Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 23 No. 50 - Beloved Portia - December 14, 1980


The Sense of Justice


Most blessed lightbearers of the age, I come to renew the soul’s awareness of the justice of God. Your own beloved mighty I AM Presence is that descending light of cosmic justice that beats your heart—because it is just. For God’s love decrees it so.

I come to pick up the dropped stitch of the sense of justice. I go forth as I would gather. I come to restore to all in whom the threefold flame of Life burns the original sense of justice upon which this nation was founded.

If you expect to see a renewed fervor of patriotism and purity for the origins of identity, selfhood, and nationhood—recognize, my beloved, that with the coming of justice all these things will be as the ripening fruit of each one’s Tree of Life.1  For truly it is your sense of justice that causes every fruit to ripen, every virtue to be not only extolled but also manifest. It is justice to precipitate the divine plan in action.

People’s sense of justice, when sharpened, brings to them the immediate awareness of the Christ Self—that Higher Mind which has been called the Superego—whereby within men’s hearts there is deliberation and then the drawing together of the skeins of the mind and ultimately the affirmation “I should manifest my God-reality. Therefore I will.”  The sense of justice is the awareness of what should be—that which should be in place of injustice.

Precious hearts, there is often within the souls of light that dichotomy whereby the inner sense of divine justice directly opposes and therefore must confront the world’s sense of injustice. Children of the light must learn to live with this disparity. For, precious hearts, the light that is in you as divine justice is always greater than the sense of justice that is in the world. Therefore there cannot be an equilibrium between your heart and the world consciousness. Thus seek equilibrium in God. Seek it in those of us who embody the equality of the law that all desire to see manifest that is indeed the flame of God’s justice.

Some whose inner sense has exposed injustice in the world have not been able to adjust to the inequities of life, the disparagement on earth of the divine hope. Blessed hearts, I come to manifest the balance of the threefold flame. I extend the magnet of my heart to magnetize equilibrium. Therefore let no thing in this world unseat the balance of mind, heart, and soul focalized as will to act.

Do not be set back by gross injustices practiced against you or any group of which you may be a member—racially or in religion, politically or in a stand for integrity in the defense of Life. Do not allow the mounting astral waves of mankind’s returning misqualified energy which is always unjust to deter you from a strong sense of justice that shall prevail because men and women of the light will it so. Do not be overcome by injustice but overcome injustice with justice.

Realize that all of the forces of heaven and the legions of light march to the beat of justice. Our legions will bind the astral hordes of war with their insanity projections and their profanity profaning the Light, the Word, the Sacred Name of God.

Most blessed hearts, the strong sense of identity in God is the rock of justice where you are. For it is meet that your God-identity should meet every requirement of the hour, master the circumstances of life, and not be put upon by the injustices of the fallen ones. You see, when you understand justice as a living, breathing flame of freedom that is able to right every wrong, you receive courage, strength, the determination to act because you know that you are reinforced by ten thousand of His saints embodying the flame of justice.

Justice will prevail. It will not fail if you are determined because you have the sense that justice is not merely an idea but it is a Person. And I AM that Person!  Therefore because the personification of cosmic justice is in the world, the stalking of the nonentities of injustice is exposed!  And the glaring light of just minds and hearts made perfect by love is that which consumes this darkness, this density.

Injustice disqualifies the unjust from entering in at the gate of their own Christ consciousness. They shall not pass over the threshold of their own divine Reality unless and until they espouse the garments that I wear.

First and foremost, divine justice is an inner humility whereby outer action for God is emboldened. You are bold in the Lord when your heart is humble before the Great God Flame of Sanat Kumara—standing in awe of his Presence, knowing that it is indeed cosmic justice that you are reinforced by his light and active power to free the earth. You move forward. You thrust ho!  and you strike into the very core of those dragons and denizens and beasts that come out of the bottomless pits of man’s desire.

Realize then that no matter what the karmic circumstance of your life it is cosmic justice that you sit under your own vine and fig tree, <2>that you have communion with angelic hosts and saints of light, that you be fortified by the community of the Holy Spirit, and that you act in God’s name to defend true justice in the very moment when you are dealing with the records of your own past infamy and injustice.

There is no need to wait. For, after all, God is the doer and he is the karma-free being in your midst—free of desire except that which is lawful to be justice in action everywhere, worlds without end. That is your true God consciousness!  Act upon it!  Do not be intimidated by your own momentums of the past—of yesterday or an hour ago.

These are the unreal factors in the equation. Let them be cast out!  Let the t be the symbol of the cosmic cross of white fire, and let the x mark the place of the coming of that cross, and the y be your own God-identity. And therefore these unknowns are not unknowns but they are the signs of the coming of the Son of God in the Son of man by the mathematical formula of the geometri­zation of the Word.

Indeed, all is number. The question you must ask yourself:  Indeed, what is my cipher?  Will I forever be the unknown quantity in the alchemical equation or will I determine to be the x factor of God’s equation that is multiplied by light and the infinite squaring of the circle?

Blessed hearts, you who have ignorantly worshiped the unknown God of the mighty I AM Presence—him I declare unto you as your own Divine Self, your own God-reality. <3>

It is cosmic justice that you rise in tribute of Saint Germain who has delivered to you the mandate of your own God-identity as cosmic justice!  Is it not just that the just in the earth return to him that praise and acknowledgment that comes in the form of action?  Surely every true disciple of the ascended master Saint Germain will realize that the only reward he seeks is the cosmic justice of the manifestation of the Word within you, of your lawful recognition of who you are, and then to act upon that recognition always.

Blessed hearts, I am standing in tribute to beloved Saint Germain and to the messengers who have made possible the gathering of heart flames because of the preeminent position of the violet flame and the sacred Purple Fiery Heart of Saint Germain in the midst of the people of light on earth. Because the violet flame has gone forth, you are one, we are one. And cosmic justice has decreed the establishment of the outer focus of the Great White Brotherhood within this very property and sanctuary of light and within the temple of your being and in your study groups and teaching centers—in the growing alchemy multiplying the light around the earth.

It is cosmic justice that all that opposes this manifestation of the Great White Brotherhood be rolled back into the violet flame, be transmuted, and that that energy turn to serve the Light as the Light has turned to serve you who have embraced it.

Blessed hearts, I am grateful that you stand every day for freedom. Freedom surely as a flame, as a ritual, and as the opportunity to decide by Christ-discrimination what shall be and what shall not be in your life is the precursor of the flame of justice. Therefore, having taken your stand for this Light, won’t you be seated.

Recognize, dear hearts, that blessed Kuthumi is most concerned about the state of the children of the light and the plight of the differential between the inner and the outer equation of justice of which I have spoken. Many lightbearers are burdened across the face of the earth as they are unable to cope with the outer realities.

In order to equalize their state of consciousness, many succumb to the downward spiral of world thought and feeling. Many desire to neutralize their sensitivity even to divine justice because this divine justice is a prick constantly pricking the soul and making that soul most uncomfortable, then, in the dual awareness of that which is Real and unreal. Only the blessed Mediator, the Holy Christ Self, can afford peace in the very midst of this turmoil.

My prayer then is that wisdom amplified by these flame flowers, etheric flowers of light, golden light from the heart of the wisdom retreats, floral offerings from Gautama, Maitreya, Jesus, Kuthumi placed at the feet of the devotees of justice–our prayer that these flame flowers of wisdom shall be abundantly scattered across the face of the earth that the people of America will have a renewed sense of divine justice and therefore challenge the fallen ones who have usurped the authority and the light of the Supreme Court of this nation and consequently are usurping the light of the Constitution of the United States, the original covenant made by Saint Germain with the lightbearers to protect them against the enemy within and without this nation.

The people ought to be protected by law. Laws are established. Laws have been betrayed and abused and confused. Therefore let the right sense of justice, raised up by THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS <4>within you, renew the foundation of the Law of the One.

The Law of the One states that all must live for the One and one must live for the All. Therefore whatever the unfortunate condition of human injustice, all must unite to balance that injustice on behalf of the one who is deprived of his right. And each and every one must give his life that justice prevail for the many.

With the coming of the Just One of the Christ and the Buddha, all are made perfect, all have the opportunity for salvation, all may come to drink of the fount of light. “One out of many” <5>—one beating heart of justice out of all nations as all peoples and kindreds and tongues have come to this land, gladly placing their identity upon the altar of the one flame of God. And by identification with the mighty I AM Presence, with that mighty I AM Presence and Sanat Kumara in the very midst, this flaming sword of Eden will displace even the monolith of human pride, even the Tower of Babel, even the altars of Baal.

The flaming sword precipitated out of the one flame of God consciousness, precipitated out of the many tributaries of consciousness, crystallizing as the one River of Life <6>—this flame, this sword, this God, this justice I proclaim unto you. And I give you an identification of just purpose whereby you realize that independence forged and won on this soil is not the independence of the fallen ones who have separated out from this Great God Flame but it is the independence of the individual by free will to conjoin the energies of his being with the confluent River of Life.

Enter into this River of Life and be one. Be healed. For the river is God’s sense of justice. I trust in God that your meditation upon his justice will cause you to renew your courses and mount with the stars and understand that there is an attitude of Godhood that must prevail among the meek, even within this community.

Were God at Camelot you would not allow him to be trampled upon. You would not allow his Sacred Name to be blasphemed. You would not allow the profane to approach the altar of his being. You would set aside a room, even a tower room for his presence and you would know that the light from that tower would always be the sign that the God of Israel truly lives among his people.

The attitude of this Godhood must prevail. For God is at Camelot. And the sooner you recognize that that God is where you are, the sooner you will act accordingly with the true sense of justice and honor and integrity that flow from the fount of your heart’s unending love for that God who is where you are.

Thus your attitude towards all the world and the neighboring tribes and nations, those who have not yet accepted the God of Israel as their God, who have not said, “Hear, O Israel:  the Lord our God is one Lord,” <7>who have not proclaimed the mighty I AM Presence and the Christ Self—yes, these neighboring tribes which worship other gods must be recognized for their sense of justice and injustice and their self-awareness. They must be God-taught yet never submitted to as though their sense of justice equaled your own sense of God-justice where you are.

Theirs is a human sense of justice until they be endued with power from on high from that mighty I AM Presence. <8>  And they will not be so endued until they acknowledge the God of Israel—the God of all that is real—as the God of all nations. Therefore do not expect to deal in an equal manner with a relative sense of justice when you must hold in your heart the absolute sense of God-justice, God-truth, and God-mercy.

Realize that mercy espouses a tolerance for souls evolving toward the center of being, but mercy is never tolerant of injustice heaped upon the focalization of God-justice. Therefore let not human injustice prevail where God-justice ought to be.

You can extend the boundaries of God’s kingdom upon earth proportionate to your extension, circle by circle, of your own sense of justice. Let it go beyond the borders of your present self-awareness and your auric emanation. For I, Portia, choose to place my Electronic Presence where you are.

Summit University students and all who have gathered to be students this weekend, the Lord GOD would extend the bounds of man’s habitation as long as that habitation will be the sense of God-justice. As long as with your mind and heart and soul you expand the true sense of being as the flame of justice, as the flame of the Cosmic Christ, so God has determined to allow the extension of the boundaries of your own aura.

Do you understand, beloved hearts?  This opportunity that I bring to you is for the extension of your individual auric emanation by the Word of God in you, by the Word that I AM, by the Word that this messenger is—so long as that which you extend by your aura is the true sense of justice. You have heard that I deem justice to be a rock. Let it be, then, founded upon the rock of your own Christ-identity.

Do you notice how in the course of human interaction in the hours of the day you can be gripped by the sense of injustice as to what someone said or did to you, about you, behind your back?  Blessed hearts, when you allow yourself to entertain the sense of injustice concerning anyone’s actions, even that of the devil himself, you instantaneously reduce the potential of your aura to emanate the constant flame of cosmic justice. Will you not realize that this is the absence of discipline, the mark of the undisciplined soul and heart and mind?

I want my chelas to be quick on the trigger of the declaration of cosmic justice whenever and wherever there is injustice. If there is disease, then by cosmic justice affirm health!  If there is the appearance of death, then affirm life!—that God is life and health and wholeness and healing and harmony in the place of every discord. Do you realize that the certain word of justice is a thrust of all of heaven and all of heaven can press through you when you release that perfect number, that perfect formula of the geometrization of God’s life in the very face of human error?

Let divine truth and the statement of the law be recognized as intrinsically healing in itself. It is not that you know it. It is that you speak it with the authority of the Word and see how quickly you will dispel and dismiss these specters of the night that have hung around too long as skeletons hung on a Halloween.

See then how you can make swift, sudden strides—ennobling God where you are, properly adorning him with a laurel wreath. If you would place the wreath of victor upon the head of your own blessed Christ Self, as indeed you should, then let the wreath be composed of words and deeds of justice. For thereby the stature of Godhood where you are will indeed manifest. The Light will be acknowledged. It will be seen.

How else shall we fulfill the dreams of other men and other years of the shining city on a hill?  They have seen the vision. They have dreamed the dream. They have called. But it is Keepers of the Flame who will answer to crystallize the vision, to make the dream of other men come true and thereby give to them hope, sweet hope.

We look to you as angels of the light of justice in embodiment to answer the prayers of souls who know not the science of the spoken Word. And though they implore God for sweet justice, they are unable to maintain the steady flow of the Word in the dynamic decree that would swiftly precipitate justice in their lives.

Therefore, blessed hearts, we borrow from your own cup of light, truly filled and running over, and our angels hold their cups to your own to fill those cups and then to bring them as the precious drops of blood of Christ to those who would drink his blood but know not that there is a process, that there is a science and a mathematics to the very justice of prayer itself.

The prayers of the righteous are scientific. The prayers of the Lord Jesus Christ contained formulas and fohatic keys of the Word. And when they begged him for mercy and for healing, though they knew not how to pray, yet his prayer was the answer to their own.

Some in embodiment must be the one out of the many that is called the remnant and, yes, the ensign to the people. <9>  We look to Keepers of the Flame because those to whom we assign the expanding auric emanation of justice must have the requirement of the violet flame within heart and soul chakra and mind. We cannot perform this mighty work of the ages nor assign these dispensations of the Karmic Board to those in whom the violet flame has not burned and burned again and again.

Realize then that it is heaven’s choice. And heaven chooses as it will. Happy are ye when ye understand the conditions of heaven’s choice and are able to meet those conditions in preparation for each oncoming cycle of a dispensation that is cosmic justice.

Therefore know that truly as I AM alive forever in the heart of God, so I have come, so I have stood at the Altar of Invocation and I have invoked and I have sent forth the Word that those who maintain equilibrium in the sense of justice, those who meditate upon the law of justice day and night—these will have the opportunity to extend the aura with the avatar, with the messengers ascended and unascended, with their own Great God Self by and through the flame of the God of Israel, the mighty I AM Presence.

This is indeed an opportunity to be seized, a discipline to be acted upon. For your sense of justice ought to tell you, Why, of course, I should be and I will be the manifestation of God’s justice all ways—north, south, east, and west by Father, Mother, Son, and Holy Spirit!  I shall be the manifestation of cosmic justice unto all life.

By your sense of justice the aura will magnetize and be magnetized by my Electronic Presence. And by that sense of justice you shall balance your karma. For, my beloved, what is needed most of all by you who have sensed the very first gleams of the violet flame appearing in planet Earth is world service. You and you and you require world service in order to ascend. This is truly why you are here.

Therefore the world server must be able to expand the aura commensurate with the aura of planet Earth. This must be a gradual process. For, you see, as your aura expands you become sensitive to all that it will then contain. When it becomes the size of a city, you will find the city living within your aura. Thus your threefold flame must be balanced and the light in your heart adequate so that twenty-four hours a day the light that is in you is greater than the darkness of the dark cities of the earth.

Begin with your narrow room and extend the boundaries of your habitation. For, after all, it is cosmic justice that you inhabit a cosmos!  Can you not begin by inhabiting a planet and a planetary evolution?  Cannot your strength in God, your alignment with those cones and rods of God’s being be so crystallized by the crystal fire that whereever you are your sense of justice consumes other men’s sense of injustice?—and therefore you are not overcome with injustice but you overcome it with justice.

He who has the greater strength of will in God’s love can dominate a planetary consciousness. Do you not realize that collectively, through this circle of the Guru/chela relationship that you enjoy, you already are dominating certain areas of world thought?  There are places on earth right now where the very pressure of your will in your dynamic decrees is stronger than the absence of will collectively of millions of people.

I call this to your attention so that you will realize that already by the purity of your hearts you do indeed occupy spaces that you know not of. I desire to see constancy in this occupation of space. For did He not say, “Occupy till I come”? <10>  Occupy until the coming of the Lord into thy temple and in the earth. Occupy until the full coming of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood. What did He mean—the blessed Saviour?  He meant occupy the planet, occupy your energies in the service of justice, take dominion over the earth!

If the gentle Christians understood how they might multiply the devotion of Christ, they would long ago have brought peace to the earth. Blessed hearts, is it not testimony of their incomplete sense of Christ and of the Prince of Peace that millions of Christians worldwide cannot even extend the garment of the aura to stamp out war?  Ask yourselves this question.

All of those who condemn this activity and this teaching of the ascended masters—are they working miracles?  Is the planet transformed because they sing the same old hymns week after week?  Why, if these hymns could have ac­complished a transformation of worlds, they would have!  But the fact is that they are not matrices for the release of the fullness of the light of that Prince of Peace.

Peace as the element of God-mastery in the desire body from the heart of Gautama and Jesus—this we would extend. When you attain to the sense of God-justice in your heart, when you have God-control over the subconscious, indeed when you balance an extraordinary momentum of karma you will find that by that flame of peace and your mastery of it there will flow from the belly, as he promised, from that solar-plexus chakra, rivers of living water <11>and you will be the open door for the stream, the mighty stream of the River of Life.

All this you can do because, because, because! it is God’s sense of justice to endow you with his power for the liberation of worlds!  It is God’s sense of justice to endow you with the wisdom—the how-to technology of lowering Spirit into Matter for practical living!  It is God’s sense of justice to fill you with his love for one another!  Have I made myself clear?  [“Yes!”] Thank you, beloved hearts.

Clarity is my portion and my sense of justice for every true teacher of the Word. With all thy getting and with all thy doing pursue this—the crystal clarity of the impartation of the Word of justice. Teach my children by example crystal clarity in speaking the Word, crystal clarity as transparency of selfhood. In other words, be justice!  for this is the clearest teaching of all.

Blessed hearts, I salute you in the love of Saint Germain and his true messenger Lanello. I AM the dearest love of freedom—and so are you. This is Saint Germain’s portion, his portion of justice.

So I AM Portia. So you are that portion of Christ in action that I AM everywhere you are. It is just.


This dictation by Portia was delivered to the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet on November 29, 1980, during the seminar On the Sense of Justice held at Camelot.

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