Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 10  No. 9  -  Beloved Lanto  -  February 26, 1967


Discriminatory Judgment in Matters of Spirit


Some men seek to preserve beauty in an external way, treasuring a vase from the Ming dynasty or an old Chinese print.  Others seek to enshrine within the mind the wisdom of the ages gained from a perusal of the many manuscripts remaining upon earth and embodying much of the lore of man.  Yet there is retained in the ethers themselves upon the priceless substance of akasha <1> all of the knowledge and beauty which has ever been vouchsafed to man from the heart of the Creator.  Every thought and word of God which has come forth from the beginning is there awaiting mankind’s acceptance of his unfailing blessing.

It is most unfortunate, beloved ones, that whereas in dealing with physical manifestations of beauty, men are able to establish a criteria, a means of discriminatory judgment, whereby they place a value upon works of art which in their opinion have merit and grade them according to their best understanding, this is not so in matters of Spirit.

Those privileged individuals who are truly able to penetrate the realm of akasha and to see accurately the recordings made there (men and women such as Madame Helena P. Blavatsky, Annie Besant, Edgar Cayce, and others) must, in many cases, be accepted on faith by the multitudes; for they themselves do not have the power of discernment, although they would often like to think they do.  The very fact that this is so does make it possible for the charlatan, the pretender, and the self-deceived to say with considerable ease, “We are also able to read the akashic records.”

In reality, many of these so-called readings are but subconscious meanderings of the lower mental body, involving all of the unfortunate anomalies of the individual ego recorded in his own etheric body.  Others who would act as mediums are often affinitized and attuned to nothing more than their own psychic rate which represents the sum of the individual’s total experience patterns and puts him in tune with other forcefields, discarnate and otherwise, having a similar vibration.

Because of the great generalization of knowledge about religious matters and the potent radiation of the Christ, pur et simple, imitation of the real can often be factually accomplished and fostered upon an unsuspecting group of individuals who, in subsequent good faith, support by their energies those endeavors which have no eternal validity.

Many times individuals, under the guidance of psychic forces, will contact what amounts to a very malignant vibratory action, either superimposed or underpinning the released word substance which may appear to be benign.  It is not our intention, in the name of cosmic justice, to destroy the faith of the chela in the real; rather is it our intent to ask the chela to examine over a reasonable period of time the veracity of those releases upon which he may pin his faith.

Often the negative quality or vibratory action behind the seemingly benign appearance will be quickly transmuted in the reader’s own consciousness by the power of the Holy Spirit which he has garnered in the framework of his thought and feeling world through devotion to God.  However, individuals must recognize that they can rise no higher than the highest within themselves and fall no lower than the lowest vibration to which they give entrée into their worlds.

Caution is always necessary in all that men do, for if the writings of the story of men’s lives which they daily pen upon akashic substance are to bear the fruit of eternal worth and verity, they must be tethered to the beautiful simplicity of the Christ Child.  The family of God, the intimate heavenly family, is always eager to assist the aspirant upon the planetary body who seeks to find his freedom.  Yet the Great White Brotherhood has no desire to make even the simplest demonstration available to mankind where ostentation, display, or personal aggrandizement is the thought behind the manifestation.

In the matter of genuine releases of light where a true messengership is supported by the great brothers of light, there is a certain inalienable quality within the substance of each release, an internal spiritual radiance which can be felt by those who have developed the sensitivity of soul to distinguish that which is of the light from that which is merely a substitute.  Those who have not yet developed that sense may call to the presence of God within and to the hosts of light for their assistance in purifying and amplifying one’s faculties of discernment—and know that the call compels the answer.

Above all things it must be recognized that consistency is the law of the Brotherhood.  It is never the desire of the Brotherhood to cater to the human ego or to give an embodied individual some unfair advantage over another.  Every release that is brought forth through the Pearls of Wisdom and the publications of other authentic organizations is always tied to the unity of purpose which the Brotherhood represents.

We do not desire conflict with individuals or to create a sense of distortion about life.  Our wish is to permit the natural beauty of God as a luster of purity to shine through into the world of the individual and to change that world from glory unto glory by the Spirit of God and his valiant truth. <2>

When individuals are impelled to do foolish things, to engage out of sheer loneliness in psychic contacts with the departed or in a desire to demonstrate that they have the “capacity” to contact the other world, it often results in a personal debacle that tears down the ministering beauty of angelic communication.

When the course of an earthly teacher is finished and he graduates to higher worlds, he is given there a mission and period of instruction—a sabbatical, if you will.  During this tenure between embodiments he does not need the attention of his chelas upon himself, but rather the freedom to continue his studies in order that upon his return to the screen of life he may be better equipped to instruct those who need to partake of the body of God as it is “broken” (made understandable) for them.

All those who depart from the world of form should be released into their infinite freedom.  Thus, if there is a possibility of their qualifying for the ritual of the ascension without reembodying, this can take place; and if not, the best opportunities can be provided for those whom God loves, even as you do.

If one who was your teacher makes his ascension after the “change of garments” and he desires to contact you, he will do so as an ascended being.  Of this you may be certain, that there is a vast difference between the “celestial overcomer” (an ascended master) and those who are yet searching to find themselves upon earth in its varying planes of consciousness.  All are beloved of God and predestined for the same glorious opportunity of divine Sonship, but all have not attained at a given moment in relative time.

Learn, then, to give your highest allegiance to your Divine Self, that the so-called peepings and mutterings <3> of phenomena will not serve as a lure to take you away from the glories of the true celestial teachings.  There is only one power in the universe, and that power is of God.  Yet the world often lives in a frightful sense of distortion.  This lies within the psyche of man and is sustained in ignorance.

It is the mission of every member of the Great White Brotherhood to see to it that the light of freedom and the light of knowledge abound upon earth more and more, in order that the coming of age of metaphysical movements, of spiritual gatherings will always be for the upliftment of the Christ image in all.

In the name of common sense and grace, beloved ones, you do not wish to do things that will misbrand you as a member of a senseless or ignorant “cult.”  While the word cult comes from the word culture and embodies within it the ancient Chaldean word Ur, which means “light”—hence the true meaning of culture is “the cultivation of light”—it has become so distorted through abuse that mankind do not understand it.  Thus, they consider the appellation “cult” to be a stigma of the first degree.

How carefully our Brotherhood seeks to build a sense of integrity in its members, a sense of balance and judgment, and a wealth of spiritual treasure which will provide assistance to generations yet unborn.  As the days unfold, may the lives of each one become more oriented around the building of the body of God upon earth in that sense of cosmic worth which is truly the essence of the Great White Brotherhood.

I AM the light of hope triumphant, victoriously upholding the teaching,


1.  akasha:  Sanskrit word meaning space or ether.  Primordial substance; the subtlest, supersensuous, ethereal substance which fills the whole of space.  Energy vibrating at a certain frequency so as to absorb, or record, without fail all the happenings of mankind.  These recordings can be read by those whose soul faculties are developed. 

2.  II Cor. 3:18 

3.  Isa. 8:19