory of higher spheres, not sensing the gradations of consciousness over which they have crossed, do not have a sense of the danger, do not have a sense of the jeopardy in which their souls are placed when such forces of Darkness [as are being witnessed today] are coming nearer and nearer a confrontation on the planet.

This planet where they should be but pilgrims, sojourners in the way, easily able to take their leave of it, has now become to many of these children of the Sun a prison house from which they cannot escape. They have lost the key to open the prison doors and unless some make the call, no angel will come to open those doors. This is a far greater dilemma to Sanat Kumara than the plight of a mankind that has ever walked the easy, downward way.

We seek to save that which has lost the First Estate, those who were once in the kingdom of joy. It is our hope that in saving these there might be an engrafting of the Word <5> unto those who have it not. Unless, then, the firstfruits be saved from psychicism and all manner of false prophecy, how, then, can there be another opportunity for humanity at large?

You are alive in a day when the sophistication on planet Earth of the Serpent and his seed—the proud talkers, philosophers, from the professors to the economists to those who lead labor unions to those who manage the governments of Soviet and Communistic states—is such that, blessed ones, the subtlety and the weight of the lie is a smothering blanket and it does take, oh, such a steel, as the steel sword of Serapis, to be unbending toward the sympathy of these fallen angels who have such vast “social” programs whereby they expect to raise and equalize the race of humanity and the nations.

Our concern, then, is not for the Lightbearers who shall clean escape the moment they depart this octave. Our concern, as Morya stated, is for the ones who are totally convinced they have found the right path and the right teacher; though they are surrounded by false chelas and false gurus in these other movements, yet they follow suit, for their memory is dull. These, then, we must rescue by an all-out effort if by the hour of Wesak we are to come to a place for a larger dispensation for Earth as a whole.

We are, then, gratified as we rejoice and sing together in this golden sphere of joy’s kingdom to know that many books are gone forth, that hearts have pledged to publish The Coming Revolution, that many hearts have pledged and are actively stumping their areas and the nations, that many are spreading the Word, and also that many have increased the light and the candlepower of their threefold flame so as to have placed themselves out of harm’s way in the previous twelve months since I have addressed you at the New Year’s conclave of the Royal Teton.

Understand, then, that our gratitude for the good, the effort, and the accomplishment is why we are here this very night. We have something to stand on of worth, and it is the development of the heart of those who have understood how to develop the heart. Thus, there is an increase of Light <6> on Earth almost, but not quite, commensurate with the increase of Darkness. <7> Those who have it must let it shine and teach and transfer it. Those who do not must be thankful and humble enough to realize it when they are confronted by the Messenger.

Blessed ones, to know that one has erred or failed is the most important news one can receive when in a situation where opportunity is yet available. The news of victory is no news to the victor. For he has known all along that he has prepared himself well, that he has qualified himself, and that he deserves the victory. And he is certain that in God he shall achieve it—and so he does. But, beloved ones, failures are more unexpected because they follow folly, miscalculation, an ambition that is blind, a pride that is blind, a rebellion that is blind and that is not seen until the shell of illusion is broken by a failure: “What went wrong?”—and then the soul-searching begins.

With these words you can understand why at times the Cosmic Council has decreed not merely to set back an evolution but to bring total destruction and to begin anew. It is not our desire, nor is it the desire of any of the hosts of heaven, to see such utter pain and destruction come upon Earth as has been contemplated. But I must ask you to ponder the question we ponder at the level of the Darjeeling, Indian, and Royal Teton councils, at the level of the Buddhas, at the level of the Lords of Karma. The question is, beloved: What else will awaken the souls of Earth if not cataclysm or nuclear war? They must be awakened. The death of souls must be stopped. What will stop it, if not utter catastrophe?

Again, look to the profile of lives you have known. Have you not seen that catastrophe in a household or family has brought them closer to God if they are of God and of the seed of Christ, and that in others such eventualities have brought a hardening of the heart toward God, an anger toward God, a closing of the petals of the chakras, and then a defiance which ensues of any coming representative of God?

Thus, according to their point of origin, souls react one way or another. But the desired reaction of the Law is always that the Lightbearer might return to his First Love and First Estate.

I ask you, then, to look at the questions that you ask and to know that these have been the topic of our discussions in our council chambers. And as we, too, have gone to the heart of God and even into the Great Silence, our answer is that we would desire that the Teachings of the Ascended Masters would bring about this awakening, this return, this conversion that could avert planetary chaos erupting. This is our desire.

Blessed ones, in some areas you are more familiar with the ways of the world and the thoughts and feelings of the people than we are in our highest consciousness. When we descend to Earth we descend often through the chela’s mind, knowing that there there is a certain screening by the Christ and a certain greater awareness that goes beyond outer appearances.

And so, beloved, it is to those in physical embodiment that the answer to this question belongs: Can, will the Teachings of the Ascended Masters prevent mankind’s karma from descending?

This I will tell you, beloved—that there are dispensations available and forthcoming to those who in all practicality and balance and self-mastery can be our spokesmen running with our message. Saint Germain himself will speak to you on the morrow and what he may unveil or reveal I leave to his discretion.

My message, then, to you is to calculate with practicality and honesty the part you can play in postponing the day of karmic reckoning, or the descent of Damocles’ sword. The vigils held by the Mother in this place, reinforced by yourselves, will avail much. The scattering of the books as the seed of the sower will avail much.

Prayer for the Lightbearer must be fastidious. A transfer of the Word can be imparted only by those who have the Word. Thus, beloved, seek that divine experience outlined by El Morya, not for yourself alone but for the having of the Light that it might be transmitted. The equation remains: How the Light increases in each individual Keeper of the Flame may determine much.

We have not lost hope for the children of the Sun nor for the sons and daughters of God. But our hope in the practical sense is meager for the masses who have turned their backs again and again upon our light, teaching, and representatives for tens of thousands of years. They reproduce after their kind, beloved, almost as cattle. And one cannot find the point of opening where there is a desire to receive the divine spark which we may transfer to them through our own. Thus, we must concentrate on the saving of that which can be saved, understanding that their salvation can yet gain time even for those who have absolutely no interest in the things of the Spirit or of God, even if they are instructed day and night by the most precious angel.

Can and should, then, a civilization be saved that is self-perpetuating in this attitude of mankind? Or should the matrix of this civilization and this kind of man be shattered that the new golden-age man and golden-age woman of the seventh root race might appear and that the Christed ones might fulfill their responsibilities and gain a dimension of Cosmos?

If you can answer these questions, beloved, and I think that you can if you ponder them against the backdrop of cosmic law, then you will come to a realization of certain key factors and solutions in your own life (these have been mentioned before but they are easy to see from this golden sphere of light)—that those who value eternal Life and understand that it must be lived here and now must truly come apart from mortality and the herds of mortals fulfilling Death from the moment they are born. These must surely understand that their children need, require, and deserve a better example, a better way of life, that they must be pushed and pulled back up the mountain of God whence they once descended in response to the music of Hell that lured them down. <8>

The equation of physical survival was touched upon by Saint Germain. It should be foremost in your mind. Why do you need to survive, beloved? Because you need to be in physical embodiment until you have balanced sufficient karma to warrant that you should no longer return to a place of such a low vibration as Earth. To cut off that opportunity before it is fulfilled has too many dire consequences to the individual.

When you place the goal first of the balancing of karma, it does not mean that you abandon families, jobs, calling, responsibility, but rather that you enter into all of these with greater vigor, spirituality and accelerated pace in order that you might not be caught in any of the pitfalls associated with human relationships or the karma-balancing process.

This place requires great preparation to be a place prepared for survival. Let us see that the day that has begun be one where you set priorities for the year, the foremost of which should be the determination of how and where you can best physically survive no matter what may come upon the planet. In a position of survival, you may then once again return to the task of enlightenment. The enlightenment of self is key—and of other Lightbearers. This is a certainty.

I will tell you, then, beloved, that the golden sphere of light where you now abide is about to be transferred over the Inner Retreat and the Royal Teton Ranch. As all Lightbearers have entered it, now the golden sphere itself does begin to move toward planet Earth. When it is fully accomplished ere six hours have passed from the conclusion of my address, you will know that there is a very large golden sphere of light that literally touches the Earth in its lower portion.

It is like a tree house into which you climbed as a child. This place, beloved, forms the figure-eight flow with the “Place Prepared” below. It provides you with a haven of paradise even as you work the works of God at hand. It provides you with an inner blueprint and a power source that you have not known.

This sphere, beloved, is positioned with its center being the throne which I occupy as Lord of the World. Thus, I was called to other octaves by the Cosmic Council and Sanat Kumara many weeks ago, and to me they presented this proposal. For Hedron has long gone beyond the pale of restoration and has become, as you know, an asteroid belt.

Therefore, the Cosmic Council decreed: Why not deliver this sphere to those Lightbearers of Earth who have demonstrated the responsibility and the ability to produce what is necessary? Why not give to them access to so great a reservoir of light and kingdom of joy that those who have been called by Serapis to ascend and stand with him as the stalwarts of Thermopylae <9> might have almost unlimited wealth, abundance, opportunity, wisdom—and at the same time an escape hatch if the various courses of action should come to pass which have to do with the return of mankind’s karma?

Thus, beloved ones, this golden sphere of light becomes the citadel of the Western Shamballa. Now that Western Shamballa, truly centered over the Heart, gains an auric field and a causal body built by Lightbearers long ago. And, precious ones, those somewhat burdened by the frankness of Morya, which is our own as well, may now take some heart and measure of hope. For you, beloved, were a part of the building of this kingdom of joy and this causal body; and therefore, because you are here—having volunteered to redeem the karma not only of Earth but of Hedron (for many of its fallen evolutions have reembodied here)—you, then, by your presence have also allowed this event to take place.

Thus, in truth, many upon Earth who did not go the way of the pleasure cult completely but regained their senses and stood fast have, to your credit, substance in this causal body. Thus, you have a point of polarity with it and now, for the first time in thousands of years, access to this cumulative momentum of world good.

This sphere has been sealed until this hour, beloved. Now it is come, accessible solely to the true Son of God, the true Chela, the true Lightbearer. You may, then, begin this day, January 1, 1987, understanding the meaning of the initiation of a cycle.

Beloved ones, I must tell you sadly that correspondingly there is also delivered to this planet a dark sphere of the karma of mankind. It is like the lower sphere of the Silex coffee maker, except in this instance it is not in a figure-eight flow with the golden sphere. For you stand—and all Lightbearers collectively stand—in that [figure-eight] relationship to the golden sphere. And thus, the dark sphere is below. It is also below in altitude, beloved. It is below [vibrationally, hence] in the astral plane.

It is given to you through my heart, my love, and my presence here to return to identification with the golden sphere of the kingdom of joy at any time or hour throughout this life unto the finishing of your course. And from the perspective of that sphere you may observe pain, suffering, and calamity among mankind, not as from an ivory tower but as from the lotus throne of the Western Shamballa where you may surround me, seated on your own lotus throne as a bodhisattva of grace. And from that point of equanimity you may direct almost, as it were, a straw into the darkness of the lower sphere and pull up by the magnet of your heart, by the sacred fire breath, Lightbearers caught and tumbling in that karma that is delivered.

Thus, the right hand of the Mighty Angel of the Judgment is raised. From high in the upper atmosphere of Earth the angel does stand and the right hand of the angel, beloved, does descend. And with this descent, mankind must deal with a greater portion of their karma for their failure to accept the Light and even for their persecution of the Light and the Messenger of the Light.

So let those who have touched the hem of our garment, who have seen and known the Truth and gone aside from it, hear me. For you are caught, unable to enter the golden sphere of light and therefore subject to the depravity and the depredations coming upon the Earth.

Seek God while there is time. All who have doubted or maligned the Messengers have had abundant proof of their office and mantle—even the evildoer. Repent, then, from your ways, all ye who have abandoned this path; and let the good, the Lightbearer entering in, value his acceleration and increase it. If you but raise, then, the size of the threefold flame, if you but enter into a oneness with the golden sphere to a point of several degrees as we would measure it, know, then, that you have access to other millions who will be touched by your heart.

Those who are accelerating have every reason to accelerate more, for these have the highest momentum and may swiftly gain a higher. Those who have slacked off and entered laggard ways may instantaneously leave these and enter in to this hope and promise.

Let there be no regrets. The year ‘86 is past. And it is too late. But a new year has begun. For some it is a clean, white page. For I, Gautama, out of my heart extend myself to you who know enough to have remorse, who know enough to receive instruction, to be tutored, and to regain a lost spirituality. For you, I will do all that the Great Law allows me—and the Law of Love does allow me. For some whose density has carried them downstream have awakened to the call of Morya, and they shall return and they may become the swift and the strong with renewed zeal. May it be so. For, beloved, I do tell you that the years of opportunity are few and small. Make the most of them.

Now then, to comfort ye all, a messenger of Sirius walks down the aisle of this room to hand to me here in this place (where I AM also even as I AM in the golden sphere approaching) the scroll containing the thoughtform for the year 1987.

Beloved ones, it is “A Proclamation from the God Star Sirius to the People of Earth.” I shall read it to you:


      O people of Earth, the Four and Twenty Elders speak to you in this hour, and in our speaking we send light rays to activate and quicken consciousness.

      People of Earth, the Lord God has sent to you his Son Saint Germain in this hour of trouble. Hear him. Heed him. Know him.

      To that end, we impress upon the ethers the image, the word, the vibration of Saint Germain and the blueprint of Aquarius—Aquarius, then, as a sign and as a sphere, as a grid of light, of lines connected by Maltese crosses. This geometric form, in the shape of planet Earth, is represented in white lines on a field of dark blue. This thoughtform, O people of Earth, is the matrix that you may determine and decide to fill in in order that you might make the change to Aquarius.

      People of Earth, we show you, then, the handwriting on the wall. We show you that surely there shall come upon you the full karma and karmic accountability delivered by the Four Horsemen and in the seven last plagues delivered by the Archangels. None will stay the hand of this descent unless you turn from your ways at once and embrace the Master and his gift of the violet flame.

      People of Earth, the time has run out. Your destructive ways have gone too far and the Great Law cannot allow it to continue. Therefore, from the Great Central Sun come messengers of Light, legions of angels in the service of the God Surya. These angels are sent to the side of every man, woman, and child of Earth to transmit to your senses the oncoming tide that at a certain point cannot be turned back.

      These angels will lead you at inner levels to the Royal Teton Retreat and on the outer to the teachings of Saint Germain. Heed him and heed these teachings and you will discover the gift of miracles and the gift of prophecy. You will learn the science of changing the future by transmuting the past. You may become alchemists in the twinkling of an eye if you so choose. You may discover God within your heart and live forever.

      Seek and find Saint Germain! He is the Master who once again pledges his life to the deliverance of Earth.

      People of Earth, it is the last time. This Master of Light therefore comes in a final intercession in a final hour. May the children of the Sun run to greet him with Portia standing in the Seventh Ray waiting to take you each one by the hand.

      People of Earth, this is our message. It is brief and to the point. The Teaching is set forth. The Opportunity is given. Take it and be free.

   Beloved, this proclamation is signed by the hand of the God Surya and each one of the names of the Four and Twenty Elders is written in gold as signature. These names have never before been released and they shall not be pronounced to you, but they are written in the proclamation and therefore may be known by you at inner levels.

Thus, this is an answer—a beginning and, you might say, a partial answer. The equation must be filled in by those who now at will may drink the nectar of the golden sphere of light. When I say “at will,” beloved, this will involves your alignment with your blueprint, the blueprint of Aquarius, and the will of God—your embodying of the Cosmic Christ.

Through your own Christ Self, the Mediator, you now have access to unlimited light for the solution to the problem. You, then, must now devise those solutions, work them, fulfill them. So be engaged in self-mastery. So feel the urgency of self-mastery as never before. For above all, it is the wayward Lightbearers who stand to lose the most and be lost.

To the rescue, then, I say! Look to the New Day. Those who have earned it may enter it each night. Those who have not may yet pay their dues and fulfill the requirements.

My profound blessing and love to each and every one who knows me as I AM and loves me as I love you. My blessing to those entering in. My legions attend those who yet struggle and must be cut free.

Part the Red Sea. The command is given not to angels and Cosmic Beings but to you, beloved. So do it. So be it. So know, in the oneness of God all things are possible.


“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Gautama Buddha was delivered through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on New Year’s Eve, December 31, 1986, at the Royal Teton Ranch, Montana.

1. In his Christmas Day address 1986, Jesus announced that the God and Goddess Meru had come from Lake Titicaca to “establish a corridor of light from the etheric retreat over the Royal Teton Ranch to the etheric retreat of the Feminine Ray at Lake Titicaca,” opening a highway whereby our calls might “reach South America in time.” The Master announced that the God and Goddess Meru had placed themselves within golden white spheres to be sustained above the Ranch as their presence with us and that “their great momentum of victory over witchcraft, Death, Hell, and black magic is brought to bear in this hour on the threat of suicide worldwide....They are ready to turn back and bind the entire momentum of this force in answer to your call.” See “The Coming of the Divine Teacher,” 1986 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 29, no. 78.

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6. Christ consciousness

7. The weight of planetary karma produced by the collective consciousness of Antichrist

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