Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 26 No. 37b - The Beloved Maha Chohan - September 11, 1983


The Fiery Trial



      We are labourers together with God: ye are God’s husbandry, ye are God’s building.

      According to the grace of God which is given unto me, as a wise masterbuilder, I have laid the foundation, and another buildeth thereon. But let every man take heed how he buildeth thereupon.

      For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.

      Now if any man build upon this foundation gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, stubble; every man’s work shall be made manifest: for the day shall declare it, because it shall be revealed by fire; and the fire shall try every man’s work of what sort it is.

      If any man’s work abide which he hath built thereupon, he shall receive a reward.

      If any man’s work shall be burned, he shall suffer loss: but he himself shall be saved; yet so as by fire.

      Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?


I Corinthians 3:9-16


The Light of the Son of God be with you, my beloved. By that Light are the worlds framed and identity is realized.

The Light of God now extended through the Son to thy heart and temple is for the bearing of the torch that will lighten consciousness, individuality, the mind, the heart, the soul, and even the past, the present, and the future of God’s own being revealed within you.

The acceptance of the Son of God on this day of days must be understood, for the acceptance of Him is the beginning of the Path where all these things shall also be fulfilled within you.

For it was in this very hour of the triumph that the two sons, represented by their mother, came to Jesus seeking the promise that they might sit with him on the right hand of God. And Jesus’ response was, “Are you able to drink the cup which I drink? Can you bear the burden that I bear?” And these two sons, James and John, said, “We can. We will. We shall.”

Did they know fully the path of salvation, of bearing the sins of the world, and of the crucifixion? Therefore Christ said to them, “The cup which I drink you must drink also, and indeed ye shall drink of it. But it is not mine but the Father’s to judge concerning who shall sit upon my right hand.” <1>

Understand that the way of discipleship with Christ Jesus is indeed to follow his footsteps by drinking the whole cup, by learning the path of bearing world karma—taking unto oneself joyously that world energy of condemnation of the Christ so that these little ones might have time and space to grow and wax strong in the Lord.

These little ones of whom I speak, beloved, are those new to the under- standing. They have read the sweetness of the message of Christ from the little book. They have not known the bitterness as yet in the belly. <2>

The bitterness is a world alchemy. The bitterness is when the Light touches the darkness. The bitterness is in the very process of transmutation, when the Light must be fed constantly by the heart filled with joy and confirming the Word with us.

You know me as the Maha Chohan—I, the ascended master to whom it is given to bear the office of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, I come in the person of that Holy Spirit with a mighty comfort and a truth.

For Truth is indeed comfort, beloved hearts! And the enlightenment of that love is the way of understanding the true path of righteousness—not a self-righteousness, but the willing to work the works of God as his righteousness (not thine own) and to give unto him the glory.

Christ is willing to receive any one of you with him upon the right hand of the Father. For your lawful place is with Christ and in him, and he in you. Therefore, to fulfill the requirement of the Law of Love, of the Holy Spirit itself, is the goal of your path.

Cherish his example and words daily. Understand the assimilation of the bread and of the wine. Understand the communion of Alpha and Omega and realize that it is in the assimilation of the true flesh and blood of Christ Jesus that you put on the identity of your own Christ Self—not the mere hearing of the Word but its assimilation, not even in the rejoicing in the Word but in the assimilation.

For many rejoice in the word of Truth. Many give praise when they feel the Spirit of the Lord. But when they depart from the temple, their hearts are once again cold. For they do not keep the flame that is the gift of the altar— even the Flame of the Ark of the Covenant that has been with the people of Israel (of all that is Real) and with the seed of Christ from everlasting to everlasting.

The flame is here to kindle hearts, to increase the devotion of your soul to that which even now burns brightly yet smally on the altar of the heart. The flame must increase and the “I” of the ego must decrease. <3>

Let the flame, then, which I bear of the Holy Ghost increase in this moment (for a great moment in your life) the intensity of the fire burning in your heart. For I AM the Maha Chohan, and the authority God has given to me is to kindle by the fire of the Holy Ghost, <4>even by the trial by fire, <5>a new birth of light and God consciousness within you.

Understand, my beloved hearts, that in the way and in the Path it is necessary that when the fire come to increase, it also try the work which is the fruit of your life—the actions and the deeds and the words themselves.

The fiery trial, then, does try that work to see if it will endure. And if the work be not of God, therefore there is a temporary suffering of loss, the loss of an identity that is built not upon the true works of God but upon those works which have been done for the fattening of self, for the fattening of the ego.

Therefore, realize that these are consumed as a great mercy to your soul—that you might see those things in your life which have truly blessed God in manifestation in his beloved children and you may see those other works whose ulterior motives excluded the living God. And therefore, that accomplishment was not the true attainment of a living Christ—which I say ye are and ye are intended to become, to assimilate and be in this very body temple!

Let the soul reach up now and grasp that hand of the blessed Christ Self and realize that this true identity is the image out of whom thou hast been made a manifestation in these planes of Matter. And the soul, the living pool of the water of the Mother, here does reflect the face of living fire who is the God in and with you.

The message of the Holy Spirit must be and shall be—this Eastertide and forevermore to the people of God—that because the Great Mediator, the Christ in you, lives, because he is with you, you can make permanent that self which is yours, yours given as the great experiment of God in free will. It is the ultimate experiment. For by giving free will, God has guaranteed you the daily choice to choose life and not death. <6>

The covenant of free will given to souls gone forth in the Matter spheres guarantees that the individual may choose to be or choose not to be one with God. Therefore, you see, God desires not to receive unto himself those who have come by coercion, by hypnosis, by brainwashing, by threatenings, by fear, by false doctrine or false teachers.

God desires the heart filled with joy and love to him to prove that love by words and works, not in one lifetime but in many lifetimes of opportunity. And as the mountain becomes more steep, the love is tested to its fullest: How will you outpicture that love? How will you make the decision to be or not to be each day for the saving of the soul of one whom God loves?

For only you can be God in the physical octave! Only God in you, as you allow it, can save another one from the despairs of nonexistence through the subcultures of the fallen ones. Only God in you can be that heart so needed to go after that which is lost, having lost the memory of the One, having lost the beauty and the joy of Light.

O my beloved, how we see the opportunity to work through hearts and hands cleansed by the purifying waters of the crystal stream of the I AM THAT I AM!

You, beloved students of the Buddhas in Winter, <7>I love you with my heart’s love. And the burning love of my heart which cherishes each effort made is here and now ready to place upon you a blessing of my hand, a blessing of my heart that will seal and crystallize the good you have gained, that it not be taken from thee by the toiler nor thine own unguardedness or self-ignorance.

I cannot guarantee for thee all or the fullness of that protection, for unto thee also free will must become the opportunity to say, “I will hold that which I have received,” or “I will let go.” Therefore, the determination to be wise and to keep the watch and to see and know the way—the gift of a knowledge of the Path itself and the daily shuttle of the mind, the lever of the heart that says, “Yea, Lord, come into my temple,” or that says to one of these little ones, “Approach me not.” That daily lever of decision must always remain your own, inviolate—yours to be or not to be the fullness of that which you perceive of God!

The heavens will open, and the mighty opening of that heaven will reveal to you the face of your own I AM Presence—if you call upon the Lord, if you will it so, if you acknowledge and affirm on earth that you are a joint-heir with the living Christ <8>and have the right to see God face-to-face and to live as he is, to live as he does, to live in the perfectionment of the flame of mercy toward all life.

I AM the Maha Chohan. The saving grace of the Holy Spirit is unto the uttermost* of every living soul. And in the course of that saving grace, the fire of the Holy Ghost must consume the fig tree that has no fruit. <9>And therefore, the withering of that tree of life that does not bear fruit but in fact bears an evil fruit <10>—the binding of that tree is also the work of the sacred fire trying the works of men and nations.

It is out of the mercy of God that the unfruitful ones are bound, that Shiva!—as is the expression of that Spirit in the East—that Shiva! then might be the consuming fire of the Third Person of the Trinity out of mercy to these little ones, whose very life should be squeezed out by the entangling fibers and roots of the flowers of evil and of those weeds which choke out the fresh aspirations of life.

Therefore, pray the Lord of the Harvest. <11> Pray him, therefore, who has whitened the field of the consciousness of the light-bearer, that he will also bind the wicked and their seed and make way, truly make way for the entry of the Christ in you in Jerusalem this day—Jerusalem, the great archetype of the City, City of the Angels, City Foursquare that ought to be builded by sons of God on earth as the kingdom come as it is in heaven.

Therefore, beloved, each tree of life, each green bough that you are, each one therefore that becomes the branch of the vine of Christ <12> can be seen, can be known, and can deliver the mighty fruit of the vine—even the grapes that represent communion, forgiveness, and restoration to life everlasting.

Opportunity is at hand. The gates of the City swing wide, even that gate where his return is promised to Jew and Gentile alike. For the triumphal entry of the Lord in Jerusalem this day is for the saving of all souls—Moslem and Jew and Christian and those not of any faith.

For this is the hour of the healing and the burning of the way of that consciousness which will not give in to the dissolving fires of love. Therefore, he who does not surrender the hate and hate creation of the living Son of God will find that the works that are based upon the nonsurrender of that hatred will also be consumed in the trial by fire.

Understand that you have gone forward to welcome that fiery trial. As you invoke the violet flame with a fervent heart, you are asking God to consume all that is less than his divine plan for you.

And therefore, when the Holy Spirit come to deliver unto you that trial by fire that must come to every man, as it is written, you will find that the severity of the trial will not be as it is to many who do not expect it, who have never heard of it, who have not prepared for it because the false pastors have not preached to them by the fire of the Holy Spirit that there is truly a day on the path of discipleship when every man must face and see his hands and their works, and must have revealed to him the secrets of his own heart that even he has covered over because many of those secrets are wicked and not of the Light.

Each one must come long before the judgment to this sort of reckoning. And many of you have seen adversity, calamity, even death or disease or the loss of limb suffered by people in this nation and abroad. And those who still stand, then, must give pause and consider, “Why, O God? Why, O God?” “How long, how long will the Watcher triumph?” <13> And therefore, that reckoning is a great, great mercy of the Law, for it gives the individual the opportunity to see his soul.

You know of those who have died and been brought back, those who are near drowning and were restored. And they repeat the story of having seen their whole life pass before them, and the story of seeing the inner worlds and the inner planes of angels and masters. And therefore, their life has turned around and they have been made humble by the Presence of God, by a knowledge of past and future and opportunity and what life really is beyond the body and beyond this plane. And they have become utmost servants of the Most High wherever they have found their own perfect walk.

And at the conclusion of that life, they have been able to bring the real fruit, the only fruit that can be delivered to the heart of the great Guru Maitreya—the fruit of striving, the fruit of glorification of God and his works, the fruit of feeding the hungry and healing the sick and cleansing the lepers. Therefore they come and their offering is acceptable, and therefore they move on in the stream of entering in to God’s consciousness.

Had the fiery trial not come, blessed hearts, had they not had to face life and death or ultimate financial ruin or loss of a loved one, they would never have paused in the way of enjoyment of this world to stop and consider that all things in this world are finite.

And even the opportunity of breath must one day come to an end—when I, the Maha Chohan, stand over each one to receive back the breath of Life, breathed through the nostrils of every living soul <14> in each incarnation at the moment of birth, and [at the moment of] the rekindling of the threefold flame in the heart chakra, physical, of this body temple created for this opportunity of life.

And of the hour of the return of the great fire breath I would speak. For in that hour, it is too late. It is too late to go back and undo, to make good, to speak words of love and kindness to those so in need.

And therefore, because it is too late, yet the heart is sincere, God has long ago devised the method of the reentering of the soul into a new body and a new temple after experience at inner levels in the retreats of the Brother- hood. There spending time with the master teachers, the elder brothers of the race, and the sisters who have become one with the Mother, the soul is prepared to go back and finish the unfinished business, to make good—to sow and reap where the sowing and the reaping has not been fulfilled as previously directed.

Blessed ones, reincarnation, as a law of cycles of opportunity of consciousness, is the great mercy of the Godhead, the great mercy of Jesus Christ and your own Christ Self with the Word in the beginning! Before Abraham was, I AM THAT I AM. <15> This mercy, therefore, does not leave the soul to ultimate damnation or ultimate glory with no steps in between to correct the mistakes of the Path.

Beloved hearts, you who are mother or father, you who have loved people or children, you yourself would forgive many times over before you would give up on any individual. This is the nature of God as love within you.

If people, even ordinary people, can be compassionate and tolerant of one another’s ups and downs, do you not think the Lord God Almighty should also have a similar love and tolerance, forgiving to the uttermost by saying, “I will give to you once again the inheritance, the mantle of the prodigal son. I will send you back again. You may try another time to fulfill my word and my works.” <16>

Now, blessed hearts, think of this. If you were God and you would receive unto yourself the self of God, the person that you are in this moment— for most of you have much unfinished business in this life—now, if you were God and you were to receive that one after a sudden calamity had taken that one from the screen of life, would you not receive that one with ultimate love and care and concern? Would you not, as God, even re-create a whole world, a whole planetary body so that that one manifestation of yourself might go forth again to prove and exercise free will and to arrive at the point of ultimate submission and assimilation of the Christ flame?

Beloved hearts, it is good to place yourself in the place of God, for then it becomes clear that the severity of the doctrine of hellfire and damnation and the hatred with which it is preached, inciting fear into souls—yes, I said the hatred with which it is preached by many, many of the false pastors this day across the world—does not represent the true and the living God! It does not represent his Christ!

For the message of the final judgment and of these conditions is sealed for the fallen angels and the seed of the wicked. But it is not sealed unto the sons of God and the children of Light, as they are given opportunity upon opportunity to make right their errors on the Path.

Nevertheless, you can see that in the war of Armageddon and the warfare for the souls of Light, if a soul be lost because it fall down and worship the Moloch of the fallen angels—their gods, their ways, their perversions, their drugs—unless the Good Shepherd in embodiment shall go off and find that one and seize that one and deliver it from that hellfire, then the soul may be lost and suffer the same fate that is reserved for the Devil and his angels. <17>

Therefore, it is on this wise that you are given such a mighty increment of fire in this hour—all who are Keepers of the Flame, all who are students of Summit University. For you have worked for it. You have sealed your temples against darkness. You have invoked Archangel Michael daily. You have surrounded yourself with a protection whereby you may hold the light that is the gift of the Maha Chohan in this hour.

And you will understand, therefore, that no matter what the appearance to the contrary, there are many today who preach a message of fear and damnation to the children of the Light without giving to them the teaching of my heart, the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, the path of Christhood whereby they may defeat the Adversary, whereby they may assimilate the living Christ, whereby they may call upon the Lord, the Mighty I AM Presence, and truly draw down the Light of the Word that does truly dwell in the hearts of those who love and are obedient to the Father and the Son, as John the Beloved so carefully revealed in his Gospel.

Blessed ones, as you have loved and given opportunity to many friends along life’s way, as you cherish your children and all people—know, too, that God’s infinite love is greater than this and that you are here because of that very scene.

God has received you at the end of your last incarnation and has said to you, “My beloved, you have not completed the work, you see. You have erred in this regard. You could have done better here. You neglected and turned away from a great opportunity to bring comfort and a teaching to life. Because I love you, I give you the gift of life and opportunity again to go forth and feed my sheep, feed my sheep.”

This is the plea of the eternal Christ in heaven. “Lovest thou me? Lovest thou me? Feed my sheep.” <18> And you said, one and all, “I love thee, Lord. Send me again. Send me that I may feed thy sheep!” And so it came to pass, by and by, that a home was found and a mother and father, and you were born again by water, soon to be born again by Spirit. <19>

Thus, all who are here are here because of the quest, the quest for the Holy Grail—first to drink the cup that received his blood, to drink the communion cup of the Last Supper, and then ultimately to understand that the body of Christ, universally and mystically with you all, is that chalice of which you also must become a part—questing the Holy Grail taught by Mother Mary of old, taught in England for which Camelot was first founded.

This is not taught in the churches and synagogues and mosques, and therefore you have left them and come apart to seek my flame, the flame of the Holy Spirit—to seek and find that place where you might learn the teaching of God that he did promise he would bring to you in the hour of your descent in this life.

You are on the quest to find the teaching that will enable you to keep your vow. Finding the teaching and finding the vow, now you must go forth and give it to those who have not perhaps had the strength of will or the independence or the courage to leave the familiar moorings to go out and quest the fiery destiny. You will find them everywhere, my beloved.

Receive, then, the mantle of Saint Germain signifying a work accomplished and a new one to begin. Receive the Light of your Presence.

We have given our gift. It is yours to claim and to become. Each and all of the Keepers of the Flame and disciples who hear me, know indeed that my love for you is very personal in the hour of your own fiery trial.

Hasten, then, to greet a greater God-reality. For seeing the face of the Son of God this Easter, you will have the courage, then, to place in the fire, even before the day of the Lord’s coming, that which is not of my Spirit.

For it is the Lord’s Spirit, and I am his servant vessel! I am your brother in the higher octaves, visiting you in the hour of the parting of the veil and your individual perception of the Son of God.

Be sealed in the mercy and compassion of Life, and spread this balm to all.

I am with you in Christ until the victory of the sacred fire breath in you is complete.


“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”This dictation by the Maha Chohan was delivered through the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Palm Sunday, March 27, 1983, at Camelot; published on the 16-cassette Easter album, dictation available separately (cassette B83064). The Messenger’s Palm Sunday Message: “The Acceptance and the Rejection of the Living Christ” (teaching on Matt. 21; Acts 28:17-31; Rom. 9:30-33), pp. 393-418, is published on cassette B83063.

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