Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 13 No. 44 - Saint Germain - November 1, 1970


Endowed with the Potential for Immortality


To All Who Love Light:

No greater disservice has been done to the Deity than the denial of his intent for the ages. It is unfortunate and, I might add, most inappropriate that human beings have also maligned his offspring, even those in the ascended state, when these have desired only to grasp the highest principles, to convey them to men, and to improve the lot of all people. For those who question our motives, the record will clearly reveal that we of the ascended hosts have sought to glimpse the higher glory and to transfer it to men, letting our defense rest in the righteousness of an honest heart that is never moved from its position by the misunderstandings of men.

In past ages, when the life force was less understood, we used such ancient art forms as the crux ansata <1> to illustrate the office of the divine man and the divine woman and their role in anchoring the masculine and feminine rays of the Godhead in form. The product of their union, the divine seed, the essence of the Christ that is the focus of perfection in every man, is endowed with the highest principles of the Father-Mother God. Although some have perverted these concepts and inverted the image of reality, ours has never been to demean ourselves, but to remain glowing and vibrant in the highest ideals of the Spirit, to epitomize the ideals of freedom, and to convey them across the face of the earth.

In this sense we would speak of divine love. In this sense we would speak of divine opportunity.

The finite world has its set of values. It will excuse, on the one hand, those who by their vulgarities would destroy an age and it will condemn, on the other, those who by their virtue would build a golden age civilization and raise mankind’s consciousness into the infinite domain. Thus, we hark back to ages now long past when men created those dark delusions that inflame the mind with hatred without ever creating the passions of God within the soul. These records are with the earth still; but they need not remain as a snare for the unwary if those who foresee the danger will invoke the flame to prepare the way for the children of God—a pillar of fire in the night.

God intends to be near unto man, he intends man to be near unto him; nevertheless, “There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” <2>  We, therefore, must learn to recognize the value in concentrating our energies upon the attributes of God-freedom; and we must not allow ourselves to be defrauded of its vital energies. We must not allow our people, God’s people, to be picked apart—banded together when it chooses the forces of evil and then again separated into armed camps of hostility when it chooses them.

Ours is no delusion of the moment—and man cannot forever perpetuate delusion. Ours is the frugality that will gather the eagles together with forthright heart when necessary, and then again by excessive love and the adornment of souls who also love.

What a tragedy it is that human beings should permit themselves to be divided. What a tragedy it is that they should permit themselves to remain far from the Lord’s camp, to note the frailty of the moment without ever understanding that out of the moment eternity is born. Hence, let us consider the virtue inherent within the completeness of divine love.

That God loves man is apparent; that his ways are higher than man’s ways is also apparent. <3>  But, that he will first appoint the bounds of man’s habitation and then that he will break those very bounds, those spheres of limitation, reveals the mysterious wonder of his love.

Having observed people over the years, I am convinced that fear is one of the greatest enemies of righteousness that comes as a thief in the night to steal man’s love for his God. I have also observed that all negative qualities, including fear and anxiety, unless they are brought under immediate control, behave like the common virus, developing after their kind within the human consciousness to the point where the host experiences utter desolation and delusion.

Well, why not change all of that?  Why not accept the fruit of the Spirit as being the divine intent for every man?  Why hold to the concept, simply because of a karmic pattern, ancient or modern, that an individual should be trampled upon, that he should lose his soul or be a castaway, when at any given moment he may adorn himself with the Christ consciousness and dissolve all trace of the human in its effulgent light?

Heaven knows that it was the divine intent from the very beginning to confer the highest gifts upon man. Let us, then, make our determination that nothing shall deter our people from the acceptance of those gifts. If it is a matter of acceptance, and I am certain that it is, why will they give up when the gift is theirs for the taking?  Why will they permit themselves to be cast in a role that is below the standard of the Christ consciousness?  Is it because of an attitude of fatalism that they accept the confinements of mortality rather than the best gifts of the Spirit?  Is it out of habit that they always expect the worst?

We don’t expect it, we don’t believe in it, we don’t want it!  Why, then, should humanity?  If they will emulate the highest graces and gifts of God that are to be found in the true sense of freedom, I tell you they will find their victory. And where will they find this victory, except in the light?

People love to fellowship with the light; but, because they have darkened areas in their consciousness, they accept dark concepts about others, not realizing that whether or not the darkness exists, it is always the result of delusion. We consider humanity’s delusion to be temporary, and we expect in this present age to rescue many from a lesser state of awareness of the Christ to one that is centered in the abundant life.

God is, and because he is, man is. This has been said before, let it be said again. If God is—and we know that he is—and if he is law—and we know that he is—then that law is not only the law of life but also the law by which life can be exercised.

Man should first of all develop the habit of infiring himself with determination, becoming thereby a literal spark plug of cosmic identification. Man should be happy to identify with God in the present, for in the future he is destined to become a God in manifestation. He will be one with God, his consciousness will merge with God’s; therefore, he will no longer be found as man. This is why it was said of old, “No man can see God and live as man.” <4>  For, having come face to face with the reality of God’s being, man must either become that reality through total identification with it—or be consumed.

Why, then, should he while away the hours and gamble away his life?  True commitment is the safest offering and the best example. True commitment does not permit the individual to accept the spheres of limitation; on the contrary, it enables him to realize his unlimited potential, to be a wayshower, and to triumph over all outer conditions.

This triumph is to be found in the consciousness of cosmic adornment, in the putting on of the vestments of immortality. Is God able?  Then man is able. Is God wise?  Then man is wise. Is God free?  Then man is free. It is in the acceptance of these immaculate concepts of each one’s divinity and in their implementation that the fabric of the inner being becomes the seamless garment of the Christ. Christ is light, and light is not darkness, nor is it death or delusion. It is truth.

The definition of truth is accomplished through the promotion of cosmic principle, the industry of cosmic example, and man’s edification under cosmic wisdom. When God’s expectations are realized, they are seen as the fruit of man’s endeavor; for the “Father worketh hitherto, and I work.” <5>  Thus, his expectations are the fruit of the vine which falls not far from the parent tree.

Beloved ones, do not allow yourselves to be seized with the mass consciousness of self-deprecation and fear; for these energy patterns are the returning cycle of man’s inhumanity to man:  they are the result of his failure to recognize the plan. Over the centuries, as we have gazed upon human beings, as we have mingled with the madding crowd, we have often seen examples of how the human mind becomes desolate. Therefore, we would clarify for all time the concept of the manifestation of the consciousness in the mind.

In a very real sense, the mind of God is in the mind of man; and the mind of man is in the mind of God. The mind of God provides the link between the mind of man and himself; and, as a smaller computer is able to exercise itself by tying into a larger computer, so man takes on the skeins of destiny and finds that in time, by the exercise of God-ideas, he becomes a godly man.

Let all understand, then, that they ought not to despair, that they ought not to fear or to be in doubt; for they are endowed with the potential for immortality. They are endowed by God with the wings of the Spirit. Let us, then, find the method of utilizing that endowment. Let us find the way. Jesus said, “I AM the way.” <6>

I have my own ideas, and one of these centers around the filling of the consciousness with an awareness of true selfhood. In order to secure his place in the cosmic domain, man must read and study to show himself approved unto God. <7>  He must develop the capacity to work the changes that are necessary for his soul development, and he must permit nothing to deter him from the acceptance of his Divine Selfhood.

It has often been said, “What is one man’s meat is another man’s poison.”  The current popularity of situation ethics <8>—the idea that all things are relative—should not be construed to mean that this system reflects the God-ideals that are the necessary foundation of any viable philosophy. Men must learn to understand that not all philosophies can be accepted as valid interpretations of life meeting with the divine approval. Some of the philosophies of the world parallel the divine intent. Others stand outside of the arena of God-action, and they remain inadequate as vehicles of truth. What may be one man’s meat may be another’s poison, but of one thing we are convinced:  it is the God intent for every human being to discover himself, to obtain victory over himself, and to discover God (his Real Self) in the process.

 Now, what do you make of that?  Is it a matter of someone saying, “I am not,” and deciding to end it all?  Or is it a matter of going on, of ongoingness and overcomingness?

We believe that freedom is the most precious gift of God to every man. We believe that it must be won in the arena of action if it is to be retained, and that eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. In the human soul is the virtue that was implanted there by God, the divine seed that is born of the androgynous consciousness of the Godhead. It is up to us, working together with embodied men and women, to discover it, to water it, and to increase it. We trust that the process of overcoming, if it is not enjoyable at the onset, will be more enjoyable as one reaches the goal of fulfillment.

We propose that there will be an end to the nonsense of the human and that those divine ideals, for which God has made himself literally ‘a man without a country’, will come to fruition. He has given himself away to the world; and whereas the price of life is not cheap, men have treated it as though it were.

Ours is the banner of hope in the new day that is dawning. Old things are passing away and all things are becoming new in Christ.

Most sincerely, I AM

Saint Germain


1. A cross having a loop in place of the uppermost vertical bar.

2. Prov. 16:25.

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8. Situation ethics:  a philosophy advocating that moral decisions be based on the situation rather than upon absolute principles. The masters do not support this philosophy because it rejects the guidelines of the Presence and relies instead on the whims of mortal thought and feeling.