Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 26 No. 46 - The Beloved Maha Chohan - November 13, 1983


The Spirit of Community


I speak unto the light of the Sun, I direct my call to the far-off worlds, and I speak to the light of the heart and the lilting note of each one’s own song of the soul.

I, the Maha Chohan, stand in this congregation of those pursuing the path of Almighty Righteousness. And I come with the sword to deliver the Woman and all her seed throughout the earth from the tempters, the vultures themselves, who would bring to pass the resurrecting of the past to besmirch the screen of the present in attempt to hinder the caravan of Light. This has cut off the path of sainthood for many a soul of great virtue over thousands of years of the standard plots and ploys of the fallen ones.

I AM in the heart of the lotus of the Buddha. I AM in the heart of the devotee of Mother. I AM in that heart now, expanding the Light, expanding the Sacred Fire!

Let the fiery trial consume, therefore, not only the karma of the individual or the dust upon the veil of the saint—nay, let the fire consume more, even the infamy of those around the world this day who yet seek to subdue the Mother and her seed to World Communism, to world materialism, to tyranny and totalitarianism of every kind, even in the world of religion itself.

When the churches of the nations unite in the councils of the false pastors and take from the people their funds and give them to fund the World Communist movement, who has then ascended to the pulpit? <1> Who stands there but the seed of Satan himself? I demand the exposure, for I AM the Maha Chohan.

As Christ was crucified naked on the cross, so fear not, daughter of Zion. For this term is the soul, collective soul-identity, of all people of Israel—of all that Is real.

The people of the daughter of Zion who are the souls, the seed, of Sanat Kumara must fear not this very conspiracy of darkness. Therefore, let them hover near the altar of the Grail. Let them seek comfort in the Mother’s bridal veil and gown. Let them seek comfort in the community of the new age, which sponsors the holy family as never before.

Where upon earth will you find at the feet of the minister the Nativity scene <2> honoring father and mother, teacher and wise men, elemental life and angels—all of whom adorn with gladness, with hope and faith and charity, that blessed incarnation of the avatar?

I tell you—because you need encouragement, beloved hearts—that this community of the Holy Spirit has become the magnet for the marriage of twin flames and of soul mates and those on the path of Almighty Righteousness. It has become the place consecrated by Saint Germain and Mother Mary and by Jesus to the holy family, where souls, together in the concept of the old homestead of America, could realize in truth the persons of the Godhead within their own family circle—and that without idolatry, but surely in the pure love of Christ, heart to heart, that combines forces, welds together the faithful, and creates truly that organic body of God that is continually bearing the fruit of the Spirit of the Holy Ghost.

Understand, therefore, we have preached nigh two decades and more concerning the holy family. But you are seeing, since the hour of October 12, 1981—since the hour of the celebration of the marriage of the messenger and of the soul of light who is her consort and ours—since that moment, the magnet of twin flames manifest again is drawing the power of Alpha and Omega as the body and blood of Christ, as those united in holy matrimony see the configuration of themselves as the body and blood, even the male and female, the man and the womb-man, who hold now in concentrated white fire the very essence of the T’ai Chi.

And each home of Glastonbury and each home of our servants at the Royal Teton Ranch must become, therefore, a central sun of light, an action of the Great Central Sun, a consecration of Alpha and Omega, so that in these humble abodes (and those that increase in the majesty of the kingdom also) might be a place to receive many—as the home of light is a place of comfort, teaching, joy, rest, and recreation for those who are the pilgrims of God, the chelas, and the little children.

Therefore, let us not create the home in selfishness—the desire to be apart from or removed from the very heart of the white fire. But let the home be the nearness to the very Central Sun as that commeasurement in time and space where father and mother, souls meting out the measure of their life’s work and karma together, see themselves as the instrument of the pervading of a new order, even the order of the Aquarian age.

Understand the meaning of this. For all things must come into balance and into transmutation in this hour. And the resolution of the union of hearts begins to reflect the Divine Union of the Father/Mother God and prepare the soul for the ascent.

This is a purification process. It is the return to Eden where man and woman understand the mysteries of the Grail and the temptations of Serpent and his seed, also the distractions and the byways of life, even the turning back of the Kundalini fire when it ought to be anchored in purest light at the focus of the All-Seeing Eye.

Truly, all initiations and testings of the Path may be won and earned by those who are diligent chelas and disciples first, and then the married couple and family second. For the honor and the integrity of the family is the honor and the integrity of the path of the individual. Therefore, the identity of one must not be swallowed up in the other, but each one must give forth the fruit of her vine and the fruit of her fig tree.

Each one’s own causal body must produce not alone for the family in an insular way, but for the whole community, and especially for all of the children of the community. For parents and teachers working together may draw forth that variety of fruits and talents which the new-age children are fully capable of eating and absorbing, blessed ones.

As you know your children need specialized teachers in this hour of transition, so you realize that within the community, you yourself have a special love, a special talent. And if you do not have one, you can gain one— even a simple cottage industry, even the homespun crafts that you may offer to children and adults alike—and use it as a means to draw them to the love-fires of home, to the opening up of their hearts, to the discovery of solutions to their problems, to the need for friendship, associations, and an understanding of how to interact, one with the other.

Thus, instead of getting together for mere entertainment, we get together in our homes and at the ranch for various types of fulfillment, whether it be around the potter’s wheel, whether it be for growing things or the care of the animals themselves by way of transmuting elemental life.

Let there be a point of a project of building a barn together, of learning. And let fathers and mothers share with all children and work together on the talents which they have. This allows those who have not families also to partake in the joy of the larger family of the community as they discover what gifts of their hearts they may give to young and old alike.

The spirit of community is what I bring this Pentecost. I bring it ever nearer to your heart. For, you see, more than you will ever think or know, community itself is under the onslaught of fallen angels and remote principalities and powers of their bands that go far beyond this planetary home. The locking together of the love of community by the love of the Trinity and the Mother becomes a cosmic cradle for the entire goals of civilization.

As you see the tearing down of family, as you have seen what was called the generation gap, as you have seen as the astrologies of one generation and the next make them to believe that they have nothing in common, as you have seen the abandonment of the aged to homes where they vegetate and see none other than the aged, as you have seen a lopsided configuration of separatism and pluralism in society where people do not have the opportunity to learn and appreciate from all levels and backgrounds—thus, you see, this is an onslaught against America and the I AM Race and the communion in the causal body and the drawing forth of these treasures that fundamentally have built this great nation and were the very key to the rise of the Lemurian golden ages.

When you look at broken hearts and the scars upon the nation and the scars upon families, you can understand that in my heart I pray to the Father, “These things ought not to be.” Thus, I have looked for souls who, against all odds, would defend the life and the fire of community and the family, would defend the blossoming of love in marriage that is surely the place where children can thrive.

Precious ones, in this day and age where all of the past, as the fowl of the air, return to the individual for resolution and transmutation—in this hour of intense initiation of cosmic cycles, of the density of world karma—where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear if the righteous themselves should scarcely be saved? <3>

And it is the righteous using the “right use” of the law who must defeat those ungodly and sinful momentums of the past! For they should not appear at all, but in their place the washed faces of those that have been formerly overcome, but who now shine in the righteousness of the noonday sun.

I say this, then: that in this day and age, only the path of chelaship and discipleship will suffice the temptations, the sidetracking, and the byways that come before every soul of light who has determined and vowed to uphold the family and the community of the Holy Spirit, the nurturing and education of the young.

I tell you, beloved hearts, even in the case of some who have left this company, their leaving was, pure and simple, an attack on their own children to deprive them of the full flowering of their souls within the community of light. And yet, in their minds they have imagined some great grief they have against our leader.

Well, beloved hearts, let them resolve their own psychology and their relationship to their own leader who is Christ the Lord, and then they will find this community the very best place, the very best opportunity for perfecting the path of children in love and wisdom and in the right use of power.

Let there be parallel paths of the science of the spoken Word and of breath and of yoga and of physical exercise, so that there is a knowledge and an understanding of the release of the power of God in balance to wisdom and love through the chakras of one’s being—the heart, the throat, the third eye, and the crown.

Let all come into an understanding that there is a masterful path of the release of God’s light on a daily basis. And the absence of exercise—of a spiritual type, mind you—the absence of that exercise causes a decrease in the flow of energy and then sometimes the bottling up of that energy.

And in children this may be expressed as the tantrum or a sudden dark cloud of anger; in adults it may become depression as it lingers and continues year in, year out, and people forget to tune in to their own heart’s direction and do not realize that the four lower bodies must be in balance and must have flow, and there must be a daily self-emptying in order to receive, and the self-emptying is a givingness of self in all of the four lower bodies and the chakras.

Some of you think that after a long day’s work you are too tired to exercise. And so, you have fallen into the indulgence of looking at a movie, sitting then another several hours as a relief for having sat all the day!

And then you take in the violence and the stepped-up noise and the attempt to penetrate further and further into the psyche, when in that very period of time, one or two or three hours, you could have a complete routine of yoga, you could do your jogging, or whatever exercises you are so inclined to do, and find yourself refreshed—find that the light flows and increases the vitality of the eye, the cell, the soul—and then be renewed for a vigorous attunement with the Mind of God when once again you must be about your Father’s business in the preparation of the teachings.

Consider, then, those who say there is no time for recreation. It is not so! For the time wasted by the sluggish mind and body is the time that must be spent. But, as you know, moving against the slothfulness and the inertia of rest of the very muscles themselves takes an act of will. And this act of will can only be born of love for God and the desire to serve him more and longer in this embodiment.

Therefore, you see, the will, even in those who are on in years, must come forth. For there is no one here who cannot walk—else you would not have entered this sanctuary today! And walking is a most magnificent exercise, especially when you give to it the scientific methods that have been applied in recent years.

Thus, walking and deep breathing becomes a command of the Holy Spirit, for the Holy Spirit must flow in the four lower bodies. And truly, you must be ready to receive me.

Therefore, do not deceive yourselves; for the mind itself also requires exercise. And the penetrating of the Word by the sword of the Mother, the dividing of the Word rightly <4> for the confirmation of your being, is just as much of a necessary exercise as any other. Therefore, let there be the exercise of the memory—memory that goes back to the Great Central Sun, to the Ancient of Days, memory that recites the beauty and harmony of Cosmos.

Let those, therefore, who indulge themselves in harmful or useless pastimes remember that even fifteen minutes, right where you are, of vigorous exercise—running in place or sit-ups or push-ups right in your very office— can mean the difference between the alertness that will respond to my very call for action and the absence of that alertness which one day may lose the battle.

I speak to you as dearest friend. Am I not the Comforter and the Enlightener and the Friend promised of old? <5> I speak to you as one who would have you be the most shining examples of fitness in the four lower bodies and in the chakras, that people will look upon you and say, “This teaching works. Look at the shining ones!”

Let them say it and let them know it, and be not inferior or mediocre examples of the path of Christ. If it is true, then all who look upon you must find an example which they can follow.

Thus, if you truly love the chohans of the rays, their message and their vision for the age given in last year’s retreat, <6> realize that the most important feat you can perform for each chohan is to become that chohan in embodiment. Start with one or the other and embody his virtue, his drive, his vision, his wisdom; and begin to walk about knowing that you are in training for some holy office after your ascension.

One day, some of you will be chohans of this or other planetary systems. One day, you must serve in the courts of the sacred fire. What office are you training for? Whose mantle do you seek? Define it, and then refine it in your world. Become that one and affirm: I AM the living embodiment of K-17 where I AM. K-17, come now and equip me and fit me for cosmic service with your legions!

Beloved ones, you may major in many fields of study under many masters. For this, after all, is the Aquarian age. And therefore, if you sign up with one, I can assure you that that one will not be chagrined if you sign up with several others and therefore develop a capacity and a certain ability in areas that will be needed as you face the multitudes.

I encourage you, therefore, by these words, to have a more definite conception of your divinity and your walk and where you are going. Some Christians say, as they make their decisions in life, “What would Jesus do?” You may say, “What would Saint Germain do? What would El Morya do?”—and study the whole body of that one’s teaching, dedicating yourself to its publishing so that all the world might expand that particular flame of that wondrous master.

You are so needed by the chohans, for theirs is a mission to bring the level of the entire race to a new dimension of consciousness, which is Christhood on the path of the seven rays.

Many upon earth cannot identify with the walk of Jesus Christ. Therefore, let them learn of Saint Germain. Let them know they can win the crown of knighthood by following the seventh-ray master. Teach them of his expertise in alchemy and that they may stand to guard the bastions of freedom anywhere and everywhere in whatever field of service, in education itself, and win the laurel of the ascension flame and mantle—the basic teaching we go back to because some have not heard it.

Let people see in you the face of Paul the Venetian. Let them see the divine art in your life, even if you do not become an artist. Let them see art and beauty and grace and the science which this master holds. Let them know the meaning of the Apostle Paul. Let them understand Nada who has served as Chohan of the Sixth Ray. Let them understand justice. Let them understand Serapis.

And then bring all together and let them know what is the power of the Holy Spirit, what is the Maha Chohan. For I would have you walk the earth in my mantle, but my mantle is seven coats of colors become the white light. If you desire it, pursue then those seven virtues and seven rays. And when they come into balance, you will find yourself altogether comfortable in my presence. Wearing my garment will no longer be a burden but a joy of light.

One by one, become the embodied chohan. This is my message of Pentecost. And do it with the fortification of community, of family, of the united twin flame, and of the vision that the remnant of Israel come to be a sign to the whole nation and the nations! They are an ensign <7> to the whole people of earth—and their sign is the name I AM, their sign is the light of the eye and the heart, their sign is working the works of God, their sign is accomplishment, and their sign is love. And love in their heart carries every other virtue and every other point of God-mastery.

Love in the hearts of my chelas fills in the absences, the crevices, and the cracks in another’s life. Love makes up the difference and offers coequality to another who may in truth not be equal in attainment. But noblesse oblige—thus, the nobility oblige. And those who have the mantle of the noble One, the Christ, share the mantle and by holding out the hand of Christ, save a brother from the raging sea of world turmoil and personal karma.

Understand the call unto the meek: “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” <8> And this word was used by me through Jesus to describe, by contrast, the children of light who must face the proud, the haughty, the loud talkers, the accuser of the brethren, <9> and the condemners of the people; whereas the meek are those who bring an empty bowl to be filled.

They have nothing to say, for the Lord will speak. The Lord will come to their midst and give his Word. Therefore, their meekness is the silence of the Buddha that is the magnet of the Great Central Sun.

Ye are the inheritors of dominion in the earth, in the water, in the fire, in the air. <10> Ye are the inheritors of dominion of the four quadrants. You inherit the earth only as you subdue the four lower bodies—beat them into a mighty chalice of gold that becomes the vessel.

I AM the Maha Chohan for the purveyance of light, for the infilling of the messenger once again that you also might be filled, that a living fountain of love might then spring forth and distribute the waters of eternal Life unto the waiting chalices. And each waiting chalice that is filled becomes a new center of a new sun—and finally the fountain of the I AM Presence once again becoming a center and delivering to other cups held out for the water of Life. <11>

Give it freely, beloved hearts. Withhold the fire until the release of the Holy Ghost. Seal it in your heart until God does release it. For the fire is the gift of God, yours to hold. But the water flows freely, as a cup out of which the multitudes may drink and quench their thirst and begin to magnetize the fire.

The fire is the holiness unto the Lord and unto God. The fire is the agent of God, as through my office it is released only where it is lawful. The fire can destroy. The fire can heal. The fire can illumine and purge. The fire may perform cosmic surgery. But let God release the fire and you the water.

So it was the way of John the Baptist. He prepared the way for the coming of Christ as you prepare the way for the descent of your Christ Self and of the messenger also. Therefore baptize with water, but let one who comes after you, whose shoes you are not yet worthy to unlatch, let him baptize with fire and with the Holy Ghost. <12> And you will see that sign and wonder before your very eyes, if you are faithful and not faithless and seal the heart of Alpha and Omega from this altar unto the New Day.

Thus, in the hour when Jesus was crucified, in the hour, then, of the giving up of the ghost, the veil that hung in the temple was rent in twain. <13> This teaching seals in your heart the knowledge that by the crucifixion of Christ there is no longer a veil in the temple, but all people may come face-to-face with the living Christ <14> and all people will give account as to what they will do with that Christ. Thus, the responsibility for the guardian action of the living Christ is upon the congregation of the righteous.

The night is far spent, the day is at hand, <15> the crucifixion is o’er and is in process—is o’er and is in process! So understand the meaning of past and present and future.

Behold, therefore, the resurrected one in your own Christ Self. Behold the mystery of the resurrection. Behold the mystery of the cycles of the ongoing Passion of your Lord and my Lord.

For in the fullness of joy, I AM come. Therefore, understand that the only veil that shall hang in the temple is the veil that you construct as the scales upon your eyes, veils of illusion and selfishness. But God himself would have you know Christ face-to-face, even your own Christ Self whose messenger I AM.

I AM the Maha Chohan. I AM the bearer of the fire of the Ancient of Days. And I AM in the earth the dispenser of the cosmic fire.

Approach your God. When you find him, you will find me in the fullness of his glory.


“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by the Maha Chohan was delivered through the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Pentecost Sunday, May 22, 1983, at Camelot.

1. The World Council of Churches, founded in 1948 to increase Christian unity and representing 400 million believers, has in recent years become increasingly involved in politics and anti-Western, anti-capitalist leftist activities. The council’s involvement in politics has been defended by its leaders on the basis that church unity is benefited by resolving economic, racial, and educational problems. Between the years of 1970 and 1982, its Program to Combat Racism (PCR) contributed over $5 million to organizations fighting racial prejudice; almost half of these funds went to guerrilla groups attempting the violent overthrow of white pro-Western governments in southern Africa—including the Soviet-backed MPLA of Angola, the Marxist FRELIMO in Mozambique, and the Russian-supplied/Cuban-trained SWAPO in Namibia. In an expose on the National and World Councils of Churches (“The Gospel According to Whom?” aired January 23, 1983), CBS’s “60 Minutes” investigated the N.C.C.’s alleged involvement in Castro and Communist-led activities in Central America and examined the financial support given by Protestant churches to “causes that seem closer to the Soviet-Cuban view of the world” than to that of American churchgoers who unknowingly provide the funds.

2. A Nativity scene of hand-carved, hand-painted hardwood figures (approximately 25” in height) was placed on the altar of the Chapel of the Holy Grail in response to the November 22, 1980 dispensation of Saint Germain: “...We have selected this very altar of the Holy Grail for the display of the Nativity that shall become a cosmic focus of the birth of Christ to this planetary body....We are therefore beholding now the etheric lowering into manifestation of this Nativity...and now you can feel the light emanations of the hearts of the participants beginning to radiate from this very forcefield....Through this focus, beloved hearts, we will establish anew a momentum of the Holy Family, the opportunity of sons and daughters to bring forth the Christed ones....” As announced by the messenger, the focus of the Nativity will remain on the altar until the right to life of every child of God is guaranteed under the Constitution of the United States of America. See Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 23, no. 48, p. 333, and vol. 24, no. 1, pp. 13, 15, 16.

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